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Weight Loss Skinny Fat? Feb 26 2010
12:27 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

well, is the term simplified yet?

to my mind, skinny-fat describes someone who looks thin in clothes, but who isn't at all fit.  this was my mother, until she had a stroke and ended up paralyzed on her left side.  now she's just fat-fat, because she's confined to a wheelchair and can't do even the minuscule amount of activity that she did when she was thin.  oh yeah - she also now has osteoporosis.  she broke her arm in early december and it still hasn't healed.

this is why i run.

I run too yet I am what people could call 'skinny fat'. I run 20KM over the course of the week and do a spinning class and weights in addition to all that. Yet I have excess fat around my middle that will not shift - and this has been noted at a medical check. I am 19 on the BMI too. I am not too worried, it's just my body. However it would be wrong to say that becuse I have a low BMI yet have excess fat that I am unfit. It is just me, it is how my body is - it is what it is and you cannot label it.
Weight Loss SPINNING is my new favorite class!!!!!!!! Feb 23 2010
14:58 (UTC)
I agree, it is a great class. I started spinning in April last year and never looked back. I averaged out at 4 classes per week but since Christmas I have discovered running and now I do one hardcore spin class per week and 25K over the rest of the week. Noticed that giving up the other 3 spin classes and just doing the one makes that one class a LOT harder!!!
Fitness Low end of BMI-er would like abs but cant really lose more weight... advice? Feb 05 2010
21:51 (UTC)
Original Post by ambereva:

You have to lose body fat, and the way to do that without losing weight is to add muscle mass (like amethystgirl said). Don't just focus on building abdominal muscle, work your whole body, a pound more of muscle, no matter where it is, means a pound less of fat (assuming your weight stays the same).

OK thank you for your response.  However I was under the impression that it's a myth that one can turn fat into muscle?  I thought the only way one defined their abs is by building up the muscle that was lying beneath it and losing fat.

If I were to build muscle and keep my body fat the same, then I would get heavier (no problem with that)... the layer of fat over the increased abs wouldn't reduce therefore they still will not be 'defined'.

Do you mean that the more muscle I have the greater my met rate becomes and that way I lose weight around the abs?  I heard that a pound of muscle burns approx6 calories a day compared to a pound of fat which burns 2 calories in a day. I couldn't see my met rate going up that much to burn away excess fat if I put on 2 or 3 pound of muscle.

I would appreciate some more pointers on this please.  I really don't understand what ambereva said "a pound more of muscle, no matter where it is, means a pound less of fat."

Thank you.

For info - I do weight train - traps, delts, biceps, triceps and my legs are quite muscley due to running/spinning 4/5 times a week.

Fitness Low end of BMI-er would like abs but cant really lose more weight... advice? Feb 05 2010
14:30 (UTC)
OK thanks.
The Lounge What is your most 'tagged' item? Feb 04 2010
20:56 (UTC)

mvpotler - I know how you feel!  I have a terrible sweet tooth Embarassed

I have just discovered dark chocolate (a bit late I know...).  Never been a huge fan in the past but I like it now and find if I have say 10g after my dinner then that stops my cravings for the rest of the evening.  If I have milk chocolate then I want more! 

I have also started to core an apple and bake it with a sprinking of unrefined molasses sugar for 25 mins - delicious!  Serve with low cal custard and sometimes some chopped plain hazelnuts, mmmm!

For snacks - go for Real Foods Corn Thins.  Lovely!

Weight Loss Tall girl frustration with lack of inch loss with LOTS of pound loss!!!! Feb 03 2010
07:32 (UTC)
I am with dolphin... we get to eat more! I am tall too at 5ft 11" so understand you.

However you did actually say: "I've lost two inches off each thigh which is great! But I have lost nothing off my hips and only an inch off my tummy. I am hugely frustrated as I have an hourglass figure so my tummy was not really the problem to begin with."

So in your words your tummy was not an issue to begin with. So why make it an issue now?

As amethystgirl said - you cannot spot burn fat. You just gotta roll with it and be thankful for what God gave you x

Weight Loss interesting article... Jan 30 2010
13:07 (UTC)
I know, I call it the 'Daily Fail'. Makes me laugh... they advocate whatever will give them the greatest profit regardless of health. I agree - next week they will have an article out stating the exact opposite.

