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Foods What do you eat for breakfast?/Breakfast help Aug 31 2010
18:26 (UTC)

The muffin tin idea is genius!

Foods What do you eat for breakfast?/Breakfast help Aug 31 2010
18:24 (UTC)

Make yourself an egg-white sandwich. They are VERY filling and low-calorie. 3 egg whites is 45 calories.  I like to add in a slice of Kraft low-fat (2%) white american cheese (45 calories) along with some veggies. Add it to a piece of bread and you have yourself an amazing sandwhich (hot sauce is a great addition for spice-fanatics). This is a 200 calorie breakfast that is really filling (assuming no more than 100 calories on bread).

Also oatmeal with fruit is great. I buy those packs you just throw in the microwave (160 calories). I'm a late sleeper so I don't have time for breakfast at home. But i like eating it around 9 or 10 anyways because I'm not hungry when I wake up and this makes me eat a later lunch, which means I'm fuller throughout the day. I think eating a later breakfast is one of the easier things you could do to stick to your calorie goals (unless you are hungry when you wake up... it just happens that I never am!).


Hope this helps :)

Foods I don't know what to eat! Nov 02 2009
02:37 (UTC)

Chicken is very inexpensive and easy to prepare.  Just cook a whole lot on Sundays so that it's ready for the weekday.

Also, another good and inexpensive meal is canned tomato soup.  I buy a whole bunch of  frozen vegetables which are inexpensive and add them to the soup, and some canned beans for protein.  It's quick and easy!

I also buy granola bars in bulk at Sam's Club or BJs.  Maybe someone you know has a membership and would be willing to take you?  You get 4x as much for a few more dollars.