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Health & Support Recovered anorexics- is is possible to get toned? Jul 03 2012
02:25 (UTC)
This is a very common question that many people are scared to ask. I don't think I have a definite answer for you, but I could most containly help.

I am a person that is for the most part pretty active, fitness is a huge passion of mine and it's something that my anorexia took from me. Being able to exersise again has worked wonders for my mental health. I am currently exercising and was exercising for the most part during weight restoration, exept for the beginning stages and the initial 10 pound mark of weight gain. (I only had lost about 20 pounds down from my optimal weight) I had gained weight, while exercising moderately NOT extremely intensely, until I regained my period. I am currently at a bmi of about 19.7-20. I am toned and have a pretty nice stomach, but LISTEN TO THIS: at the beginning of the weight gain, it will all go to your stomach, it's your bodies natural way of protecting your organs that need it the most. Once you have reached your optimal weight, or the weight in which your body is comfortable enough at to menstruate, it will redistribute. I promise.

So to summarize this, you can be toned and fit in recovery. I am healthier than I've ever been in my life. I am active, fit, and toned, but took it slow and am kind to my body. I menstruate, so that part of me is healthy as well. I know that the story is different for everyone, and many people need to gain to a much higher amount such as bmi 23, to fix their leptin levels, like Hedgren has said, but for me, that wasn't the case.
Health & Support ughhh parents... May 06 2012
22:27 (UTC)
I don't think that by saying "up right away" that person meant "go from one extreme to another". They most likely meant to start gradually upping right away. Sorry about the confusion. This is someone else's post, so if you would like to talk then send me a message! :)
Health & Support ughhh parents... May 06 2012
21:14 (UTC)
Actually avocadoqueen, taking it slow is better for your body overall. You do not hold onto everything when taking it slow. Taking it slow allows your body and metabolism to adjust. Doing it all right away is not very healthy, and will put your body into too much shock. Also, recovery is not supposed to be as "fast" and as "easy" possible. Recovery is a process that takes time and patience, but in the end it is worth it because your body would be nurtured and healed. :)
Health & Support ughhh parents... May 06 2012
19:21 (UTC)
First of all, 1,500 is not enough, of course that all depends on age, activity level etc., it's still not nearly enough though. The calorie calculators on the internet are extremely flawed. I used to use them and I ended up losing weight on what the calculator said was "maintinance" for me. I now eat about 2,300-2,500 calories on average. Second, I have the same issues with my mom. She is obsessed with looking good and stuff like that. She encourages me to be at the lowest possible healthy bmi, and has weird ways of teasing me whenever I eat. When I said to her that I need to gain to a healthier bmi to get my period back, she acted like I was stupid. If you need ANYTHING, feel free to message me. I totally understand your situation. Good luck, and remember that in the long run, your health is more important than how disrespectful your parents are. :) don't give up on this.
Health & Support Body shape. May 06 2012
18:27 (UTC)
I haven't gotten mine back yet. Is there anything special you did to get it back?
Health & Support Body shape. May 06 2012
14:55 (UTC)
Just embrace your figure! Don't allow every bone on your upper body to show just so you have "skinny legs". That's not how you're built. Just be kind to your body. Honestly, I WISH I was a pear shape! Other than hourglass of course, pear is probably the most desirable body shape! Men LOVE pear shaped women. But of course, you need to love yourself, and that's what matters. But I'm just saying, you are blessed to have that body shape.
Health & Support = May 06 2012
03:25 (UTC)
Edit: Those weren't meant to be question marks, I meant to put bullet points before each thing. Sorry about that!
Health & Support = May 06 2012
03:24 (UTC)
I have pondered this same question many times. I've come to these conclusions though: ? A naturally healthy weight for an individual will not include protruding bones which would not normally protrude. Part of having a healthy body fat percentage means having enough cushioning for organs, bones, and other tissues.

? Bones in the human anatomy that naturally will stick out in MOST people would be the knee caps, knuckles, ankles, and for some people the collar bones and elbows

? It all basically depends on how you are built. Some people naturally have boney parts of their bodies, even when they are at their set point. For example, I naturally have a wide rib cage and very small hips; my ribs show at least a little bit no matter weight I'm at, but my hip bones did not even begin to stick out until I hit a horrible bmi of around 16.2. Each bone structure is different.

? The goal is not to have protruding bones, exept for the ones that NATURALLY stick out because of the way the human body is built.