Eat healthily and exercise. Four words that work!
Weight Gain Newbie from the UK needs help! Jan 30 2010
13:03 (UTC)
Hi Micky

You should try to choose foods that have nutritional value in addition to providing calories i.e. they contain protein, vitamins or minerals: - Whole grain rice, pasta and bread and bagels - Not all vegetables have the same calorie content: sweet corn contains more calories than beans. You could also try avocados, olives and potatoes - All lean meats, fish, eggs (not too many if your cholesterol is high) - Semi skimmed milk and reduced fat natural yoghurt (0% total is good) - Peanut butter - Lower fat crisps, plain nuts, seeds such as sunflower, flax and pumpkin - Good oils such as olive oil and canola oil

Your diet is just about being sensible because if you add lots and lots of saturated fats then you will only give your body trouble. Fat is important and eating fat doesn't make one fat. But eat the right sort of fat - basically if it hardens at room temperature then avoid it!

Are you exercising? Muscles are built when you work your body against resistance - such as lifting weights, doing chest, shoulder and leg presses, leg curls and raises and so on. It's important that you strike the correct balance between eating more calories, and the amount you'll burn up if you embark on weight-training exercise for the first time. Remember that you need to consume more calories than you can burn up. Cardiovascular training such as running, walking or rowing should be kept to a minimum because it burns calories but doesn't build muscle in the same way as weight-training.

Good luck. Helen.
Weight Gain Newbie from the UK needs help! Jan 28 2010
13:33 (UTC)
Your diet is full of saturated fat and refined sugar as it is, don't add to it! OK - saturated fat doesn't make an ounce of difference in regard to weight management, it is only calories that do that. However you want to live past 65 don't you? You'll clog your arteries up if you eat all that. You say you're not too concerned with being healthy yet when you're in the NHS local be it dentist chair for root canal or coronary care, you won't be saying that.

deliciousnutritious gave some pretty poor advice re nutrition. Sorry but that was not delicious nutrition.

I don't know how you manage to have a BMI of 17.6 with all those calories either, you must have a met rate of a rocket.

Research calorie dense low saturated foods. swap butter for olive oil for example. Eat seeds (flax are great) and PLAIN nuts. Get yourself down to Holland & Barrett to stock up.
Recipes Food for the road... Jan 26 2010
19:28 (UTC)

Customs would limit what you can and cannot bring over here anyway.

If you pass the health store called Holland & Barrett, go in  - it's cheap.

Someone mentioned Tesco.  Which is one of the main superarkets here.  There is also Sainsburys.  If you're staying in the city then there will still be these supermarkets but no so super.  They will be mini ones but the food choice will be limited.  London is really expensive too Frown .  If you've no fridge then I assume no cooker/hob?  So how will you cook?  You surely cannot eat cold boring food for 3 days on your trip?!  Why not research some local cheap eateries near your location and if you plan in advance and sneak a look at online menus then you can eat out.  To be honest you will find LOADS of little cafes that serve things like baked potatoes and soups etc.  They'll fill you up, keep your spends at bay and will be nutritious, warming (it is freezing here!) and low cal.

Have a good trip!

The Lounge America take care of our chocolate! Jan 20 2010
22:31 (UTC)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Cadbury.  Sod Galaxy etc.  Dairy Milk anytime!

The Lounge No such thing... Jan 20 2010
21:57 (UTC)

I grew up - and still live - in the North of England.  Liverpool.  I grew up listening to my parent's LPs of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac.  Then my dad got a car with a cassette player and put all his records onto blank tapes and we would take a Sunday drive with no seatbelts.  We got to play out all Saturdeay with a skipping rope, a skateboard, a ball and a bike between half a dozen kids.  We came home when we were hungry to a plate of scouse or pee whack' (pee soup) and a jam buttie.  We used pencils with proper lead in and crayons that would poison you with half the chance.  There wasn't much in the way of health and safety in terms of going to the park, you would fall and cut your knee but your mother wouldn't sue the park.  And we knew sayings and words and rhymes that have since been banned by political correct do-gooders.  We would take the number 82 bus to Bootle Strand for 17p. Today that journey stands at £1.50.  I remember Michael Jackson came to Aintree Racecourse - famous for the Grand National - for a concert and I was allowed to stay up and listen to it on the radio.  I remember my mum making meals from scratch and her getting the Park Christmas hamper delivered.

I loved it.  But I love my life more now.

Weight Loss I invented my own diet and it works. I've lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Oct 08 2009
15:30 (UTC)
I think Xavier just wants attention... Xavier knew the exact kind of response s/he would get with this post. Kind of sad.
Weight Loss snacking in the evening! Sep 12 2009
19:19 (UTC)

As someone has already said, you're at the botom end of your BMI already - yours is 19.5.  You want to get to 133 pounds - which would be a BMI of 18.5. Do not go below 18.5 because that is underweight.

I too am 5ft 11"and appreciate that tall girls carry weight differently to more average height females - but don't get ill!  Being this tall, I know about wanting to appear slim - but you're already really slim!  I vary between 9st 10 lbs to 10st which for me is a UK8 (being the same weight and height, you're the same?) and it isn't weight that creates that fluctuation, it really depends on sodium levels that I have consumed.  Look up water retention on Google and read the tips on how to combat it.

