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Weight Loss olive oil May 08 2013
12:10 (UTC)

If your receipe doesn't require a certain amount of olive oil, I mist my olive oil when I need it.  I purchased a Misto and it gives me just the oil I need to cook without over doing it.  It is a good oil but it still counts in your caloric intake.

Motivation Stepping off the Scale Apr 22 2013
12:31 (UTC)

This is a subject that is bothering me lately.  I started my weight loss journey in October of 2009.  My highest weight was 308 pounds.  For almost a year and a half I have maintained my weight at around 177 pounds.  I was actually one of the weekly success stories in September of 2011 here on Calorie Count.  It was called "Success through Determination."  I was really honored by that.

I am a slave to the scale but only weigh once a day in the morning.  I excercise at least 6 days a week.  During the summer I go to the park and walk/run about 3 miles but during the winter, I use the treadmill.  I hit the park again about 2 weeks ago and my leg muscles ached for 2 days.  I must have used muscles that weren't being taxed so hard on the treadmill.  I also went up to 181 pounds and, after 2 weeks, I am still there.  The extra pounds are really bothering me but my wife says I look like I am getting much smaller.  I have other people telling me the same thing.  Having yoyo dieted all of my life, I am petrified that I am gaining my weight back.

It is so hard to not let those numbers on the scale rule your life.  I would love to hear how other people handle this problem.

Recipes Easy Breakfasts on the Go??? Jan 11 2013
12:09 (UTC)

I like breakfast food.  I will get a high fiber english muffin, 1/2 cup of eggbeaters, a 1/2 slice of cheese and either veggie sausage or lower fat sandwich ham.  I will make about 4 sandwiches at a time, grab one in the morning and warm it in the microwave at work.  It is less than 300 calories and full of protein and, depending on the muffin you use, fiber.  I found a great microwave egg cooker at Kitchen Collection that makes a perfect egg round for your muffin.  After cooking the eggs, you will want to let cool in the fridge and pat off the excess moisture before making your breakfast sandwiches.  For a little added kick, I will add salsa and crushed red pepper to my eggbeaters before cooking.  My little bit of living large!  Laughing 

Weight Loss Where were you a year ago? Let's hear some SUCCESS STORIES! Jan 01 2013
13:17 (UTC)

I started the year going into maintenance mode.  At one pont, my weight was 308 pounds; January 1, 2012, I weighed 178 pounds.  I left 2012 at a weight of 176 pounds.  I have always been the King of the Yo-Yo dieters.  I consider this as big a success as the weight loss itself.  Taking the weight off slow and rethinking how I eat and excercise was the key.  I think I stretched my rotator cup patting myself on the back!  Laughing  Good luck, everyone, on your journey in 2013!



Weight Loss Celebrating the little things Dec 24 2012
13:00 (UTC)

After serious changes in the way I looked at nutrition and exercise in 2009, I lost about 80 pounds.  This year I started a maintenance mode; I did not want to lose anymore weight.  It was very scary not "DIETING"!  Today, I celebrate the fact that I am actually 2 pounds less than I was at the start of 2012.  My year of maintenance was successful and I am extremely grateful for that fact.  Merry Christmas, Calorie Count friends!

Motivation Life happens, even when you are trying to lose weight! Nov 12 2012
11:54 (UTC)

You're really doing OK because three pounds a month is not that bad!  That's about the rate that I lost my weight.  Going slowly not only retrains your brain how to eat but you can adjust to a new lifestyle.  Remember that the weight didn't get there overnight; don't expect it to leave that way.  By the way, at one time I weighed 308 pounds; this morning, the scales said 175.  It was slow and patience is not my greatest virtue, but the weight did come off.  You can find my story in the success storie under "Success with Determinaton".   Best of luck on your journey!


Motivation Plateau Mania Oct 28 2012
12:35 (UTC)

I went 5 months at one time and basically hovered the same.  It is frustrating to say the least but you will start to lose again.  I always remembered that I didn't put on the weight overnight so I shouldn't expect to lose it that way.  By the way, at one point I weighed 308 pounds, this morning, 176.  Hang in there.  you can see my story in the Success Stories under "Success with Determination".  Good luck on you journey!

Weight Loss Carb-oholic switching to low carb eating Oct 28 2012
12:30 (UTC)

Whatever diet ( I prefer lifestyle ) you can live with is what you should do.  If the low carb diet works and you can live with it, great!  I've done the Atkins thing and I just can't live with it.  My lifestyle works with veggies, fruits and good lean proteins, such as fish or poultry. I watch my fat intake to make sure I don't overdo fats and my proteins to make sure I am getting enough.  Carbs don't even make my daily equation.  My mantra is "Diets Don't Work!"; adopt a lifestyle you can live with.  At one point, I weighed 308 pounds, this morning, it was 176 pounds.  You can see my story in the Success Stories under "Success with Determination."  Good luck on your journey.

Foods Chia Seeds Aug 16 2012
11:33 (UTC)

I sprinkle a tablespoon over a large salad.  Good protein, high fiber, Omega 2 fats; it's a great food.  I eat lots of veggies and my body has adjusted to a high fiber diet; also, I drink lots of water.  That may make the difference in the digestive problems some people are having. 

Weight Loss What Is A "Lifestyle" of Healthy Eating and Exercise? Jul 11 2012
14:20 (UTC)

I, too, am from the South where you can fry everything from chicken to twinkies!  We all make choices in life that consist of the lifestyle we live.  I agree, life is very inconsistant.  Do I eat the right things all of the time?  Absolutely not!  You still want to enjoy life and like you said, we've been trained that food is enjoyment.  Too bad, we don't see it as only necessary.  There's a song that I love to remember, "We fall down; we get up!"  I do choose to eat healthly and exercise the majority of the time but when I fall down, I get up.  About a year ago, my story was featured in the success stories.  It better explains how I approached my "lifestyle".  You can find it under "Success with Determination."  Good luck to you.

