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The Lounge hair extensions Feb 18 2011
00:57 (UTC)

It's probably just the clips in the extensions you're using. You can check these ones out

There's a ton of user reviews for them on youtube and they're supposed to be very high quality with no slipping. And they're only around $130.

And I wouldn't recommend teasing, it's very bad for your hair.

The Lounge Best thing your parents ever said Feb 11 2011
21:49 (UTC)

(my parents are Pakistani)

Mom: "You are not allowed to wear red lipstick until you are married."

Literally made me LOL and I still wear red lipstick on occasion anyways.


Dad: "I saw a bambi eating outside my work today.

Mom: "There's nothing for them to eat out there."

Dad: "Yeah, bambi's eat grass."

My dad thinks all deer are called bambi.

The Lounge Lying about Religion? Oct 21 2009
03:46 (UTC)

I lie about being muslim to my family. It would absolutely break my parents heart if they really knew how I feel about religion. They already think I'm being brainwashed by my philosophy classes that I love so much.

If lying about my religion allows them to live easier then so be it. They would think they failed as parents otherwise, which they have not.

The Lounge BIOTIN..whos taking it, and whos heard of it.. Aug 06 2009
06:46 (UTC)

I've been taking it. My hair looks a lot healthier but I haven't noticed much else besides that. A lot of people say that it makes their hair grow a few inches in a month but like everyone else says I don't think thats possible.

The Lounge Summer's here and I could not be more unhappy. Apr 17 2009
01:56 (UTC)

Yeah, same here dude. I finally stepped up and ran on the treadmille yesterday and I can feel things changing, hopefully!

The Lounge Top Chef Feb 13 2009
03:20 (UTC)

Stefan and Fabio!!! Yeah!

The Lounge Perfect male body? Nov 07 2008
21:43 (UTC)

I like thin men usually. Toned is also nice but slim and slender is perfect.

I don't find the big buff thing very attractive. I like Soccer player bods a lot more than football play bods.

This is a good example. For me a guy's waist is the sexiest part.

So nothing too special. Just a thin/average guy is what I like best.

The Lounge The new President Elect is........ Nov 05 2008
04:11 (UTC)

Gosh I can't get this stupid bubbly grin off of my face. I'm just so happy.

The Lounge Californians, a moment of your time if you please... Nov 04 2008
22:12 (UTC)

Peacecalilove: Prop 2. First of all, people can't always afford cage free.

I guess I don't see eggs as a necessity in life. If some people can no longer afford to have eggs everyday I don't see that as a huge sacrifice. If this came down to grains, fruit, beans, etc for whatever reason that would be a different story. I personally wouldn't be able to afford eating eggs all the time, but I'd put the wellbeing of suffering animals before that any day.

"many consumers would simply buy the cheaper eggs laid by hens living in cramped conditions in neighboring states or in Mexico."

We can't control what goes on in Mexico but we can control what happens to our animals here. I believe there must be a starting point somewhere. We could never just pull off a huge overhaul on the entire farming industry.

And are people really that desperate for their eggs that they would get them from other countries and risk getting salmonella and e. coli? Maybe they are, but they are risking that themselves if eggs are truly that important to them.

I guess I just don't see another solution, which is why I'm voting for it, if there is one I would like to hear it.

The Lounge Californians, a moment of your time if you please... Nov 04 2008
18:54 (UTC)

1 - no

2 - Yes (telling people just to buy cage-free eggs isn't going to change anything. For me people have lost that accountability.)

3 - no

4 - no

5 - yes (too much overcrowding, gets people treatment that they aren't getting, overall I think it will do more good than harm)

6 - no

7 - no

8 - NO!

9 - no

10 - no

11 - yes (still not sure. need to do more research.)

*edit 12 - I'm unsure about this one to. It could go either way.

The Lounge Californians, a moment of your time if you please... Nov 04 2008
18:46 (UTC)
Original Post by purespark:

Original Post by alibsam:

I'm surprised at the votes against prop. 2...

This article explains my reason pretty well.

" . . . mandating what would be a monumental change in industry practices under Proposition 2."

and thats exactly what I believe needs to happen.

