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im a 14 yr old girl. 5'5. earlier in the spring, i became borderline anorexic. eating 500 calories or less a day and exercising an hour or more each day of the week to the point of exhaustion. lost 20lbs in 6 weeks and was hovering between 120 and 123. the doctor got freaked out and started monitoring my weight, calling me for check-ups every three weeks. but the weight loss only lasted for the summer and now i'm back up to near 140. i desperately want to get back down because even though i got to 120 the wrong way, i felt happy at that weight and i'll probably feel happier at an even lower weight.

 so the doctor has permitted me to get back down to 120 on two conditions: eat no less than 1200 calories a day and no more than 30 mins of exercise a day. thus begins my "diet" or as the doctor calls it, "the beginning of a healthy lifestyle" pssh. heard this site was great so here i am. ready to shed this disgusting fat.

Current Weight: 137(December 25, 06)

Goal Weight by March 24(my 15th B-Day)- 120

[edit] 12/24/06 i wasn't on calorie-count for a while cuz i went back to being unhealthy but now i'm back and i made a promise to myself that i would eat healthy so here i am. ready to be 120lbs by my 15th birthday. i have about 3 months. i can do this


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