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Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Sep 01 2008
02:12 (UTC)

  • Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal [160]
  • Medium Apple [80]

  • Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar [100]

  • Fried Chicken [250]
  • Mashed Potatoes [200]
  • Grean Beans [50]

  • TBA

  • TBA
Will Update Late [=
Foods What's your fave low calorie snack? Jun 20 2008
11:52 (UTC)
I made up this recipe one day; it tastes just like a coffee, chocolate chip cookie.....I mix:

  • 1 cup Fiber 1 cereal= 120 Calories
  • 15 Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips= 35 Calories
  • Black Coffee with Splenda= 6 Calories
       &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;               &nb sp;   Total:161 Calories

The Lounge Are There Any Other Ecuadorians Here On CC??? Jun 20 2008
01:13 (UTC)
omg..i love the humitas and tortillas de verde [=
The Lounge Yes Its True, Im Back!!!! Jun 19 2008
21:30 (UTC)
Mariyummmm: haha very funny =P

I didnt have a camara at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]=
The Lounge Yes Its True, Im Back!!!! Jun 19 2008
15:49 (UTC)
Im not getting married anymore...being away for 3 months has really opened my eyes.

I was in Ecuador visiting my family who i havent seen in 15 years; I was born there but left when i was 3 years old. 
Foods Yummy Kashi Entree's .... Has anyone else tried them!!? Mar 10 2008
20:54 (UTC)
Ive only tried the Pesto one...

Becareful with the sodium content [=
The Lounge Are There Any Other Ecuadorians Here On CC??? Mar 10 2008
16:16 (UTC)
:( nobody?
Weight Loss oatmeal vs rice Mar 10 2008
13:42 (UTC)
You're not going to burn it off, you're going to store those calories as fat. Eat it earlier in the day when you're more apt to burn it off.

wrong. Its the calories that count.
The Lounge What was or wiould be your 'wedding song' or songs? Mar 10 2008
05:09 (UTC)
The Song I want for my wedding when i walk down the isle is called Canon In D by Johann Pachelbel

Love the song [=
Fitness how fast can/should I run? Mar 10 2008
04:58 (UTC)
Do not shoot for 10-12mph...... ><

Whoever said that that is "fairly average" is wrong.
The Lounge High-waisted women's pants Mar 09 2008
14:32 (UTC)
I personally love the wide leg jeans more tho.....

From my hips to the bottom of the pants is one straight clean line [= and doesnt make me so much of a pear shape hehe.
The Lounge High-waisted women's pants Mar 09 2008
14:30 (UTC)
I love love love love high waisted pants...especially those......

aslong as you dont have the "mom jeans" type high waisted pants and style it with a nice shirt/blouse/ top then its all good.
Maintaining Does this sound right? Mar 09 2008
14:27 (UTC)
It depends on the person and her are the same stats in height but she might need 2500-2700...

personally i ate 2300 and strength trained and got to the 124lbs i am today :)
Maintaining Does this sound right? Mar 09 2008
05:34 (UTC)
Hey :)

I recovered from Anorexia Last year and we are the same height. My lowest weight was 100lbs and to gain i started at 1600 calories and worked my way up to 2300 calories to be 124lbs as of today :)

I maintain with 2050 calories on days i dont work out and 2150 calories on the days i do work out (at 124lbs) but at about 110lbs it was around 1800-1900 calories.

I run 6miles every week and weight train 4-5 times a week

I hope this helped some what :)

edit: btw 67 inches is 5ft 7 [=

oooo and i used CC's expenditure tool to figure out my maintnance calories etc at first....but once i reached 120lbs i hadda figure out what numbers worked for me the best.
Foods Looking for a TRULY Zero Calorie drink.... Mar 09 2008
02:18 (UTC)
Foods Quetion about McNuggets Mar 08 2008
22:54 (UTC)
Ewy their nuggets are made of old chickens who are deformed ( example..they have big boobies) ...they are chopped up into lil peices and are made into those nuggets..
Fitness how fast can/should I run? Mar 08 2008
22:51 (UTC)
Remember..its not about speed...You can run super fast but most likely you will only last a few minutes. Its about being consistant. Work your way up to a speed you are comfertable with and stick to it. When you fee like you are ready to move up to a faster speed then go ahead but remember stay consistant and dont worry about speeding up.

I started out walking at 4.0mph..seriously..i thought that was "fast" lol.....

a month later i was jogging at 5.0 mph...

Today im at 6.5 mph and finish a mile and a half in 15 mins :)
Fitness running 30 miles per week and NOT LOSING Mar 08 2008
22:49 (UTC)
Most likely your not eating enough and your body is going into starvation mode. Thus, not losing weight.
Young Calorie Counters teen poll: how many cals do you take in? Mar 08 2008
22:41 (UTC)
Im 18 years young, female, 5ft7inches tall and 124lbs [=

I eat 2050 calories on days i dont work out and 2150 calories when i do work out.

I run 6miles in total every week and weight train 4-5 times a week.

I love myself now more then ever. Last year, i recovered from my ED, I always thought being super skinny would give me some sort of happiness or power or control but in reality i was dark, cold, mean..upset..depressed. My lowest weight was 100lbs and My kidneys were shutting down, my hair was falling out. I could barely get out of bed that i missed school so much and my friends just started to forget about me. I thank god a had a strong support system that consisted of my family, my bf and my close friends who decided to stick by my side.

I went to the Dr about 2 weeks ago to get my blood pressure checked for 5 days in a row (Air Force stuff but thats another story) They took blood work and when the results came back she told me I was completely healthy..nothing was wrong with me. I have never been or felt so healthy in my life.


I hope those who have an ED stay strong and try to recover.
Weight Loss Questions about carbs Mar 08 2008
17:44 (UTC)
imagine if we needed crabs (instead of carbs) in our daily intake lol...

I would die...Im allergic to all seafood except fish ]=