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Weight Loss A Story and Return Nov 26 2012
20:10 (UTC)

Hey there,

Same place.  I joined in 2007 and lost about 20 pounds...I haven't gained it all back but after abandoning CC for a while I've had some ups and downs and am now struggling to lose those last 10....of course, I've been trying to lose them for a while, and with the holidays coming up, it may prove difficult.

Sorry to hear about your health troubles...hopefully you are healthy enough to restart the ongoing battle of counting calories, lol. 

That's all I really wanted to say...I logged in for the first time in forever and was hoping to see some old faces...I guess we are not alone!

Health & Support Food has taken Over My life Mar 17 2010
21:40 (UTC)
You sound like me a few years ago. I understand! I used to flip out about putting a teaspoon of sugar in my tea, even though I like tea better with sugar I would force myself not to have it. I never developed an eating disorder but I was ridiculously strict and couldn't put anything in my mouth without analyzing it. I found that what helped me was to do something naughty once in a while. It started with a piece of chocolate. And then I was getting french fries at lunch. I know it's not the healthiest thing to eat, but after doing it a few times I realized that the little treats once in a while will not make me blow up. I learned that I could relax a little and not obsess so much. You need to eat A LOT to gain a pound, and I think once you realize that if you have that extra something once in a while, it doesn't spell disaster. You are just being human. Good luck!
Health & Support Acne Mar 17 2010
15:10 (UTC)

hi jlchris86,

first of all, aside from the acne topic, you look fabulous and congrats on your weight loss!

on to the topic at hand - i don't know all that much about acne but to be honest, what works for one person will not work for someone else.  i have decent skin, and i've used clinique for 15 years now and swear by it, but it may not be the best solution for you.

did you recently switch any medications/vitamins/birth control?  my mom ended up with a horrible outbreak of red bumps all over her body because she was allergic to an ingredient in one of her new vitamins.  she didn't realize it was the vitamins until she stopped taking them.

do you wash your face "too much"?  that can cause dryness, and can eventually cause your skin to revolt.

have you tried exfoliating?  i'm sure dove makes an exfoliating cleanser, the little granules are supposed to help slough off dead skin and all that.  if you don't want to buy that, then you can try honey mixed with some pure sugar granules.  honey is a natural antibacterial substance, and i have found it works wonders for my pimples.

my skin is super sensitive to fragrance (why i started using clinique), and i'm not sure if dove/neutrogena are fragrance-free.  that may be an issue also.

i have never heard of cutting out milk...i have heard that drinking tons of water can help "purge" bad skin but i'm not quite sure about that either.

i have also heard of using an oil cleanse, but haven't tried it yet.

i understand that you're probably really worried about trying proactiv, or another regimen, because you don't want it to get worse.  but  (and yes it's trite) you'll never know unless you try it!  sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what works for you, but keep trying!  and you're doing great with your diet and all that, so you're definitely on track!






Weight Loss water weight....reversed? Mar 08 2010
15:33 (UTC)

thank you!!  that's kind of what i figured but couldn't find it exactly written that way.  i slacked on my water intake yesterday and today i was 1.5 pounds lighter and confused ;)

Health & Support Has anyone had a cortisone injection for a pimple? Sep 16 2009
13:45 (UTC)


first i want to thank everyone for great advice. 

anyway, i did end up going to the dermatologist that day.  he took one look at it and immediately said he'd inject it, lol, i guess it wasn't pretty!

so a few hours later, it definitely shrunk about 1/2 in size.  the pain of it was gone almost immediately.  the next day (yesterday) it was still smaller.  today, less than 48 hours later, it is just a slightly raised bump!  it's still a little red but hopefully will heal up soon!  yay!

since we are talking about home remedies, something that almost always works for the little spots is honey.  it didn't work on my cyst, but for regular pimples, if you dab it on overnight, by the next morning the redness and swelling go way down. i believe it has natural anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Health & Support Has anyone had a cortisone injection for a pimple? Sep 14 2009
16:32 (UTC)

thanks for your reply, gi-jane.  i'm not sure if the self-consciousness is worse or the actual pain/throbbing.   when i smile, it hurts my face!  i will discuss it with him this afternoon.  thanks again.



