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Vegetarian Sticky Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes Mar 19 2012
20:31 (UTC)
This is sooo good, it's a new favorite veggie burrito. I aim for 1,400 cal per day so I eat 3 400 cal meals and a snack or two. Here is a veggie burrito that is just under 400 cal. Take out cheese for vegan. I use weights since I weigh all my food:

1 whole wheat tortilla (180 cal, 60 gm) 30 gm veggie ground (32 cal) 45 gm Low fat refried beans (42 cal) 10 gm Mozzarella part skim (26 cal) 30 gm frozen corn (36 cal) Some pickled jalapeƱos and sliced red pepper

Roll into burrito and bake. Serve with 1.5 tbs wholly guacamole (45 cal) and 1-2 tbs salsa (10 cal)
Vegetarian Sticky The Veg*n On a Budget Mar 18 2012
21:24 (UTC)
One thing no one has mentioned is dried shiitake mushrooms! These are available at Asian markets and, when rehydrated and destemmed, are a great addition to soups and stir fries. They have a really nice meaty texture and a rich flavor. A big bag costs me ~ 10$ but they last a really long time.
Vegetarian Sticky A day of meals & exercise- Veggie style Mar 18 2012
18:50 (UTC)
Everyone's food looks so healthy and tasty! I am not a vegetarian but am eating WAY more veg meals lately. I feel better that way, it's easier to stay in calorie counts, and I like lot of veg food.

B: plain yogurt, frozen berries, granola L: fold-it pita sandwich with tomato, cheese, avocado, lettuce, olives, cucumber and red pepper. S: rice crackers and wasabi peas and v8 with lime and hot sauce. D: stir fried tofu and peanuts with kale (from garden) and mushrooms and a side salad.

~ 1,400 cal overall.

Exercise: walk home from work (down a small mountain) 5 km walk and yoga plus gardening on weekends.
Calorie Count New Recipe Analyzer Mar 13 2012
05:13 (UTC)
Please tell me how I can analyze a recipe or a meal in the iPhone app. I actually switched from cal count to another program a year ago since I couldn't use my phone to create a recipe. Is it possible now? I cook a lot so it's pretty key.
Recipes What to add to egg whites? Jul 29 2011
17:28 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

personally, i would add egg yolks Wink.

whole eggs are cheap and good for you.  sometimes (like this morning), i'll make an omelet with one whole egg and one white, and give the extra yolk to the dog.  but that's because i can't finish a two-egg omelet.


I can't imagine that whole eggs in moderation is bad! and so much tastier. I make a breakfast wraps with 1.5 whole scrambled eggs, (105 cal), 1/2 a slice american cheese (30 cal), 1/2 slice ham (20 cal), and an ancient grains tortilla (100 cal). Make several at once and you have food for several days. All you have to do is microwave for half a minute in the morning and add some hot sauce. Great, easy, protein dense breakfast that comes in at (255 cal). Very sustaining, keeps me going for hours.

I gave one to my spouse who is not counting and he was surprised at how sustaining it was.