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Weight Loss Are there any tall girls out there who need motivation to lose the last 5-7 pounds?? Apr 24 2008
13:07 (UTC)

Yes! Those last few ones are SO hard! And people always do the "Oh, you don't need to lose weight!" which I feel like an overly-self-conscious, insecure bitch when I try to argue.  So then I start to agree, and then I just eat a ton! And then realize that I hate my jiggly stomach and love handles, and my thighs are COVERED in stretch marks now, and I just want to have the self control to lose about 10 more pounds!

Weight Loss Let's start a group! Anyone need to lose 10-15 lbs? Apr 22 2008
04:26 (UTC)

I fell off the wagon again!! This is so frustrating. It shouldn't be so damned hard! But I ate half a box of Lucky Charms tonight, and that's on top of a full day of eating...not even sure what my intake is, up around 3000 at least. Blah blah. I usually work out twice on Mondays, and I did nothing today.

I think I'm just a little burned out, so I think I am going to take a week off (NOT overeating like today, just maintenance) and get some motivation back.

Weight Loss Activity Level and Calories Burned... Apr 09 2008
16:23 (UTC)

I'm in uni too, so I do a lot of sitting, but I also work out 6 days a week, and 3 of those days work out twice.  I also walk to all my classes and do some dancing, etc. So what I do is put my burn meter on "Light" and log only my cardio/gym time.  You're burning more calories just sitting at your desk when you're pretty active the rest of the time, so I think it works out.

Weight Loss Let's start a group! Anyone need to lose 10-15 lbs? Apr 08 2008
18:11 (UTC)

Ah, unless the P is for "post" I can't blame it on that.

Just gotta keep reminding myself that it'll be worth it. I feel so much better and happier when I eat healthy! The small instant gratification from junk food just isn't worth it!

Weight Loss Any other tall people trying to lose weight? Apr 08 2008
18:06 (UTC)

I'm tall! 6'4" and that's kinda beyond tall into the "freakishly huge" stage. So I'd rather not compound the problem by being pudgy too. I'm 168 right now, trying to get down to 155-160, which puts me towards the bottom end of the BMI but still at a healthy weight. People tell me I'm silly for trying to lose weight, but I don't see what's wrong with wanting to get rid of my love handles and the cellulite. I've started getting stretch marks too. Ugh. I'm already freakish enough without being jiggly and saggy.

Unfortunately after spending 2 weeks working my ass off and only losing 2 pounds, I've kinda been bad lately...I had two pieces of cake at lunch today...ugh. I need to get some focus!

Weight Loss Let's start a group! Anyone need to lose 10-15 lbs? Apr 07 2008
20:10 (UTC)

Damn, I did so well for like 2 weeks, but I got frustrated because the scale barely budged...and now I've been awful for the past few days and I"m sure I've undone all the loss I worked SO freaking hard for!


Back to square one. I can DO this!

Weight Loss Let's start a group! Anyone need to lose 10-15 lbs? Apr 01 2008
20:27 (UTC)

Yup, this is me! 12 pounds to go, and I feel like it's never going to happen—all my hard work barely shows up on the scale (or in the inches, because I know weight isn't everything :)).

Start weight: 169

Current weight: 167

Goal weight: 155

I haven't been 155 since high school, and I would love to be back down to a size 9 pants and a medium top.  I'm pretty tall so that's why my goal is kinda high. 155 will put me right at 19 BMI, which I think is perfect.

I workout about 6 days a week, doing cardio for ~60 minutes 3 days a week and running ~35 minutes 3 days a week, plus 3 times a week getting some weight training in for about ~35 minutes.  My daily calorie goal is 1600, but if I work out a lot I bump that up so that my deficit is never more than 1000 calories (I don't want to mess my metabolism up!).

Anyway, it's hard but I really want this by summer!!

Weight Loss Calories and exercise Mar 26 2008
02:14 (UTC)

If your deficit isn't larger than 1000 and you're getting over 1200 calories a day, you should be fine.

Weight Loss *~A Poll~* Mar 26 2008
01:38 (UTC)

I weight myself every other day. I was doing it once a week, but if I happen to be having a bloaty day, it makes me feel like the whole previous week has been useless.  I fear every day would be too obsessive, so I go with every other day to give myself an idea of how it's going.  The green line that CC gives on the weight graph is great!

I make sure I do it after I wake up and pee, but before I eat or drink, and even so, the fluctuations are very noticeable. Still, it's possible to see a downward trend (I've lost ~1 pound in the last week), and that's SO encouraging!

I also measure myself once a week, because that's more important than weight and also takes longer to change.