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Fitness My love hate relationship with INSANITY Jun 05 2010
19:27 (UTC)

Thanks so much for the encouragement Jill91198

Im doing it with my best firend now and it does seem easier...maybe it is because i have company now.


Motivation Starting a group for backsliders. May 19 2010
06:19 (UTC)

This group is EXACTLY what i need!

I am a curvy girl, but i have always been a bit on the slender, curvy side with a small waist and firm body as i work out consistently.

While living in France with my boyfriend 2 years ago, i was at my ideal weight which is about 130lbs or so; i ate a Mediterranean diet and was very happy with how i looked.

However, after i moved here to the States  i have slowly gained weight. Some of it is because i was terribly ill and was advised not to do anything physically strenuous.

Soooo here i am, 2 years later and 20 lbs overwieght Frown

I have been on calorie count since about last year but have not really used it much.

Also, i know a lot about working out, eating healthy etc. I just need to practise it more.

I have however just started Beacbody's new workout programme INSANITY and i think at least it is a step in the right direction!

I think i have had several 'AHA' moments...but the real one was actually just last week, when i was looking at pictures of myself from last year, and a recent picture one of my sorority sisters took of me....the difference between the two pictures it got me sooo sad Frown

Also, i LOVE fashion and each year i go all out with updating my wardrobe for summer as it is my absolute favourite season. This year however, i have told myself that i am NOT going to buy any clothes until i lose the weight i want to. So hopefully that will be a big incentive for me to work hardUndecided

However, i am BACK and would love to give and recieve support and encouragement and i think this is the ideal group for me on this website to do so.

I am definitely in!

Thank you sgbear98 for starting thisLaughing

Motivation My first kilo! May 17 2010
05:20 (UTC)


Congratulations :-)

Foods Healthy can sooo be YUMMY! Apr 27 2010
18:53 (UTC)

Thank you Chrissy1988

I actually did have 2 tablespoons of hummus( i think i put one by mistake)

And, traditionally, freshly made hummus is topped with olive oil sprinkled with parsley as a garnish....the store bought ones don't have this though.

So, fat wise i was good.


Fitness HELP.....I can't do push ups! Mar 16 2010
02:12 (UTC)

Thank you all for your help and suggestions!

I am defnitiely going to try teh modified push ups on my knees, not on my toes like crazydiamondchrysalis suggested.

And, amethystgirl i will check out te stumptuous page...thank you!

To erin811 i absolutely LOVE insanity! It is extremely challenging. However, i feel as if this is exactly the kind of change my body needs as it has hit a plateau recently.


Health & Support LEEP Procedure. Really scared. Feb 12 2010
20:25 (UTC)

Erm, i would not be able to tell you that because i was anesthetized.

But really, i'm sure you will be fine.

Health & Support LEEP Procedure. Really scared. Feb 12 2010
19:46 (UTC)

Hello, I actually had the procedure done in December right before Christmas :(

It is a bit scary and so you should definitely have someone go along with you.

Aside that, you will expereince a little bleeding/spotting and discharge for a few weeks and cramping for a few days.

Oh and did i mention the tiredness Laughing?

That's about it though.

All the best.

Motivation I beat the NIBBLES!! Feb 04 2010
16:26 (UTC)

Thank you Beaverley. And all the best to you too!!

Weight Loss No desire to eat :( Feb 04 2010
06:31 (UTC)


thank you everybody for your replies

I know this is late but i have been MIA for awhile due to some issues i have been dealing with

However...I'M BACCKKKKKK!!!!!!


Motivation this happens EVERY time :( Feb 03 2010
02:47 (UTC)

OMG...i can sooo identify!

I find it  hard to stick to a programme once i start. I think it is because i look around me and see that i am actually "average" weight for my height and so i get comfortable and eat whatever i want :(

I don't have a problem with working out per se...but it is still difficult for me to loose weight despite being active because i eat sooo much junk.

Anyways, i just came back from holiday and i gained 10lbs in 4 weeks!! Can you believe that????

So, i sat down and looked at old pics of myself ( looked soo slim then and i actually thought i was overweight....hmmm, twisted media and what they feed us about standard of beuaty these days) and realized i have lost weight successfully once before, and back then my motivation was my boyfriend at the time. However, since we broke up due  i am not motivated by him to get in shape. So, i have to look within me for motivation. I realized that i am NOT  quitter....or at least that's what people tell being unable to remain disciplined enough to get in shape as i want does not mirror the strong willed, disciplined image i have of myself :( Clearly, this got me uoset!

So, like everybody before me said, start small. I drink a lot of water and NO soda/carbonated drinks, i have cut out alcohol even when i'm out with friends, i am trying to eat about 6 small meals a day; emphasis on TRYING :) etc etc.

And although i have not weighed myself yet, i feel much better already!

Ok to summarise (i know i know i have written a lot but i can't help it i'm a within yourself for motivation ....because i am 100% sure that there's something deep within you, which you may not have discovered yet, that will push you!


Motivation My attempt at dealing with food addiction Nov 24 2009
08:30 (UTC)


looks like you are on the right track. I am going to borrow some of your tips if you don't mind.

All the best!!!

Games & Challenges Christmas Miracle Challenge! Sep 19 2009
04:24 (UTC)


 I would love to join in this challenge! I have been yo yo dieting for awhile and i just want to go back to being healthy and in shape; and stay that way!


Name;- Naa
Current Weight:- 154 lbs
Scale stepper or Judge by clothing:- both
Amount of weight you wish to lose:- 20lbs- 25lbs
How often do you want to weight-in?:- fortnightly (every two weeks)

Goal by Christmas?

My goal by Christmas is to have lost the amount of weight i wish to lose, and have maintained it for awhile. As well as get toned by lifting weights.

What do you do to workout?

I jog/run at least 4 times a week for 45 minutes

100 crunches daily

Weight machines 4 times a week

I want to alternate jogging with swimming, pilates and Tae-bo

Eat right?

Also, with regards to food; i follow the Mediterranean diet i.e. i eat a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, cook with olive oil, etc.

I just need to watch my portions and drink more water.

Tips or advice

I would just like to encourage everyone to keep working hard towards their goal and not give up. Healthy weight loss is a slow and steady proces....but the results are worth it...not just how you look; but just how healthy you feel and active you become!

I wish everyone the best of luck!

Motivation My skinny jeans fit me again. : ) Jul 27 2009
02:12 (UTC)



Motivation Ta da! I have lost 30 lbs! Jun 27 2009
23:34 (UTC)


How exactly did you do it?

Weight Loss Interesting... Jun 22 2009
19:20 (UTC)

Thank you so much for providing this information.I just bookmarked the article. I t is ver informative and definitely makes sense Smile

Motivation It's never too late... Mar 25 2009
22:16 (UTC)


 thank you so much for writing such an inspirational entry; it's exactly the sort of thing i need to hear as i've sidetracked a bit lately too and feel very out of shape!