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My stats: My name is Amanda, I'm 16 years old. I'm 5'9 and have a small frame. I just want to loose a few extra pounds, and get fit. When I diet I eat between 1100-1700 calories a day. I'm not a strict calorie counter.

Favourite movie: Fight Club. Reservior Dogs does bring a smile to my face though.

Favourite food: Strawberries, chocolate, and milkshakes.

Favourite book: Interview with the vampire. The writing is so delicate and it provoked so many emotions in me, it's just a beautiful book. Complete nostalgia whenever I even here someone talking about the book. Dang Anne Rice going off the deep end when her husband passed away, such as shame.

About me: I love out doors. I live in the middle of a completely wild forest. I'm all into natural things, everything from my tooth paste to my clothing is pretty natural and organic.

I'm not shy at all, but I don't talk to much. I'm just not a people-person. But I'm very open minded. The volume of your voice shouldn't have anything to do with your self confidence or who you are. It's sad how many people think it does.

I'm a vegetarian. I believe in animal rights and I don't believe their is such a thing as an animal lover that will eat the flesh of an animal for taste.

 Feel free to talk to me, I won't bite ;)


Interests 8: all things vintage, belly dancing, celtic music, cooking, movies, reading, running, strawberries
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