Motivation Trying to start over May 27 2009
14:09 (UTC)

hi zifhip,

i'm very sorry to hear your story.  it's really sad that your wife left, but to me, it's even more sad because you sound like you are giving up.  you seem like a very sweet guy, and there is no reason for you to be so down on yourself!  you are not defined by your relationships w/ anyone, be it family, friends, or significant other.  you are defined by what you make yourself, and only you can find that motivation within you!  don't think that just because you're overweight you're not capable of meeting people and finding companionship.  i'm serious!  it's more about attitude than anything!! 

it's a shame that you had to suffer so much and feel like you are not worth it...but it's better that you found out early on that your wife was definitely not the one for you, before you had children and started a family.  now you can really start a new life, and what better way to start it than to take care of #1: YOU!!

motivation is difficult, and i definitely understand lonely times.  i don't really have a lot of friends either.  my family is supportive but i don't see them that often because i work full time and don't live near them. i don't know anyone who would want to go to a gym with me.  i guess you just need to be comfortable w/ doing things alone and rejoicing in your accomplishments by yourself.  trust me, once you have the confidence to appreciate yourself, others will appreciate you too.  it's funny, as we get older it's really hard to make friends, it seems so easy when you're young!! 

i wish i had more advice for you but all i can tell you is just stay positive and do good things for YOURSELF, not for anyone else.  it's time to be selfish!  you are attractive, articulate, and seem intelligent enough!  you're worth it!!

Weight Loss do any of your family members give you negative comments? May 26 2009
21:32 (UTC)

thank you all for your replies.

tracymarie: you're right, our relationship is wonderful otherwise.  so yes i think it would be a good idea to tell her how i feel about it.  i don't really know why i didn't think of that at the time, maybe i was just too flustered.  and that sucks about your grandmother!!!

luola:  OMG...that is interesting.  i was always the skinny one too.  that's why it hurt so bad when i realized i had gained weight!  i think people just notice weight gain more on the thin one?!?!  i like your suggestions, particularly #2 and 3.  thanks!!

raychelc: you're probably right!  but i guess sometimes it's hard to admit when you slide off track =(  i guess i should just take her comments as her caring. 

The Lounge Trying to leave possibly abusive boyfriend, need support. May 07 2009
20:25 (UTC)


i have brought this to his attention before.  what usually happens is that he says he wasn't doing for example the waiter issue...he will act like he just made an innocent comment, and why was i flipping out?  i can fight and fight but in the end i'm the one that feels crazy.

and yes my emotional state is important to me but not as important as living my life.  i just wanted to know if it was complete relief or just a little bit of remorse.  i think to make matters worse, i am getting sick too (sore throat, fever), so i'm just in a very bad place right now =( 

The Lounge Trying to leave possibly abusive boyfriend, need support. May 07 2009
18:47 (UTC)


did you have feelings for him still when you dumped him?  did you miss him? 

The Lounge Trying to leave possibly abusive boyfriend, need support. May 07 2009
16:37 (UTC)

thank you all for your replies.  i guess i already know the answer.  my best friend doesn't really say anything about the relationship being toxic, but she keeps telling me i need to look at the underlying issues.  i think i have been in denial.  i have never once done anything to make him mistrust me. i feel so stupid for even having to ask and post this.  i'm just really scared and i am hoping to find courage through the internet, how weird!! 

yes he has isolated me from most of my friends, not directly, but through guilt and saying "but all i want to do is spend time with you".  i think this makes it worse, because i don't know who to turn to.

again thank you all...i have to prepare myself i guess for the inevitable.  i'll keep everyone posted.



Health & Support Anyone have experience with anemia? Jan 14 2009
21:24 (UTC)

how funny seeing this thread resurrected!!  i did a double take ;)

just wanted to thank you netsirk and theresa5656 for the great advice.  since i posted this, i started taking iron regularly but it really did a number on my stomach.  i started incorporating more protein, and vitamin C definitely helps.  overall i feel better than when i originally posted this, but still not as energetic as i should be.  i guess i'll just keep trying til i find something that works!  thanks again!

