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Weight Loss I don't like the size of my breasts... Oct 08 2012
17:17 (UTC)

Same thing here, double up on sports bras.  I also buy only good bras like Victoria Secret.  Yes they are expensive but they last years longer than cheaper places. 

My favorite way to exercise is with a strong sports bra over top of my Victoria Secret bra.  Then they have the underwire cup plus the sports bra.  Works like a champ for running and zumba.

Weight Loss 1400 foolproof? Jan 09 2012
03:44 (UTC)

I work out and I wouldn't gain but I certainly wouldn't lose on a 2000 calorie diet.  Currently I am aiming for 1600 and burn 2400 on an average day without working out (I work full time, have 4 kids and weigh 187lbs).

The Lounge breastfeeding in public Dec 30 2011
00:33 (UTC)

I also would have been miffed if I was going about my business fully covered but breastfeeding under the cover and they asked me to go elsewhere.  I would not have staged a sit-in or anything but I would have been less than thrilled.  Some people are just ignorant.

The Lounge breastfeeding in public Dec 30 2011
00:25 (UTC)

I love the comment above mine!!!

And I would guess she was walking around breastfeeding.  I did it all the time while shopping when the baby was small.  Heck they ate constantly.  I covered myself and the baby with a thin blanket.  Most people never knew what was going on.  In fact sometimes they tried to peek to see the baby and I had to tell them I was feeding him/her.  I breastfed 3 kids.  No problems.  I have been in public, in restaurants, shopping, sitting at the playground and yes even in dressing rooms when I wanted a private seat to do so.

The Lounge Pet Peeve - Perfume at the gym? Mar 10 2011
21:11 (UTC)

If they are coming from work there is no way they still have that much perfume on from the morning.  We all know it fades during the day.

For someone like me with asthma this is entirely aggravating.  I am running...2 miles into a 5k and someone hops on next to me smelling like a powder puff or perfumery and my asthma get set off and my head starts to hurt.  I don't appreciate it at all.

At our Y it is so packed that there is no way to get away from someone or pick a further away machine.  You get what is available when you get there at 6:30 pm.  Usually you are working out between 2 people or at least next to 1.

As for makeup?  who gives a darn?  I am not going to wash my face to go workout.  It was on from before and I cant see why it would affect anyone around me.  It doesn't bother peoples asthma or their allergies.  As for it offending their eyes, oh well, dont stare at me while you workout.

Motivation Starting a group for backsliders. May 22 2010
14:01 (UTC)

Well considering my best friend started the group she already knows my story, lol.  I'm 5'7" and was at 220 after my 3rd kid.  Got down to 158 using this site, counting and exercising and then got pregnant with my 4th.  He will be 2 in July and I am sitting around 185.  Boo.  I thought that I would be good to go, motivated and counting, once I stopped breastfeeding over a year ago.  It sooooo did not happen.  I haven't managed to count for more than 5 days straight and I haven't done more than 2 days of exercise in 1 week since he has been born.

Motivation Starting a group for backsliders. May 22 2010
13:55 (UTC)

Here's the link to the group. 27

Recipes Buying a dutch oven--advice? Oct 30 2009
18:02 (UTC)

I have several but my most recent one was a 12qt ceramic (pretty) lightweight non-stick Paula Dean dutch oven for $25 at Wal-Mart on clearance.  Original price was $35.00.

I couldn't pass it up since that size can be really useful at times.

I also have a 5 qt Analon dutch oven that came as part of a 13pc set for $300.


Weight Loss Have you broken through a plateau? How did you do it? Jul 28 2009
21:26 (UTC)

I just wanted to say that "plateaus are surrounded by cliffs"!!!

Hang in there.  Your body is just adjusting.  Keep doing what worked for you before and after several weeks of nothing you may step on there and see a 2 or 3 pound drop (that is "if" your scale works Laughing).

I think a lot of people dont take into account the hormonal changes women go through.  I use the scale daily and have been on calorie count for over 3 years.  Every 2 week my weight goes up or holds for a bit.  First its when I ovulate and then when I cycle.  Us girls have some crazy stuff to deal with!

