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Weight Loss Loose Skin After 100+ Pound Weight Loss Sep 24 2008
22:31 (UTC)

I think your not the only one out there, wondering what might happen to your skin after loseing weigth. But I believe our skin's elasticity with in time (yrs) will losen up. But as we lose weight we need to make sure we are doing it right. Drastic weight gain will give us stretch marks, so the best thing to do is to workout... lifting weights should be included in your weight lose to tone your body.

Weight Loss Gosh I feel like I did so much for so little!!!!!!!!!! Dec 11 2007
19:34 (UTC)
You are doing good. Your in the 100's not the 200's. I think you should get the clothes you started this diet and see how it fits. I'm sure they are saggy. You are doing a fantastic job, keep it up.
Weight Loss Lost Weight in the Shower!!! Dec 11 2007
19:28 (UTC)
Not sure if your digital scale is working properly. I think it's the moisture from being in the shower messing around with the scale. May want to place it outside your bathroom next time. <a href=><img src= 9xqhqk9jjqx.gif width=406 height=221 border=0></a><br><a href= target=_blank></a&g t;
Weight Loss Loose Skin After 100+ Pound Weight Loss Dec 04 2007
16:50 (UTC)
Hi momof2kt! As I am losing weight I am also lifting weights to tone my body, after having 3 kids my stomach has stretched allot, it's almost like looking at the movie "CLICK" when Adam Sandler is laying in bed with a flabby skin. I am going to make the best of my work out in hopes that some of it tightens, but if not I plan on getting tummy tuck or the body tuck. I'm hoping for most healthy way *crossing fingers*. I've seen many people lose weight and notice that they don't have lose skin, so that is my motivation as well. Good luck GOD BLESS.
Motivation I can't forget his insult - can you advise? Nov 05 2007
21:37 (UTC)
It was said directly from his mouth. Not ever thinking how painful it could be. It's a good thing that you cut him lose, if he could have a mouthful of harmful words why should you except it. I think even if you lost the weight and gave this person a second chance he would ridicule the next big person, and bring back the comment he once made to you. We aren't born perfect, but we aren't born to judge. I hope you reach your goal.
Fitness Still sore after 2 days...should I skip today's work out? Oct 26 2007
22:53 (UTC)

You can do workouts every other day. Just make sure you are not over doing them.

Many people say "if you feel it it's working" yes that some what true, but it you are feeling soar more than two days then you have over done it and need to take it easy. Warm up is always good before you start. Good luck!Kiss