Health & Support Body Acne Oct 01 2008
16:25 (UTC)

Hi beachwalker...

I've never heard that losing weight would reduce body acne...??  Are you sure the acne on ur inner thighs aren't razor bumps?  If so maybe try to replace ur razor more frequently.  I get that too if I use an old razor.  I know that the thights rubbing together can cause bumps there.  Do you use lotion there?  Maybe dust some baby powder around the parts that you seem to be moist/have acne?  (but DO NOT get it near your naughty bits!  i've done that, and it causes problems!!)

My bf gets it on his back sometimes because he sits around after working out instead of showering right away.  I think that may cause his.  Do you get super sweaty and stay like that for a while?

well i know i haven't been TOO much help but i hope it's a start!  good luck!

Health & Support Why break ups suck... Sep 02 2008
13:26 (UTC)
hey linny,

when i was 24, my high school sweetheart of 7 years (!) and i broke up.  one the one hand, i was completely devastated and didn't know how to handle it.  it was mostly him that wanted to break up, but deep inside i also knew that we had just kind of  outgrown each other.

on the other hand however, i was amazed at the new found freedom and independence i never really got to experience.  it was kind of scary at first, but you start to remember all the things that you love YOURSELF rather than what you and your boyfriend love.

plus it sounds like you have a great support group with your friends and family, plus your little puppy!!  trust me, pets help soo much, i wouldn't have gotten through it without my kitties!

so...bottom WILL get through this, and you will come out a much stronger and independent woman!

best of luck, and if you ever need to talk, please don't hesitate to contact me!

and always remember that YOU DESERVE BETTER!!  =)
Weight Loss Alcohol & it's effects? Jul 30 2008
13:56 (UTC)
personally, i treat alcohol like i treat french fries and cheesecake: everything in moderation.  i don't want to give up the things i like just because i want to be a size-whatever.  i drink at least once a week (not a lot, maybe 3 at the most), and have lost weight.  i guess it depends on what you're drinking and (ahem) what you EAT after you drink (who is guilty of 4 am chicken fingers and fries? - ME ME ME!!)
Weight Loss Birth Control Pills Jul 30 2008
13:43 (UTC)
I have heard a lot of discussion about birth control and I know it can be discouraging.

But there is hope!  I literally started taking birth control (mircette) the same week I started calorie counting.  I lost about 2 pounds a week for a while.  I think perhaps it may slow down weight loss a little bit, but it does not stop completely.  I started out at 143 pounds, now I'm at 118, so obviously it didn't hinder it that much.

It's weird though, my friend suddenly stopped taking birth control and almost IMMEDIATELY lost 5 pounds.  So maybe it makes you retain water or something??  I don't know.
Weight Loss The Last 5 lbs... Who else? Jul 30 2008
13:39 (UTC)
for about a month or so i was hell-bent on losing the last few pounds but i kind of just...forgot about it i guess!  i have heard many things; some people say up your workouts, and others say that in the process of maintaining you end up losing a few pounds anyway.

i hit my goal of 120, and then decided to maintain...and accidentally lost a couple...then decided i wanted to be at 115...but.....i am kind of stuck at 118 which is perfectly fine with me.  they always say the last 5 pounds is the hardest. and OF COURSE i want them gone but i won't kill myself over it.

if you really need to lose them though, i would recommend just upping your workouts like cbutters09 said.
Health & Support got my blood work back! input please? Jul 24 2008
16:08 (UTC)
Health & Support got my blood work back! input please? Jul 24 2008
15:20 (UTC)

no i have not had further blood tests yet on the b-12.  it is just speculative at this time, both on the part of my doctor and my dad (who is also a physician) i have to get MORE tests done, i am assuming?

i have read that too much folic acid can negate b-12 absorption.

what did your full panel blood test reveal, then?
Health & Support got my blood work back! input please? Jul 24 2008
13:22 (UTC)
thanks rockydog,

how do you find out whether it just a deficiency in your diet, or if you cannot absorb it properly?