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Young Calorie Counters . Apr 10 2009
00:58 (UTC)

I've been told that with an ED during purberty once you recover, you return to growing as you left it when it paused. So idealistically you will do similar amount of growing with ED or not, but with a history of an ED you may only reach 5 foot 7.

Most adults i know grew about 3 inches between 15 and 18, but it's different for everyone.

why not re-take a visit to the pediatrician and check up other things while your there too :)

how tall are your parents??

Your still definately growing, whether it shows or it's just internal

Health & Support feeling really tired lately... Apr 10 2009
00:49 (UTC)

well saying your tired is a really broad symptom. Have you been eating enough to make up for your excercise?? I wouldn't say sleeping is the problem, maybe your diet. Your right it could be the excercise, either your doing too much for yourself and/or not eating back what you burn. Stress will trigger the tiredness too all i can sya there is you need to relax.

I can't see how a period makes you tired but if your mum said it maybe it does run in your family, i have mine now and i feel fine though.

Make sure your getting your energy from nutrient dense food, especially if your running or biking, and not from junk or processed stuff so much, that may help.

If it persists and it's really getting in the way suggest to your mum that you might need to speak with your doctor.

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Apr 10 2009
00:43 (UTC)

i will thanks :) I'll be gone by tomorrow, it's hard to say when we're all in different time zones :P My BF of 4 years is coming too so I'm really hyper about it, i haven't seen him in a while.

well, i had an eating disorder last year, in which i recovered quite quickly - emotionally and physically. They still like to believe I'm not eating enough, which is crap. I'm still 'thin' in comparison to being overweight my whole life, i get colder quicker than they do (because they are all literally obese) and at Sunday lunch when they serve up massive amounts of rice curry i don't finish it - to avoid feeling sick. They realise as well as I do that with a history of anorexia you always have the capability of going back, which I'm being careful of.

They're just being overly careful, but it's irritating because it starts arguements and I'm kinda discriminated against too...

I'm actually back at 123 pound now and haven't returned to that mindset since leaving it

height : 5 foot 5

lowest: 90pound

highest: 154pound

current: 123pound

goal: 125pound

Weight Loss What is similar to fat's density? Apr 09 2009
12:43 (UTC)

If ya wanna do google searches fat layers are, what is called 'adipose tissue' . body tissue made of adipose, or fat. 'lipids' are fat. although, i typed in adipose tissue consistency and they come up with random studies done that i can't access. so if you want to use scientific talk there it is, but you may need to look harder

i have fat (im not fat i have fat) and then theres like my grandfather who also has fat, but his fat is in a 'pot belly' fashion and quite dense, his stomach is hard while mine is...quite loose mine can be pinched etc. like playdough (or lighter than play dough) while his is more like a basketball. it will vary from person to person and how long and how they have accumulated their fat tissue.

I wouldn't know and doubt anyone would.

my two cents is that you can imagine muscle, yes?? i can and we all know muscle is denser than fat. you wouldn't be able to handle muscle like playdough. fat you may be able to, it would be lighter than play dough i'd imagine

very interesting...

edit: i typed in 'adipose tissue density' and got..

Adipose tissue has a density of ~0.9 g/ml [7] [0.9 kg/l]. Thus, a person with much adipose tissue will float more easily than a person with a lot of muscular tissue, since muscular tissue has a density of 1.06 g/ml[7] [1.06 kg/l].

then typed in '0.9 g/ml density' and the first one to come up was _of_soap


Health & Support anyone WITH pmdd?? Apr 09 2009
12:30 (UTC)

its ok :)

but as i said, everything is about learning coping skills, i can sympathise, i stress over anything small, but slowly i am learning to get over those bad marks at school or family expectations, i still get overwhelmed...i'm inheriting bi-polar (manic depression) from my mum and grandmother *hi-five* and between them you can definately see the difference in taking your anti-depressants or not (mum does nan doesnt) and i had depression during my ED too and i remember it made a huge difference, so whatever you do don't stop taking them :)

what hobbies have you got?!?

i relax with music, i play flute solo and in band, plus choir and i have a playlist of 'feel good' songs for my i-tunes :P and i tend to loosen up after a few rounds video games or just socialising and getting my mind off things, my best friend is great for that.

if you don't have something to turn to do you want suggestions for things to take up?