Also, the part about your back? Are you asking if the weight will redistribute to your back if your back is very boney? If thats what youre asking, then yes, it WILL go safely to your back. I had the same problem at one point. Everything was normal, but then I would turn around and my back was nothing but bone. My back was the last place that I gained weight, but it did happen. Good luck, message me anytime if you need anything!!!!
Health & Support Does anyone else get these feelings... May 01 2012
20:39 (UTC)
Well, from my experience, it's best to just stop weighing yourself. I know it's hard sometimes, I was addicted to the scale at one point. When i gained even a little bit of weight, even though I KNEW I was underweight, I felt fat and unhappy. I would see myself in the mirror and think that I look too thin, then after weighing myself, even If I gained only an ounce, the reflection in the mirror changed completely. It was not how I wanted things to be. Then, I tried a new approach. I judge how I look not by the number on the scale, but by my actual reflection that I see when I don't know the number. So I may weigh a lot by my standards, I don't even know or care at this point, but I look in the mirror and I know I could still put on a few pounds. I may never weigh myself again, who knows. At this point, I don't care anymore! I just want to be healthy. My goal at the moment if to wait until I get my period back, THEN weigh myself. Anyway, I think you should try to stay off the scales, or at lease do blind weigh-ins!!! Good luck! :)
Health & Support when can I eat? ed recovery Apr 22 2012
02:18 (UTC)
Eating the majority of your calories at night is absolutely fine! As long as you get them all in, then you're doing great. :) Congrats by the way, you sound very serious about recovery! Keep it up!
Health & Support Mourning Stargirl213.... Apr 21 2012
00:30 (UTC)
This makes me very sad. RIP Stargirl :(
Health & Support :) Help Please Apr 14 2012
01:00 (UTC)
Whoever said 110 is crazy. 124 is an exact bmi of 20 for you, so I would aim for that. The lowest that you should be is 120, but of course it all depends on how you are built. :)
Health & Support Recovered want to relapse stomach fat *potential trigger Apr 11 2012
01:51 (UTC)
Hey, I've been there as well. It's hell, right? Well you CAN get through it, just stay positive. I've realized that the longer I continue with recovery, the more I commit. I previously was doing great, but soon went through things like realizing that my bones weren't protruding anymore, that my thighs started to touch, that my chest didn't cave in anymore, etc,(not that i liked the way that stuff looked..i actually hated it a lot, my ED sure loved it though) and I just lost all hope. I started over again though and I've been at it for several months and I'm fighting and at this point Im very passionate about recovery. I actually felt happy when my thighs started touching this time around, it meant I was getting HEALTHY and nourishing my body. I also read that women's thighs are actually biologically meant to rub together. But anyway, stick with it, be strong, YOU CAN DO THIS! Looking healthy, and feeling happy, is the most attractive :)
Health & Support Helpful survey for getting period back! Please read and answer!! Apr 11 2012
01:41 (UTC)
This post is an amazing idea! I need help getting mine back :/
Health & Support Return of the period... alredy? Apr 10 2012
17:31 (UTC)
Hey! Sorry of this is TMI, but did you get any discharge at all before or during your period? Did you get any after? How long after you started recovery did you get discharge?
Health & Support Getting period back during anorexia recovery Apr 10 2012
17:21 (UTC)
Sorry, I should have included more detail. I'm talking about discharge.
Health & Support Do you think I could have an eating disorder?!? Apr 10 2012
12:47 (UTC)
You definitely have an eating disorder, please get help. God bless.
Health & Support Getting period back during anorexia recovery Apr 10 2012
03:29 (UTC)
So you were getting none whatsoever? And are you getting any now? I'm so confused because I haven't had any since I began restricting, and even now, when ive been eating at least 2,400 cals for several months, i dont get any. Im still waiting for my period to come.
Health & Support Getting period back during anorexia recovery Apr 08 2012
22:35 (UTC)
I have some questions about discharge.

We're you getting any at the time? And how long we're you getting discharge before your period came? How long after increasing your calories, did it take for you get discharge?

Sorry if this is tmi.. :P

Health & Support Parents found out... Apr 08 2012
22:27 (UTC)
Trust me, hypermetabolism is not something that you want. It's hell. Having to eat 6000 calories or more and still not gaining, having massive bloating and diarrhea, and feeling sluggish all day is not fun! Don't worry about 4 years, it may take a bit longer, but your body will still repair when you start nourishing it. :)

And obviously the weight will come on, you can't get around that. But it won't suddenly come on all right away, and you will not suddenly become overweight. Your eating disorder is telling you things that are unrealistic. Something realistic is that recovery is an amazing thing. Going through recovery feels so free and invigorating. I LOVE recovery. I no longer weigh myself, instead I just allow my body to gain to where it is comfortable, and not focus on numbers. I eat what I want, when I want, and just not caring about what I eat is the BEST feeling in the world. It's wonderful. I hope someday you can feel this amazing feeling too. I just enjoyed a TON of Easter candy, didn't care about calories or anything, and felt AMAZING. At that moment I felt so great. I want you to experience that feeling too! Sorry I'm going on and on.. Haha. Well, message me if you need anything! :)