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I began my journey on Calorie-Count in July 2005.  It was a beautiful entry into the world of healthy living...eating the right foods at the right times and making sure I never took in more than I burned off.

On March 29, 2006, I was at my lightest weight ever: 135/137 (fluctuating daily).  Since starting with this site, I've lost 37 pounds, dropped three sizes and am starting to look more like my athletic competitors now. =)

My motivation: It all started in 2005 when I watched my husband compete in Ironman Lake Placid (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycling, 26.2 mile run...all back to back in one day).  That course is very hilly and I know I could have done it with the extra weight...but didn't want to.  It motivated me to lose weight.  I signed up for that Ironman for 2006. I was 172 lbs in July 2005 and by the Ironman, I weighed 135 (height: 5'6"). I dropped from being a size 12/14 to a size 6/8.  YEAH!

Well, it's now 2010 and I began counting again. Just wanted to lose 10 quick pounds because I had put on a few extras...but I ended up dropping below my 135 goal. My size 6s are now too big...but I'm not quite ready to buy a new wardrobe. I'm now 131, working with a weight training, and think I can reach 128 by the end of the summer.

Everyone who comes here will experience a great site, meet great friends, have great support and have a great time.  I guess the word of the day is "GREAT!"

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