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Foods Issues with making green smoothies Nov 28 2012
16:13 (UTC)

First of all, I have tried tons of different greens and I promise you that the two best for green smoothies HANDS DOWN are spinach and bok choy. I have one of those Bella blenders (knock off of a magic bullet, sold at Macy's for $20-$30) and I stuff it full of my green of choice and about a half cup of liquid (usually water) and then I blend that first into a nice puree. 

After it is pureed, then I add in my other ingredients. The color is obviously green, but if that bothers you just put it in a cup with a lid and you will never know. 

Foods Chicken breast and rice... fish and rice.. there has to be something else!! Aug 15 2012
14:46 (UTC)

I like the mini pita breads by Joseph's - lately I have been buying the one with flax seed. It is only 50 calories, no sugar and low carb with plenty of fiber. They sell it at Cub (bigger grocery store chain in MN) and Target. ages/ProductDetails.aspx?ID=8483be23-39fb-492 a-82c2-3d045680ff03


Weight Loss disabled and heavy Dec 12 2011
16:31 (UTC)

My aunt  (who is also disabled) recently lost about 80lbs with the help of her doctor by decreasing her calories and balancing out her protein/carb/fat intakes. I believe that her caloric intake was lower than what the tools on this site would have suggested, but because she worked so closely with her physician it was done safely. CC is a terrific tool, and there is a lot of information on the site that you can use to help you with your weight loss journey, but I think that you should probably also consult with a professional to be sure you are accounting for your unique circumstance. Best of luck!

Weight Loss Whey protein shake Dec 12 2011
16:22 (UTC)

Just be careful about the protein you choose - there are different kinds. The "meal replacement" kind are higher in calories, so if you do pick one of those, make sure you are using it properly. (I like the UltraMet Light Chocolate - tastes delicious!)

As for the non-meal replacement protein powder varieties, I think they can be kind of icky tasting - no matter the flavor. I now just buy vanilla and add in a 1/2 teaspoon of a sugar-free instant pudding mix (banana, chocolate, pistachio or butterscotch) and blend them with water and ice to make them a little bit more appetizing. I also add in berries or a half banana. Also, a tbsp of peanut butter blended in can help with the powder-y/grainy texture, once again, just check your calories if you are trying to keep it under a certain amount.

Or, I add a scoop to my oatmeal in the morning (just stir it right in and make as usual). This helps a lot.

Weight Loss See you later boobies Dec 09 2011
14:47 (UTC)

That is actually one of my fears - I love my curves! I am a full C or a small D (take your pick) and I worry about dropping a cup or two and getting all saggy (sp?). They are so cute and perky and voluptious right now, I wish I could somehow keep them but lose elsewhere.

Fitness Thoughts on yoga Oct 31 2011
13:17 (UTC)

The beauty of yoga is that it is all about control and breathing. If you ever feel like you are unable to do a pose, you can simply relax into a Child's pose until you are ready to go again. Everyone else in class is far too busy keeping their own balance to notice what you are doing - so there is no need to feel self conscious.

Build yourself up naturally, but listen to your body. If it tells you something is not right, or it is not ready, be smart enough to listen. You won't do anyone any good unconscious. Laughing

Weight Loss Chew on this - chewing more works! Thanks CC! Oct 31 2011
13:07 (UTC)


I keep my meals broken out sort of like this - breakfast (8 am, 300 cals), snack (10:30 am, 150), lunch (noon, 400), snack (3pm, 150), dinner (6pm 500). And I make sure to include both fiber and protein in every one, otherwise I will undoubtedly get hungry.

My calorie total is 1500, but I try to burn at least 300 through exercise to get to my 1200 daily recommended total.

So to answer your question, I think that no matter the speed of the meal (although slower is definitely helping me) the nutritional value of what you are eating is the most important thing.

Motivation Who stands by you... Oct 24 2011
18:12 (UTC)

This is super cheesy, but I actually have a TV with a DVD player by my treadmill, and I buy myself super fun shows to watch (like Glee and Big Bang Theory) and I won't let myself watch them at any other time - only when I am walking or running. So if I want to see the next episode, I have to hoof it out.  

I cannot watch them with my complete attention, but I like to keep it to topics or shows that are fluffy enough that they still keep me smiling even if I miss bits and pieces as I do my intervals. For me, it really works.

Weight Loss Help creating a 1400-1600 calorie meal plan? Oct 24 2011
18:07 (UTC)

Oh! One other note, I used to "save" a bunch of my calories for after work - so I could eat a bigger dinner - but I found that it was much harder to stick to the routine when I did that. So now I try to eat at least 2/3 of my daily calories before I get home, and I usually eat my afternoon snack a little later to try to fight off the before dinner munchies.

