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Vegetarian Any Skinny Bitches Out There Who Want to Support Each Other? Mar 30 2008
22:15 (UTC)
Thanks so much! That definitely gets rid of my worries! I'll take a look at those websites.  I'll be there from mid-August to December... and I love wearing my rain boots :) 
Vegetarian Any Skinny Bitches Out There Who Want to Support Each Other? Mar 30 2008
19:13 (UTC)
Irlmonet - I'm going to be studying abroad in Ireland next fall.  I haven't read the Skinny Bitch book, but I am a vegetarian.  Is it really that hard in Ireland?  I'll be in Cork. (I'm going to UCC.)  I talked to another student who went last year and she said there were plenty of markets and places where I'd be able to find veg food... do you have knowledge of Cork?   
Weight Loss 3 week weight loss challenge?!??! Mar 06 2008
15:47 (UTC)
I'd like to join if it isn't too late! 
I'm usually a Friday weigher, but I tend to binge on the weekends as I'm not busy.  I think weighing in on Mondays will be a lot better!
I'm 19, 5'2", small frame, currently around 116-120 and I want to be at 105.  I work out on the treadmil everyday for 30 minutes and sometimes more on the weekends. 
Three week goal: 6 pounds.  If I stop this binging I could be down to 110 by the end of March!
Motivation Was on track.. until the binging started Mar 04 2008
01:16 (UTC)
It definitely helps to know someone else in the same boat... it's so hard to live in a dorm that's just a bedroom and a kitchen combined. 
I didn't restrict myself as much today.  I had pizza at lunch, but I also had fruit with it.  I ate veggies and an egg for dinner.  The gym went great today, too!
I have a lot of work to do so hopefully that will distract me from the food. 
Motivation Tricks and Tips to avoid BINGES! Feb 26 2008
14:28 (UTC)
I really need to work on these same things! 
I go to the gym every day, and I've been great about keeping that up (this is my 3rd week of it)... but I ruin everything at night by binging!
I used to be good and brush my teeth.. but lately I've just put it off.
I've decided now after 10, if I want a snack.. decafinated tea with splenda will just have to do!

Your #5 is the hardest thing to get over.... I have that mentality lately and its bad.
Having a kitchen in my room makes it harder. (I'm in college & have an apartment-style dorm.) But this is how the rest of my life will be, so I need to learn to close the kitchen!
Having roommates who make 7 layer taco dip at midnight and eat in right near my bed doesnt help, but oh it was delicious..
Weight Loss I gained HOW much in one day??? Dec 11 2007
15:53 (UTC)
it definitely affects it so don't worry!
Weight Loss Back on calorie count... Dec 06 2007
17:45 (UTC)
Thank you to everyone for your replies!  I love peanut butter too.. but I've been trying to replace actual peanut butter with low-cal peanut butter chewy bars... it's definitely not the same haha

bethystan -
I try to get protein from egg whites and beans, but being a vegetarian I find it difficult to get more protein without eating high-cal foods.  I'm definitely going to try that site!  Thanks for the idea.

Weight Loss Teen Forum: 19 years old and under Dec 05 2007
15:22 (UTC)
If it's late and I have already met my caloric limit for the day..  I usually brush my teeth.  Food tastes bad when you brush your teeth so you don't want to eat!
Motivation A New Group For Us Youngsters Here On CC! Apr 01 2007
18:54 (UTC)
hey ~ I'm 18 and a freshman in college.  I gained weight throughout my senior year of HS and am looking to reverse it.  I've been here on CC for a little over a month and it's been working great!  I started off around 120-122 and this morning I was 111, but am normally around 112-115.  Anyway, I love this site and it's improved my all around health! 
Weight Loss Any teens out there- wanna make some friends Mar 23 2007
00:16 (UTC)
hey im 18 : ) 
Foods low calories breakfast ideas? Mar 16 2007
13:48 (UTC)
christins- oh no! Im sorry about the tainted peanut butter .... i know its not the healthiest thing but i've gotta have it : )
Foods low calories breakfast ideas? Mar 15 2007
21:37 (UTC)
i also love cereal.. and or fruit.  Dannon light n' fit yogurt is good with some bran flakes mixed in. 

My favorite is a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter and sliced banana...

it's only 310 calories for 2 slices of bread, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a whole banana.... so if you only eat half then, it's even lower-cal! Plus, it's filling and you have your whole grain, fruit, and protein, and a little good fat : )
Weight Loss Any teens? Looking for friends. Mar 12 2007
21:10 (UTC)
hey, i'm and 18 yr old college freshman....5'2" and 114ish right now.  I'm down from 120, but I want to be around 110.  I do the elliptical every morning for about a half hour.  Add me if you want! 
Weight Loss college students? Mar 06 2007
17:07 (UTC)
Hey I'm a freshman marketing major/ art minor... I gave into the temptations of the caf while going to the gym occasionally first semester.  I wasn't too healthy. . . This semester, I decided to get fit, toned, and lose a little extra weight.  I feel great, I go to the gym every day and occasionally indulge, because it's in my calorie limits.. I love this website.  I get tired a lot, I think it's the constant moving during the day that makes me want to go to bed so early lately! 
Fitness March on!!! To greater Abs! (Revised) never too late to join! Mar 04 2007
04:26 (UTC)
Ok so these may be dumb questions.. but should we post our 10 minutes daily?

Also.. I'm unsure if I measured correctly.. for the waist are you supposed to measure where it's thinnest (aka right above the belly button?) 
Weight Loss Will napping spoil my diet?? Mar 04 2007
02:39 (UTC)
I think it's because I'm so busy and by the end of the week I just need to catch up.   I exercise every morning, and it's not too much because I've been going strong for 3 weeks now.  I wake up at 8 every day (except on the weekends), so I get around 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  I like to have cereal for dinner because I'm not usually as hungry at dinner time as I am in the afternoon.  
Vegetarian Beans and avocados- advice needed! Mar 03 2007
20:39 (UTC)
I always thought I hated beans before becoming a veggie, but I loveeee black beans.  They taste great with some rice & a little bit of cheese. 
I like to make low-cal veggie fajitas with grilled red pepper, black beans, and corn.  yummm : )
Also, pasta fagiole (an italian type of soup) can be made vegetarian; it has a few types of beans : cantolini, white, navy (varies by recipe) and you can also use whole wheat pasta.  The veggie/tomato based broth makes the "beany" taste less noticeable. 
Fitness March on!!! To greater Abs! (Revised) never too late to join! Mar 03 2007
19:15 (UTC)
below's the problem area.. above my belly is pretty slim, but no ab definition (yet!)
Fitness March on!!! To greater Abs! (Revised) never too late to join! Mar 03 2007
18:54 (UTC)
starting.. around 26 ( I don't have a tape measure, so I use a thin piece of fabric/ ribbon, mark it and measure it with my ruler)
this is as accurate as i can get!  i've always had a little waist, it's the pouch on my stomache i should probably measure. . .

edit: intermediate level