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Pregnancy & Parenting my baby is one and my belly is flabby and gross! May 02 2012
23:33 (UTC)
I feel like that as well. I know that no matter how much weight I lose my stomach will never be flat I will always have some extra skin. keep working and it will get better.
Recipes Sticky Favorite cookbooks and recipe sites May 02 2012
23:24 (UTC)
Actually I just got a new cookbook that I am in love with it is called deceptively delicious.
Weight Loss Weight loss and surgery? May 02 2012
23:15 (UTC)
You will probably gain weight due to inactivity but like the previous poster said it is probably beat not to try and lose weight during that time.
Pregnancy & Parenting Why is my belly not growing? May 02 2012
01:10 (UTC)
At 18 weeks the baby is still really tiny like less than a pound so don't worry about it especially if this is ur first baby you should really be showing much at all. Good luck and ur dr would tell u if they were concerned.