Weight Loss What works for you? Jul 02 2012
13:32 (UTC)

Veggies, always keep them handy; good nutrition, low in calories and great in fiber.  When I really need a pick me up, I eat a small handful of almonds.  They are really satisfying and good for you; a caveat, do not overdue them, they are high in calories.  Yes, drink your water.  I had to train myself to do this but it does make a difference.  Yes, you gotta move that body; anything that gets you off of the couch.  My best advice is to not look at this as a diet.  Diets seem to have a beginning and an ending; you need to have a lifestyle change, something you can live with.  We didn't put on the weight overnight so don't try to lose it overnight.  Look at this as a journey.  You can find my story here in the Success Stories, "Success through Determination".  Maybe something in there will help you.  By the way, at one time I weighed 308 pounds, this morning I weighed 176 and I am still on my lifestyle change.  Good luck on your journey! 

Weight Loss I have lost 49lb 3.5 stone since September Jun 25 2012
11:35 (UTC)

I have the same problem.  Over 2 and 1/2 years, I have lost 80 pounds.  I weigh 177 now and if I try to lose anymore, I think I would look sick.  I still have all of the flab in the lower abdomen.  I have always been told this is excess skin and surgery is the only way to get rid of it.  If anyone knows another way, I would certainly like to hear it. 

Weight Loss food question.. Jun 16 2012
12:06 (UTC)

You said the right thing; you have started your journey, you haven't started a diet.  Diets always seem to mean a beginning and an end; a journey is continuous.  A journey has to be something you can live with.  If that requires a banana nut muffin once in awhile, so be it!  I agree with our fellow sojourners; put it in your daily calorie allowance.  One of my problems is that when I eat something I know is bad, sometimes it gives me carte blanche to eat that way the rest of the day.  DON'T LET THAT MUFFIN DERAIL THE REST OF THE DAY!  One more thing, don't rush your journey.  You have the rest of your life to achieve your goal weight.  I lost my weight at about 2 to 3 pounds a month and I have learned how to eat.  At one point, I weighed 308 pounds.  This morning, I was 177 pounds and I have maintained it for the past 6 months.  You can read my story in the Success Stories, "Success with Determination".  The best of luck on your new journey! 

Weight Loss Ok, so this Day 1... May 05 2012
11:21 (UTC)

Your story is a lot like mine.  You can find my success story here at Calorie Count, "Success with Determination"; it is really a life style change.  Thirty months ago, I weighed 256 pounds and this is after I had already lost a lot of weight (308 pounds was my highest).  Yesterday morning, I weighed 176.  I am exactly were I want to be after a 30 month ride.  Currently, I am increasing the calorie amount I eat to maintenance level.  Always remember, "Diets don't work!", it truly is a lifestyle change.  You will fail, just remember, "We fall down, we get up!"  Don't let one small failure completely derail you.  You have the rest of your life to get to your desired weight so if it gets a little slow at times, who cares?  You are taking the most important step today.  Best wishes on your new journey!

Motivation I broke 200 Apr 23 2012
11:41 (UTC)

Good for you!  Isn't it a wonderful feeling.  It won't be long  before your saying the same thing about reaching your goal weight.  I broke 200 almost a year ago; something I haven't done in 20 years.  Today I am at 178.  It really won't be long before you do the same thing.  Good luck on your journey.


Motivation Was it worth it? Mar 05 2012
13:02 (UTC)

Yes! Yes! Yes!  It's so worth it!  I really enjoy buying normal clothes and not getting ripped off at the Big Men's Store.  You said it perfectly.


Foods Late Night Snack Feb 15 2012
13:04 (UTC)

Kudos on the PB2 reply.  You can find it at and it is really good.  It's a powdered peanut butter and you can reconstitute it with water or your favorite sugar free jelly.  I take the chocolate PB2 and mix it with sugar free syrup.  Their website will tell you of the nearest retailer or you can order it online right there.  If you like peanut butter, this one is a must!

Weight Loss Diary of a Fluffy Woman :) Feb 01 2012
13:36 (UTC)

Good for you.  We all know the feelings but you can succeed.  I would say not to make big goals, small ones are attainable and then go to the next goal.  And remember, "Diets don't work!".  You have just started a lifestyle change that you have decided to follow daily.  Will you succeed every day?  Probably not!  Just remember, "We fall down, we get up!"  Don't ever let a small bump in the road derail you from your journey of life.  I weighed 308 pounds at one point and slowly but surely, I changed to a lifestyle I could live with.  This morning I weighed 177 pounds.  You can read about my journey in the Success Stories to see more about what I have done.  Best to you on your journey.  You go girl!

Weight Loss Feeling very STUCK Jan 05 2012
13:28 (UTC)

I went 5 months and the scales only moved 5 pounds; it was quite frustrating.  At the same time, people were noticing that I was slimming down.  The weight eventually started coming off "pound wise".  I promise you if you are eating a caloric deficit and exercising, you are OK!  Also, enough water is very important in keeping your system working properly.  At one time, I weighed 308 pounds.  This morning the scales said 177.  I am in maintenance mode and enjoying every minute of it.  You can catch my success story right here at Calorie Count.  It might give you some good tips but it really sounds like you're doing the right things.  Good luck on your journey!