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Vegetarian Calories in Essene Bread May 03 2007
05:10 (UTC)
Hmm that's strange they're calling a baked bread Essene bread, because it's supposed to just be sprouted and dehydrated since it's a raw item.

The kind I get is sprouted wheat berries, dates, and cinnamon, and that is it. I just don't know how much wheatberries are in each "serving" or what a "serving" of it is.
Vegetarian Food safety worries mount Apr 30 2007
00:36 (UTC)
It's really just for brands imported from China -- if you buy local/organic, it should be fine
Vegetarian Nutritional Yeast Apr 11 2007
04:18 (UTC)
It's almost always in the bulk section at health food stores--I'd check there first, but otherwise, Wild Oats and Whole Foods have it.

The powder is a powder, and the flakes are flakes....  there is no difference other than the texture.
Vegetarian What do you eat for breakfast? Mar 05 2007
00:38 (UTC)
Sprouted bread (sometimes toasted, which I guess is an oxymoron of some sort) and fresh fruit or a smoothie with flaxseed
Vegetarian What did you have for dinner? Mar 05 2007
00:33 (UTC)
Tonight = vegetable fajitas with raw spinach in pitas and baked chips with homemade raw pico de gallo.
Vegetarian Animal Friendly Muliti Vitamin Suggestions? Feb 21 2007
02:02 (UTC)
New Chapter is one of the best quality brands there is.

They have female and male specific vitamins (as well as everyone multi-s). The ingredients are vegan, organic, food-based, and also contain probiotics which are excellent for digestion (we're supposed to have 3-4 POUNDS of healthy bacteria in our guts--most people have less than 1).

They're pretty pricey, but I personally think it's worth it.

Otherwise, Super Nutrition is a good brand, so is Alive multi's by Nature's Way. All vegan multi's.
Vegetarian MSG Feb 18 2007
17:08 (UTC)
Also, here is an article that could be of interest with more information (this source was also actually cited in the WBJ article)
Vegetarian I became a raw vegan last summer. Anybody else here a raw vegan? Feb 18 2007
16:53 (UTC)
I have been reading a ton about raw lately, because I think I'm ready to make the transition. I became interested in it a few years ago, but I don't think I could have done it then.

There are some really good books out there... Hooked on Raw is one, and there is another one at my work I was looking at, but can't think of the name right now. They have TONS of info, and not only recipies.
After reading about it more extensively, even just a balanced vegan diet with cooked items and some processed fake meats seems unhealthy...

Also, anyone worried about missing cooked grains, you can spout any grain to then have it be considered raw. Quinoa, brown rice, almost anything.

For any of you who are 50% or more raw, how much did it cost you to get all relevent equipment (juicer, Saladacco, etc.)? I'm thinking of putting my money towards that stuff instead of getting new pots and pans...
Vegetarian California Vegan Feb 13 2007
01:03 (UTC)
Call them and ask?
Vegetarian Complete Proteins from Plant based sources Feb 13 2007
01:03 (UTC)
Man... I never believed that was true, but then at work (a natural health food/supplements store), some of my coworkers insisted that it was true, and I figured they would for sure know. I'm really glad and relieved to know it's a myth though--thanks for posting that link!
Vegetarian Heating up soy milk Feb 12 2007
02:04 (UTC)
I don't know if it's even available anymore right now since it's a seasonal drink, but Vitasoy's peppermint chocolate drink is SO good heated up, and reacts the same as hot chocolate... doesn't curdle or anything.
Vegetarian whey or soy protein powder? Feb 12 2007
01:59 (UTC)
If you look for brown rice and pea powder, those two sources actually form a complete protein, and depending on your view of soy being overprocessed, might be a more sound choice.
Vegetarian Favorite veg cookbook... Feb 07 2007
01:11 (UTC)
The choc-pb pie from Soy Not Oi! is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tasty! btw
Vegetarian ! Jan 24 2007
05:42 (UTC)
I just browned a veggie burger and slices of eggplant in a tiny bit of olive oil, then put it in a whole wheat pita pocket with spinach and slices of tomato and red onion...... mmmmmmm and so fast
Vegetarian POM Kills Animals. Jan 23 2007
03:14 (UTC)
PETA has been investigating this more, actually, and although POM made that statement, PETA has been finding that they (POM) have been plotting to outsource their testing. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is also against this, of course. Some pretty horrible tests are in store for mice. I actually wrote the company a letter not too long ago complaining and criticizing them. The response I got, essentially, was 1. hey, they're just mice... who cares... at least it's not a "cute" animal and 2. leave us alone because people are protesting us and hurting our feelings.

The Lounge What do you want for Christmas? Dec 22 2006
01:41 (UTC)
I wouldn't mind a cast iron pan... nothing fancy, but I cook so much and everything I already have is kind of cheap, so a new one would be nice...

Otherwise I don't even really care... er maybe Twin Peaks on dvd :)

I'm more excited about making presents for family and friends than getting anything myself
Vegetarian Anyone else planning ahead for Christmas? Dec 22 2006
01:27 (UTC)
I've been on a  HUGE soup kick lately, so maybe just make a huge pot of chili with red beans, cinnamon, and cocoa and then some cornbread.... aaaannd... maybe a salad hehe

Sounds like a good idea to plan ahead like that... I always mean to, and just wind up getting wrapped up in everything... that can be dangerous heh.
Vegetarian Vegans packing a lunch Dec 21 2006
16:16 (UTC)
Hummus in a whole wheat pita with spinach, red onions, and cucumbers..... it's already thin and compact, so it won't crush :)
Vegetarian need help. the perfect veggie xmas Dec 20 2006
23:01 (UTC)
You can order one at the Turtle Island Foods website:

You could also make your own, Bryanna (chef) has, supposedly, an amazing recipe that's as good, if not better: 435893.htm
And there is even a link to a bunch of Xmas recipies

Vegetarian What to Tell Them?? Dec 20 2006
22:56 (UTC)
Yeah, I agree to avoid snappy remarks... it is SO tempting, but they will find a way to turn it around as that you started the whole thing, and it's a typical preaching, angsty veg*n situation, and that's even more annoying. As has been said, just say no thanks and act like you think they're just trying to be polite... they probably just do want to get a rise out of you and/or have you cave in.