Weight Loss Help creating a 1400-1600 calorie meal plan? Oct 24 2011
18:05 (UTC)

For breakfast, I like to rotate. Here are three of my favorites in order of time taken to prepare:

One whole egg (80) + 2 egg whites (30) + veggies (spinach, onion, peppers, 10) with a couple dashes of hot sauce scrambled together and a piece of whole grain toast (100) and a banana (105)  = 325 calories and very filling

1 cup skim milk (80) + 1/2 cup chai tea liquid mix (80) + vitatop muffin (100) = 260

Instant oatmeal packet (140) + 1/2 cup pumpkin puree (40) + dash of cinnamon and packet of splenda and some berries (100) = 280

My snacks are usually a piece of fruit and a protein such as peanut butter, almonds or string cheese.

And dinner is, in general, half a plate of veggies or salad with a cut of leaner meat and a small 1/2 cup portion of bread or carbohydrate like rice or potatoes.

Weight Loss How many calories should I be eating? Oct 24 2011
17:55 (UTC)

No need to guess- use the CC Tools menu above to determine your calories. The "Burn Meter" will help you understand how many calories your body processes and the "Calorie Target" will help you clarify the number of calories to eat each day to make your weight loss goal.

Tip: I have found that choosing "sedentary" as my activity level works best, because I also have a desk job, to set my calorie burn rate - and then I just log in my activities each day for a more accurate readout of how I am doing.

Also, if your calorie target is say 1400, I know that a lot of people have success by alternating a 1200 calorie day with a 1600 calorie day to average out - rather than sticking with 1400 every day - to get more variety into their diets. But you do whatever is easiest for you. Good luck!

Motivation rewards Oct 04 2011
13:39 (UTC)

Dsam, I can understand your hesitation with rewards given your overall goal - however, I hope you are allowing yourself some enjoyment and excitement for reaching this first milestone. You are a quarter of the way there! And if you think that 30 pounds is something to sneeze at, go to the grocery store and try to lug around three 10 pound potato sacks for a couple of isles. Wink

Also, for your next reward, maybe you could find something that is not food-related. Like you, that is my first instinct, but I have realized that relying on food as my reward system is part of the reason I am always fighting my weight. Lately my reward has been skipping a Saturday of cleaning the house to visit with friends instead.

Regardless of how you do it, try to be kind to yourself from time to time. You are doing great!

Weight Loss Weight loss goal - space between my calves and knee-high boots! Oct 04 2011
13:28 (UTC)

Emehart, that is a great perspective! I have never tried any ankle boots, because I was worried that my strong legs wouldn't be able to pull them off - they seem so dainty - but I will give them a whirl, and see if they surprise me. Smile

Weight Loss Weight loss goal - space between my calves and knee-high boots! Sep 30 2011
14:54 (UTC)

That is awesome! Good for you! I am not as consistent with my workouts as I would like, but I do get a 2 mile walk in every day - just walking from where I park to where I work and back again + yoga and kettlebell classes once a week. But I know it is not the same as having actual dedicated cardio sessions. I am actually down to a size 10 now, but I would really love to see some single digits. Still, I am far from (and will never be) "skinny" - but I will happily settlle for juicy and curvy and fit!

Motivation Dont be a P***Y Aug 26 2009
21:52 (UTC)

Amen sista! Smile

Foods Juicers - Worth the Cost? Aug 26 2009
21:49 (UTC)

In one of my other health newsletter things I had read that someone was making a vegetable juice and using it as a filler between meals - providing lots of nutrients - with fairly low calories. They claimed it was filling, but as pilgrimdude says, without the fiber it is hard to believe it sticks with a person. Plus, I just love the idea of experimenting with new combos - but maybe it just isn't worth it. I am sure it would become a dust collector.

Foods popcorn .... Aug 25 2009
16:41 (UTC)

If you like oriental foods at all, a Chinese 5-Spice (available in most large grocery store spice isles)  is super, SUPER good when sprinkled lightly over some popcorn. Very savory!

Fitness Small step, but still exciting!! :) Jun 17 2009
16:38 (UTC)

That is awesome! I joined a running club at work (walk to 5k program) and we are in week five - I cannot believe that I haven't dropped out yet - but I just keep going and keep moving forward.

Here is to running our first 5k this summer without walking... Cheers!

Weight Loss what are your personal "Yeah!" moments Jun 01 2009
19:29 (UTC)

Like some others, I have not lost much weight yet - but I did have a great "wow" moment (for me) just today when I ran three intervals of 8 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking, over lunch.

It is the first time that I can honestly say I ran much more than I walked. This seemingly small accomplishment feels huge to me because now I feel like I really do have a chance at being one of those "runners" if I stick with it. I didn't expect to make the first set, let alone go all the way through and complete all three (it is one of those walk to run programs from the internet).

And I have to say, to the girl that mentioned the belly in the tub, I totally hear you!!!

Fitness Tried Hip Hop class and it was AWESOME! Apr 07 2009
14:25 (UTC)

Actually, I don't have a gym membership - just some free weights and a treadmill in my basement - but the class I found is just done by this guy I know. He teaches them four nights a week, for $6 a class, and you just show up when you want. No committment, no membership, nothing. It is the best! And he estimates that we burn about 450-500 calories an hour - but maybe it is more. Lord knows I feel it the next day!