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Motivation hypothyroid and losing weight May 08 2012
10:28 (UTC)
Jnparker, my mum has it too and when my hair started falling out and I started to feel tired a lot, she suggested I get it checked. Even then when my results showed I was borderline, my doc wouldn't give me the mess. Said to wait 2 more months, I said give me the bloody mess now!! Plus I would get memory fog and constipation too. Everything just works at a slower pace. Get it checked and put your mind at ease:)
Motivation hypothyroid and losing weight May 08 2012
10:24 (UTC)
I have been hypothyroid for 10 years. Recently I was up to 100mcg cos I was pregnant and hardly gained any weight. But 6 weeks after having my baby, my dosage has been reduced to 75mcg which was my original dose and I have gained 9lbs!! blood test showed I was slightly over active. But I am finding it harder to lose the weight and am constantly retaining water.
Motivation Lost 42lbs!!!! Yay me!!! May 08 2012
10:19 (UTC)
Wow!! Congratulations, that's an outstanding achievement. Well done, you:)
Weight Loss Burn but afraid to eat?.. May 08 2012
10:15 (UTC)
A banana and a couple of almonds. Just enough of everything to give you a boost!!
Weight Loss Weight gain a week before period? May 08 2012
10:11 (UTC)
I'm on mine at the moment and belly is so bloated!! Usually I put on about 3 lbs but I can go up by 7. I'm not drinking enough fluids either as i have a rotten cold. I should be but hey, I don't expect a loss this week.
Weight Loss Space for one more?? May 05 2012
21:44 (UTC)
Health & Support How much weight can you retain from edema? May 05 2012
18:16 (UTC)
I usually put on 5lbs in a week. It really gets me down especially when I'm on a diet!!
Health & Support Thyroid Cancer Struggles May 05 2012
18:14 (UTC)
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. I have hypothyroidism and have had it for 10 years. I'm 34 years old. My mum had her thyroid 'killed' off as it was very over active so she is also on meds. My brother also has hypothyroidism. I don't have any advice regarding your situation so I apologise for that. My weight tends to fluctuate a lot regardless how much I eat and it really frustrates me especially when it's been 2 weeks of exercise and healthy eating and no weight loss!!!! Anyway I hope you find a plan which works for you.
Health & Support Mourning Stargirl213.... May 05 2012
18:06 (UTC)
I never knew star girl as I just joined today but this is so sad. I hope her family find the strength to carry on.