Health & Support My Anorexic Brother Calls Me Fat Apr 09 2009
12:17 (UTC)

Let us know how that works out for you, I'm interested to see. You seem to be in a difficult situation, you know and everyone here will agree - their view of food and health is distorted and it'll only hurt them in the long run. Just communicate with them when you absolutely need to. In my opinion they aren't worth having conversations with. Get away from people that do you know good, start spending more time with mum and be open with her, it helps everything, trust me :)

keep strong xoxo Holly

Health & Support How often do you pee? Apr 09 2009
12:07 (UTC)

lol wayy to often, once an hour??

it can vary on a person and their bladder, there's no 'normal'

Health & Support anyone WITH pmdd?? Apr 09 2009
12:05 (UTC)

ohh! sorry

I'd reccommend your doctor, thats all i can do, all i have is experience, he has knowledge and it's really something you should result to doing....

being an anxiety issue maybe try to lay off the stress, just natural ways of making yourself feel good helps everything :)

you need coping skills for it really so maybe get psychotherapy?? just to put some strategies into practise.

Nutrition is always important to, so make sure your getting a variety of everything, i've heard supplements can help stable things a bit, but again, this is what ive heard, so suggest this to your doctor

Weight Gain sodium intake when trying to gain weight? Apr 09 2009
11:59 (UTC)

those 'standards' are based on an 'average' diet of a maintain person, your not, your gaining, it's based on percentages i think you'll find.

Of coarse you'll be consuming more of everything if your consuming more food, its hard to stay away from that.

But more sodium will give you alot more bloating and water weight so avoid it where you can, but dont let it become something that stresses you.


Young Calorie Counters Tips for surviving exams whilst dieting! Apr 09 2009
11:46 (UTC)

as per usual lala has beaten me to it , lol, and covered everything perfectly, trust what she says :P

lala? your re-doing exams :( :( i got really shocked and sad to hear that news, no doubt you'll do better this time 'round :) my mum needed to, she was stressed out (about me actually, i feel so guilty) and felt so much more confident and relaxed second time.

yeah, healthy whole foods, instead of junk, will keep you more alert. Try not to let your eating patterns be effected by your stress or study (under or over-eating).

Balance is the most important things in anything, so try and give yourself some rest time. before yor exams (and during study i suppose) keep yourself hydrated and make sure you have had a good breakfast.

Personally i find studying at school alot easier (or a library), not distracted by anything at home, i have better access to information sources also.

Diet can effect everything, it's what determines how you function react and perform, so look after yourself.

don't stress and good luck!


Health & Support anyone WITH pmdd?? Apr 09 2009
08:01 (UTC)


please specify what PMDD is, assuming 'w' means 'with'

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Apr 09 2009
07:11 (UTC)

(updated, i re-measured and was shocked!)

height : 5 foot 5 (166cm)

lowest: 90pound

highest: 154pound

current: 120pound

goal: 125pound

summer: lol yup, that's what I resulted to doing, a stash of food in my room, she knew about it, just knew she couldn't get to it, being as i spend most of my time in my room. My mum found it cute, her and the rest of the family are still convinced I have an eating disorder (which I definately don't) so when she found out I was keeping food from the rest of the family she laughed and commented it was probably good they didn't have access to it.

I'm going camping with my venturers group this whole weekend until monday, then on monday I'm going away with the family for another 6 nights, so i won't be around, I'm confident in saying things will be in order by then :)

Motivation please delete this thread Apr 08 2009
08:15 (UTC)


i've been there in both ways, i have clothes that are like a tent on me then i have the clothes that I've given up fitting into (going from overweight to underweight) so i have a clothes of HUGE clothes and tiny clothes and i'm sitting there with them on my bed and i'm like "right, time to go shopping!" thats a bonus :P

Although budget does play a huge role there, are you skilled with all the sewing and stuff, like shortening waists of pants etc.?

Being 15 i just went out with my birthday money on a lovely shopping trip (actually got some new stuff today too)

I plan to give alot of it away to charities or the smaller stuff to my aunt (she's indonesian and REALLY tiny, naturally of coarse)

what about second hand stores etc. for the time being, or get a couple of belts, it may look dodgey but I've done it!

lol, gratz with the weight loss too!