I can see you'reeating a lot of refined sugars - chocolate bars, biscuits, pizza(the sauce - sugar). Refined sugar is addictive and the more you eat of it, the more you'll want.  Try foods such as avocados on those really thin corn cakes, zero sugar cereals like shredded wheat, nut butter (reduced sodium), sardines in olive oil, wholemeal products, brown rice, more veg, more fruit.  Don't be scared of eating fat by the way... contrary to belief - fat doesn't make you fat - weight loss/gain always boils down to calories in Vs calories out.  Our bodies needsfat.

Drink plenty of water (at least 2 litres per day, lots more if exercising) and get in some exercise - aim for about two and a half hours per week of raising your heart rate and sweating!

PS; you're 17. You have not stopped developing yet and you WILL fill out more. This means that it is natural to put on weight.  Whilst you are this young, take advantage of a speedy metabolic rate... because believe me, the older you get the more you have to work harder to get those results.


Weight Loss Under 1200 calories a day - but full - is this OK? Aug 31 2009
18:26 (UTC)

I'm with GI on this one - she rocks and knows her stuff.

Lately there seems to be lots of these posts asking this Q.  Anyway - search previous posts to give you ideas about dense foods - such as nut butters, avocados, oil, seeds.  All will bump up your calories but will not add that much bulk so you don't get that full feeling.

Just for info, yesterday I ate 3000 worth of cals and I stepped on the scales )out of interest) to discover I was half a pound lighter.  The cals I ate were seeds, avocados, almond butter, rice cakes, lean chicken, rice, veg and fruit.  Nothing remotely 'bad' (hate that term!)  and even if it was, so what?!

Motivation Magazines/books that keep you motivated Aug 23 2009
19:12 (UTC)

I don't know where you live... the UK?  If so the health store Holland & Barrett sells their own magazine called Healthy.  It's really really good, keeps me right on track and offers little tips and all sorts of advice.

Here it is online;

Calorie Count Dear Calorie Count, I have some mean words for you Aug 23 2009
08:02 (UTC)
Mimi, I have observed what you mean. People jump on the NEVER EAT BELOW 1200 bandwagon. Some people on here are all high and mighty on that power trip and rude with it and think they know everything despite having no qualifications in the tosh they spurt out.

I believe you have said to eat AT LEAST 10 calories per pound of body weight - that doesnt say stop at whatever that is, that says AT LEAST. I am 137 pounds - so I would eat a min of 1370 - which is well above the 1200!

I do hope you get some positive replies rather than the usual suspects witch hunting you. Good luck x
Weight Loss I ate half the food on my plate and I feel like friend is judging me! Aug 21 2009
14:36 (UTC)
To picchi, I could not have said it better myself. It really bugs me that people assume they can talk to me like that now I have lost weight. I have had all the comments that I must have an ED or skip meals or whatever. It really frustrates me. I worked hard to lose and I work bloody hard to maintain but I do not skip meal or throw them up.

What I also notice now is that the once slimmer girls in the office were nice to me when I was 3 stone heavier and now they're the ones who say those things and they're the ones who look me up and down when I walk past. I am now slimmer than most of them and I think that bothers them for some reason, maybe they're just not comfortable in themselves.

I refused a muffin in work once and co-workers couldn?t understand it. The muffin had about 700 calories in and I said I would rather eat that amount for a decent and filling meal, not a snack. I had to justify myself! Of course I got labelled as anorexic?
Weight Loss alright you guys, it's scolding time! if you can't handle it, KEEP OUT!!! Aug 14 2009
15:59 (UTC)
jcl76 - again I concur. I went on what others would regard as a 'diet'. all I did was count cals and stick to the same amount every day. I still ate pizza and cake but I also ate whole grains and much veg. I just stopped when my allowed amount for the day was reached. I also exercise. I shifted 44 pounds in doing this. It wasn't a fad diet.

The OP stated "you'll lose weight & gain back more than you lost when you're done". Well the OP was wrong because I haven't. The OP also said "dieters deprive themselves AND it shows! uggghhhh!!! dieters hide in closets & eat!!!". Again, that is wrong because I did not. And it was slightly rude. The OP went on to say "dieting won't get you there. dieting is disgusting! dieting makes people hungry & tired. dieting makes people mad & upset. sad, whatever. look around you. look at other dieters. look at past diets. they all fail. at least in the long run." That was wrong too.

I chose the 'calorie counting' diet which worked for me. I dont care what you guys say, it all reverts back to calories in/calories out. Call it what you like - a diet or healthy lifestyle or a change - if you eat more than you burn then you'll gain. Do the opposite and you'll lose weight. Eat the same as you burn and you'll maintain.