The Lounge Readers - what is your "go to" book? Nov 04 2008
03:15 (UTC)
Original Post by jewelsmcblah:

Hitchhiker's Guide


and like a dozen Kurt Vonnegut books.

ditto on the Vonnegut.

The Lounge Readers - what is your "go to" book? Nov 04 2008
02:29 (UTC)

White Oleander by Janet Fitch

The Great Gatsby

all books by:

Chuck Palahniuk

Jane Austen

The Lounge Auctioning off your virginity? Nov 04 2008
02:07 (UTC)

Makes me wonder how much I could get for mine.

The Lounge Restaurant Service - WHY is it NOT Good sometimes Nov 03 2008
05:00 (UTC)

Wow, you're investing way too much time and energy into this.

As for your question that you keep saying no one is answering - Why do people make mistakes? They're called mistakes. **** happens. Thats why.

With all of the orders that they do in a day, knowing that yours came with ranch is not obvious. Yeah they could read the ticket but again, **** happens. Deal with it. I honestly don't know how you get through life with an attitude like this.

Just an aside, I work at Michaels. I know every purchase comes with a receipt but with how busy it gets and with everything going on it slips my mind to give it to them sometimes. Even something that "obvious" can happen with everything that is loaded on us. Just one tough customer can make us frazzled and out of sync with what we're doing. No I am not saying you are stupid; I just don't think you understand.

The Lounge Gay Rights Immoral? Nov 03 2008
03:57 (UTC)
Original Post by kizzichan:

Your post about how people should think about the repercussions to the planet before having children almost gave me a good howling laugh before I realized you were actually serious.

Do you not agree that this earth is overpopulated? I agree with what mspw said, I wish people would take more caution with their sex lives so five little "accidents" don't happen or seriously think about having more than one kid (unless there adopting of course).

The Lounge Proposition 8 Nov 02 2008
03:44 (UTC)
Original Post by kaffwynn:

What part of CA do you live in? I live near SF.... seems people are very negatively disposed towards it.

I hope is doesn't pass. Although I'm already married, it makes me sad when people lose their rights.

In my mind, a person is a person, and that's that. Don't want to use the slippery slope argument, but, what will they want to make illegal next, interracial marriage?

lol thats because you live near San Francisco. I live in Sacramento, only the younger people here are against prop 8 but even then a lot of them are for it.

The Lounge Proposition 8 Nov 01 2008
21:02 (UTC)

I live in California and by the amount of support that I'm seeing all over the streets it looks like its going to pass. I had a little more faith in California than this.

NO on prop 8.

The Lounge Hungry? Nov 01 2008
04:46 (UTC)

Same here. Only answered the door around four times. But it also started raining. Lucky you, my mom always wants to buy the cheap dollar store candy but my dad never lets her. Now I fill sick from the snickers-m&ms-twix-butterfingers goodies.

The Lounge Muslims voting for Obama calling him their savior? Oct 30 2008
15:10 (UTC)
Original Post by alibsam:

Original Post by peacecalilove:

Original Post by alibsam:

Islam says to cover yourself to protect yourself from unwanted, lustful stares from men, etc. The Taliban has changed that to cover yourself from head to toe, including your eyes. And the former came from the fact that the Prophet Mohammed's wives covered themselves and it was seen as a good thing for a woman to do for herself. It's not a mandatory thing.

Every Muslim I've ever talked to says its a mandatory thing to cover everything besides your face, even though most in America don't. I was raised Muslim even though I don't consider myself one anymore. And everything I was taught in my years of going to the mosques was that you MUST live your life the way the Prophet Muhammad did (I actually just got lectured on this by my brainwashed 10 year old cousin the other day). Hell if I had ever heard things weren't mandatory in Islam I might have stayed in that religion.

That's not what I've heard but I'm sure you know more Muslims than I do. The courses I studied in university were taught by a devout Muslim from Morocco. He echoed what was in our books and it was that the hijab was not mandatory... but encouraged.

Yeah its hard because people have different interpretations. I don't think every rule in the Quran or any of the Hadiths are meant to be followed strictly, but most Imam's I've found can be very harsh and neurotic, sometimes preaching things not really clearly established by the religion which is where I think it often goes wrong. Like my 10 year old cousin I was talking about who said her Imam told her that facebook was forbidden.