Maintaining maintaining/stuck at 135 Apr 08 2009
08:08 (UTC)

These are things you should be asking a dietician, nutritionist or doctor. would you take seriously anything anyone on this site said about your health? it's a bit risky.

I would say if you kept going though you'd slow your metabolism even futher, do you want to be eating this little for the rest of your life?

Increase and see what happens you can help anything if you do gain weight, most crash dieters do. It's about a healthy lifestyle change not about eating little and excerciseing heaps, my advice is do whats maintainable.

Maybe your not meant to be any lighter? maybe you won't get there, is it that much of a difference? to remain at anything lower you'd be eating quite little amounts, are you happy being there, is it worht it?

these are your decisions and it's your responsibility to see a doctor about it, we cant give you a definate answer and send you down the wrong road.

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Apr 08 2009
07:59 (UTC)

163cm (5 foot 4?)

highest : 70kg (154pound)

lowest : 42kg (90ish pound)

current : 54ish kg (119 pound)

goal: 56kg (123 pound)

I'm soo disappointed I lost weight (again) no mental relapse just struggling to fit food in. Mum struggles and stresses with her weight and binging so our house is out of hi-cal foods, which makes it hard for me to gain :( or fit any of it in.

I'm going out tomorrow :P with my cousins so i'm going to grab every chance I get there.

But yeah - still gaining

Young Calorie Counters Why do you Want to be Skinny? Apr 07 2009
23:42 (UTC)
Original Post by littlebee182:

I think for me it's about being proportional. I'm only 4'10 and I feel like I don't look as short if i'm in good shape. I think when you weigh alot it's more noticeable if you are short. I also love clothes and they look better when i'm fit, and I live in miami so obviously I want to not be insecure in my bathing suits and stuff

the thing is I'm a weird fat-skinny. like if you see me i seem like skinny or normal but my stomach has alot of fat (WARNING: TMI) and I have some rolls of fat that considering i look skinny its suprising (the rolls, i mean) to people, i think. I guess I mostly want to tone and lose that fat that is really obvious when I'm in a bikini and stuff. I want to be healthy though, and I wouldnt want to lose too much want to keep my boobs lol!

basically: it would give me more confidence

 confidence around people that judge you?!??

Young Calorie Counters Why do you Want to be Skinny? Apr 07 2009
08:44 (UTC)
Original Post by colleen1002003:

of course its for other people if you shine the light on it that way. but face it, everyone wants to be thin. you feel better about yourself, you gain more confidence, and genereally you DO look better. you can fight it, but it is just as much for yourself as for others. some people just cant be happy being average its just how they are.

 why change yourself for other people? sure, thats your issue if you mentally can't deal with the fact that there are some idiots out there willing to pick on you. But it's just that? if people you love are going to judge you on looks, do they truely love you, i think thats the message we're trying to get across here, i realise there are people out there that feel a need to be thin just to satisfy others - but they are the people who's minds we are trying to ease. It's not 'just how they are' they simply aren't strong enough to deal with bullies and are trapped and suffering in their own sub-conscience and being unhealthy because of it.

Only sometimes do you look better thin, it depends on how thin. there's a healthy thin, which shouldnt be called, thin it's just healthy. then there's thin as in starve yourself thin - bad, bad, bad. finally theres naturally thin which is a very small population of people who the rest of people envy - for a stupid pathetic reason. you need to fight it! and only do things for yourself

that last sentance i found rather triggering actually, i'm one of the people strong enough to accept my healthy body despite what others say, after a well fought ED.

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." html

Your only happy if your healthy, not if your average or not, and i'd like to correct you and say there is no such thing as average.

(ahh i feel alot better now )

Health & Support "Always consult your doctor for questions or guidance on medical problems and conditions." Apr 07 2009
06:15 (UTC)

(giving the thread a well deserved BUMP)

Agreed, I'm a bit tired of mentioning in all my posts 'see a doctor', you know it takes alot of of effort to highlight a section and put it into italic - effort im too lazy to do :P

Peopl come here for a quick fix, wouldn't you rather trust the real thing and ensure your being looke dfater properly?

this place is more for support and chatting about it.