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Foods Is eating white bread the same as eating white pasta? Feb 10 2012
17:43 (UTC)

It's amazing that 3 billion people eat high Gi rice in rice producing countries in large quantities don't have our obesity and blood sugar problems..............maybe we should be eating high j/k

Foods Is eating white bread the same as eating white pasta? Feb 10 2012
17:16 (UTC)

WW and white pasta have virtually the same GI rating which is low. It's the glycemic load of pasta that makes it less desirable, basically people eat too much pasta ww or otherwise at one sitting. Keep in mind that GI is pretty much a red herring considering other ingredients that go into a pasta dish, that's generally changes that rating, lower for the most part. White bread otoh will be absorbed quicker depending on what you eat with it. Different flour as well, white bread usually uses highly refined white flour that is bleached etc, dry pasta normally uses a less processed semolina flour. 

Foods High, high protein in impossible! Feb 10 2012
15:18 (UTC)

Telling someone to eat 80% protein is professionally irresponsible and dangerous.

Weight Loss Losing on "High Fat"... Feb 08 2012
19:48 (UTC)
Original Post by toesinarow:

This is all debateable and there is evidence for and against the benefits of whole grain-consumption.

We can argue this until the cows come home but I find eating whole grains (in moderation) helps me feel full and provides the energy I need for a good, hard workout.  Whenever I've tried to eliminate grains I've felt drained and lifeless, and crapped out halfway through my workouts.

This is me.  Not you. 

I wasn't arguing about cutting out grain, I was pointing out that they are not essential nutrients and not as robust nutritionally speaking as veg on a calorie for calorie basis. I eat grain pretty much everyday, but it's doesn't represent that many I said they taste good. You could have added other carbs instead of grains and you wouldn't have crapped out as you say.

Weight Loss I don't get it... getting irritated Feb 08 2012
19:30 (UTC)

Dietary cholesterol is a red herring. The body has about 35000 mg circulating around the body at any given time and on average will resynthesis about 1000 to 1500 mg's a day based on dietary factors and excretion. Eating 300 or 400 or more mg's of cholesterol only signals the body to resynthesis less, that's it. Dietary cholesterol is also not HDL or LDL, so it basically doesn't effect those factors and why you'll hear that it doesn't effect our serum cholesterol levels much.

Saturated fat is another red herring. Saturated fat, the natural kind (not trans fats which most studies will include in ther data) have a positive effect on our cholesterol levels. they reduce the amount of Lipoprotein (a) the body produces, which basically effects the size of the LDL and HDL particles (larger meaning less atherogenic) Basically the more Lp (a) in our blood the higher the risk for heart disease. Saturated fat also increased HDL moreso that LDL, so basically the ratio improves.

If you want to improve your heart health, you'll reduce refined grains and sugar which promote Lp(a) and lower HDL, which is the bane of researchers today as it relates to heart disease. And the one factor tht trumps all others for heart health and longevity including diet is daily exercise, get some if you don't.


Weight Loss Losing on "High Fat"... Feb 08 2012
19:06 (UTC)
Original Post by toesinarow:

@armandounc.  Totally agree.  Not all carbs are created equal, and whole grains provide nutrients that are absolutely essential 

Grains don't have any nutrients that are absolutely essential.......basically we can survive without grain. Also on a calorie for calorie basis grain has a lot fewer overall nutrients than veg does. Grain is cheap and it's filling and tastes good, that's about it. 

Foods fat free pringles? Feb 04 2012
20:42 (UTC)

pringles are bad enough (taste like crap) with the fat.

Foods i miss fast food Feb 04 2012
17:26 (UTC)
Original Post by smashley23:

I disagree.  What you should do is find healthier food that you find satisfying and can eat without wishing you had fast food instead.  Losing weight is about making lifestyle changes, not just adjusting to a new calorie limit.  If you can't go w/o it entirely, eat it as a reward sparingly, but you're better off without it.

This is presuming that people follow your concept of a lifestyle change.

Foods How much sugar in a day? Feb 04 2012
16:01 (UTC)

Obviously added sugar should be limited but consuming fruit or other foods that have sugars in them are fine.........don't get caught up in the overhyped GI or fruit is bad, those opinions are from limited knowledge making judgement calls. Extreme examples and studies to follow I'm sure. lol

Foods Does tea/milk/orange juice count as a fluid?? Jan 23 2012
19:28 (UTC)

Yup, even though your going to hear otherwise. asp

Foods ? foods high in OMEga3 Fatty acids Jan 23 2012
19:26 (UTC)
Original Post by thhq:

Pickled herring. Sardines. Mmmm.

I wish I knew where to find some warm herring and potato salad. Better than pickled herring.

Grilled fresh herring is sublime, but it's rarely available in Toronto.

Foods i miss fast food Jan 21 2012
16:16 (UTC)

Leaving out fast food generally is a knee jerk reaction to dieting and is a fail for the most part. Add back in the fast food you enjoy the most and work them into your dietary calories.

Foods ? foods high in OMEga3 Fatty acids Jan 21 2012
16:13 (UTC)

Omega 3's from plants is ALA, which generally speaking we get enough of, it's EPA and DHA which we need to be consuming and food from the ocean is where you'll find that. Krill oil as a supp is the best source and cold water high fat fish like salmon, char, herring, mackerel etc. is the next best option.

Foods Carbs Jan 21 2012
15:57 (UTC)

LOL at white bread is bad......

Weight Loss Macronutrients - When does your body stop burning.... Jan 20 2012
21:21 (UTC)
Original Post by wdl386:

I am overthinking it......


 but, why is it better to eat protein for muscle?


Thanks for taking the time to answer this :)

The extra protein is to make up the difference for basic function and repair that will not be supplied when a person is in a deficit. The body will then take the amino acids it needs for that daily function and repair from itself, and that being, it's muscle. basic answer.

Weight Loss Macronutrients - When does your body stop burning.... Jan 20 2012
20:34 (UTC)
Original Post by wdl386:

I think I am confusing the two as well - lol


So you have a calorie deficit, when does your body start to burn the body fat?

The body burns all 3 fuel types simultaneously and depending on the body's needs one will be used more than the other and when the calorie requirement isn't met through dietary consumption of even 1 calories, the body will release that 1 calories from stored energy and this is repeated over the course of the day. If your caloric consumption fell short of the your body's requirment for that day, then that stored energy isn't replaced and your in a deficit and losing weight. Trying to figure out when fat is being liberated for energy is like asking when muscle is being built when your weight lifting.

Foods Low calorie breakfasts without eggs Jan 19 2012
17:54 (UTC)

Well, anything that wouldn't have eggs in it.

Weight Loss What's better, a FAT FREE diet or SUGAR free diet? Jan 19 2012
17:53 (UTC)


Foods replacing carbs Jan 18 2012
16:00 (UTC)
Original Post by sfechter:

So that is the key is understanding your good carbs vs. bad and replacing.


Not necessarily true. There's lots of complex carbs that would be considered a bad choice as there are simple good and bad choices.