Trust me I am not thrilled when I plateau but sometimes it is a conversion time where I am building muscle and losing fat so it just isnt registering on the scale and then whammo I am down another size just when I am about over it all.



Weight Loss Diet Soda's. Jul 27 2009
19:39 (UTC)

I know people think that apartame is nothing but I will tell you that if I drink/eat something with aspartame once a day then after a few days I start suffering migraines and continue to get migraines every day until I discontinue all use of aspartame.


Games & Challenges 25 pound challenge: Jul-Nov '09 Jul 18 2009
16:06 (UTC)

Stephanie (sgbear98) is my best friend and she says I have to join Laughing.

I also am in the 25 pound range for wanting to lose weight.  I truly need to go further but 25 would get me to a healthy BMI and the rest would be the 10 pounds of toning at the end.  And to complete it by Nov 09 would just be awesome. 

SW: 220 (Jan 2006)

CW: 180

GW: 144 but I will start with 155.

Lowest weight recently: 158 (Nov 2007 the day I found out I was pregnant)

Calorie intake range: 1500

I am 31, 5'7" with 4 kids. I am an office manager for an irrigation company (underground sprinklers).  Sit down computer job.  However the 4 kids keep me busy after hours unless I am parked at the computer messing with facebook.  (Evil site Tongue out)

I have recently started looking into eating right for my blood type and while I am not using it as a bible I am looking specifically at the foods they say encourages and discourages weight loss.  Anything that helps right?  Especially since it just helps me to eat healthy food instead of processed.

I recently lost 3+ pounds as I have started my weight loss journey again.  And again.  And sometimes again.  Its been a slow start since having the baby and I think I am finally getting the hang of it now that I am not breastfeeding and he is reaching a year old.

Nice to meet everyone!

Weight Loss A "MUST READ" for anyone trying to lose FAT (not weight) Apr 01 2009
17:13 (UTC)

As a veteran of this site I think it would be helpful if more people read this and realized the process IS GOING TO TAKE TIME! No exceptions.  Good article.  I get tired of watching people try to remove all of the fat from their diet.  Seriously!

The Lounge Slip out the back, Chat. Make a new plan, Stan. No need to be coy, Roy Sep 22 2008
14:30 (UTC)
541 was nice reading chat for minute, I go...ya'll have a great day!

The Lounge Slip out the back, Chat. Make a new plan, Stan. No need to be coy, Roy Sep 22 2008
14:29 (UTC)

geez, leave it me to start that line of thought. 

The Lounge Slip out the back, Chat. Make a new plan, Stan. No need to be coy, Roy Sep 22 2008
14:26 (UTC)

Im not dont see me....but what heck are you referring to with the word 'lever'?

Off to work.

The Lounge Chat ain't no party, Chat ain't no disco, Chat ain't no fooling around Sep 17 2008
13:18 (UTC)

I took a face shot of Keagan the other day but I haven't dumped anything into the computer recently.  Soon...I hope, lol.

And I guess I will have to be off...I have diapers to change and mouths to feed and kids to dress...and then I have to get to work.

The Lounge Chat ain't no party, Chat ain't no disco, Chat ain't no fooling around Sep 17 2008
13:15 (UTC)

((HK))  okay...but Im feeling old and crotchety today...comes from a 7 week lack of sleep called a newborn...hehe.

The Lounge Chat ain't no party, Chat ain't no disco, Chat ain't no fooling around Sep 17 2008
13:14 (UTC)

And picture pages too....picture pages pictures pages its time to do some picture pages...time to grab your pen or your pencil...::sings::

The Lounge Chat ain't no party, Chat ain't no disco, Chat ain't no fooling around Sep 17 2008
13:13 (UTC)

*peeks in*  I remember 3-2-1 Contact on PBS...geez, does that mean I am getting *eep*....old?

The Lounge Confession time: Who owns a banana clip and still wears it? Sep 17 2008
13:03 (UTC)

I still own 2 or 3 from when I wore them in the 80's.  I have straight hair so I can only use them when I curl it but I still use them occasionally.  I like the way they look with curly hair.