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Health & Support stages of recovery Aug 10 2014
16:50 (UTC)
You two are such an inspiration! I've been within a steady bmi 20 for more than half a year and I won't lie: I still strugle every day. But at the same time I feel amazing. My body is strong - I can go on hikes and bike rides, I go for lunch or a beer with my coworkers and try amazing new food without starving myself the next day. My clothes are tighter and I don't fit the smallest sizes anymore but I look more faminine and I look healthy -still thin but healthy. It really gets easier with time, you progress with stages that seem ridiculous looking back- accepting your new body, realization that you can treat yourself without getting fat anytime you want, what is your normal daily food intake, recognize situations which make you overeat or undereat and so on. It's a reawarding yourney just keep it up.
Foods Very sick after pizza Jul 24 2014
12:08 (UTC)

Thanks for all your inputs guys!

I have been avoiding dairy products last couple of years because of my disordered eating. I introduced them back slowly and only big amounts of full fat milk would make me a bit sick, that is why I came to a conclusion that I'm not lactose intolerant, same with gluten.

I still think the best guess is the undercooked dough especially because I'm not always sick after pizza and I haven't eaten it at the same place every time.

Now I can recognize the symptoms easier and hopefully I'll find out as soon as possible.

Foods Very sick after pizza Jul 23 2014
14:09 (UTC)

Is melted cheese any different than regular cheese? Maybe it's oil  combination with yeast ... I have no clue. 

Foods Very sick after pizza Jul 23 2014
13:59 (UTC)

I don't think so. I rarely eat bread but I do eat oatmeal, wheat bran, drink beer and such. After years of restriction I still get sick after some meals but I really haven't noticed to be allergic to anything in particular.

Recipes question re: Banana 'Ice Cream' Jul 23 2014
13:46 (UTC)

I never had any issues either. I just blend it again.

Foods Very sick after pizza Jul 23 2014
13:45 (UTC)

Not that I know. I drink a glass of milk every day.

The Lounge Favorite quotes Jul 23 2014
13:37 (UTC)

You can't give up hope just because it's hopeless. You gotta hope even more, and cover your ears and go 'bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! 


Foods Very sick after pizza Jul 23 2014
13:32 (UTC)

Once it was a different pizza place with cheese and tomato sauce.

The toppings were always different (even the cheese and sauces) so I can only think of the dough. Here the restaurants prepare it very similarly. My stomach a cramps a bit after eating any kind of pizza (homemade as well) but it's rarely painful, just a mild discomfort. That's why I'm really not sure what's going on.

The Lounge cures for insomnia Jul 23 2014
13:27 (UTC)

Dark beer gets me every time.

The Lounge World Cup Jul 07 2014
13:53 (UTC)

I think Germany even though I wish Argentina would win. The championship started  interestingly with a lot of upsets so now it just seems a bit same all same all.

And I don't really understand - why isn't soccer '' a real sport''?

Foods Healthy Foods you HATE Jun 19 2014
12:14 (UTC)

I second the liver sentiment. I really don't like the taste, I try it every once in a while just to see if maybe I'll change my opinion about it - it didn't happen yet. 

Chia seeds - they make me super bloated and they have no taste.

Smoothies - I love fruit but in their ''original'' form. I can't stand them mashed or processed in any other way (I despise jams, fruit cakes, fruit ice creams...). The worse combination for me is strawberries and yoghurt mixed together, it actually makes me physically sick. A lot of people find that quite odd.

Health & Support for those of you who really want to recover. Jun 09 2014
12:43 (UTC)

Thank you for that.

Weight Gain chocolate bar?- from abroad- what should i try? May 15 2014
08:16 (UTC)

I love Cadbury anything! But try some swiss or belgian chocolate, they are all amazing. And also anything from Ferrero...

The Lounge Yes ... No? Apr 27 2014
16:23 (UTC)

I agree with Frankfurt, I lived there for a month ... and it's very much boring.

I liked Niagara Falls, both sides. I was laso quite lucky because there weren't many tourists when I was there.

Health & Support Constipated Apr 07 2014
09:35 (UTC)

It sounds like too much fiber. Also 4 liters of water is a lot. 

Morning coffee helps me, maybe you should keep it in your diet.

Health & Support Always feeling hungry. Apr 07 2014
09:32 (UTC)
Original Post by bellavita89:


Thanks for the help. Ntesan, you said you ate smaller meals, did you feel like that helped you with feeling satisfied? I go back and forth with that idea. Sometimes I feel like it's harder to feel satisfied on small meals. I know everyone is different so I'll have to find what works for me, but it isn't easy haha. 

I have to eat smaller meals because my stomach is very sensitive but it also helped me mentally. I still can't really eat intuitively so for me a meal plan is really helpful. It is also a lot less stressful for me now, that I know I'll eat in a couple of hours and there is a meal waiting for me. So I think less about food and I don't feel hungry all the time. Like I said it took some time but now I'm at that point when I actually know when I'm under- or overeating.

It also sounds you are eating too little. I have a sedentary job and I don't exercise regularly. You really have to find what works for you.

Health & Support Always feeling hungry. Apr 06 2014
08:30 (UTC)

I was the same. The only thing that helped me was constantly eating around 2000 calories, smaller meals, I also eat more protein rich food and of course patience for my body to catch up. You're probably thinking to much about it and that makes you even more hungry, At least that's how it was for me. It took good six months to finally feel satisfied after a meal and not thinking what will I eat next. I haven't had a binge in a long long time. But are you sure this was a binge or just plain old overeating?

You also mentioned you had some drinks. It is very normal to be hungry after alcohol. Usually when I go out drinking I snack in between or have a good lunch before that, the worse is to start drinking hungry. Before I go to bed I also drink a big glass of water with magnesium (you'll feel better in the morning) and if I'm still hungry I just snack on something. Because if I tell myself how I shouldn't eat because I had enough that day it usually comes to devouring 3 times more than I would.  But really you're panicking, a day of overeating won't make you gain. On the other hand if you did this every day...

The Lounge Good Roommate Crash course 101 Apr 06 2014
07:55 (UTC)

I hate my phone!

The Lounge Good Roommate Crash course 101 Apr 06 2014
07:55 (UTC)
Just clean after yourself especially the dishes and don't take other people's food. Those were always the main reasons for fights in my 10 years of experience having different roomates. Good luck!
The Lounge replacing David Letterman Apr 06 2014
07:48 (UTC)
No not Stephen Colbert! Do you think Craig Ferguson has a shot?