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Motivation 150's group...daily updates Mar 28 2008
12:20 (UTC)
Hi, foxylady and munsey. About not logging ? I stopped logging several weeks ago and I started gaining again. I guess I just need that accountability! Time for me to stop the excuses (holidays, special occasions, being away from home, etc.) and just DO IT!

Who wants to log everything? I don't, but "you bite it, you write it" seems to be the only thing that works for me.

Have a great day!
Motivation 140/130 club Dec 18 2007
15:02 (UTC)
Cassy, Colleen ? thanks for the words of encouragement!

Motivation 140/130 club Dec 17 2007
13:28 (UTC)
Hi, just checking in with your club. I'm finally safely in the 140's, within about 5 pounds of my goal weight (started out at 205 about 10-11 months ago).

These last 10 pounds are excruciatingly slow, and add to that all the Christmastime food temptations. I hope I can at least maintain over the next few weeks, then concentrate on shedding those last few pounds and MAINTAINING (I've been known to yo-yo with my weight).

Hello to everyone here, have a great day.
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Dec 03 2007
14:16 (UTC)
Hi, everyone. I think I've finally recovered from my Thanksgiving food disaster (five days away from home, food in front of us from dawn to bedtime, and rehearsal dinner and nephew's wedding reception added to the usual Thanksgiving excess).

I'm at 149 today, but I'm staying with the 150's until I know it "sticks." I've been yo-yo'ing a lot lately. These last 10 pounds toward my goal (143) are really frustrating.
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Nov 05 2007
21:35 (UTC)
Okay, I think I have the food thing under control, but I can't seem to get myself to exercise regularly. Could one of you please check up on me tomorrow and ask me whether I went to the pool or gym? I think I need accountability!
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Oct 20 2007
05:42 (UTC)
Hi, everyone!

I weighed in at 153 this morning. My goal of 143 is beginning to look like it could really happen!

Keep up the good work.
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Oct 13 2007
17:21 (UTC)
Welcome to the 150's, Bonna! Have a great day.
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Oct 02 2007
14:29 (UTC)
A milestone today ?? I've lost 50 pounds since I joined C-C! (That's almost 25% of my former body weight.) Just tried on one of my winter skirts from last year, it was hilarious.

I'm about 12 pounds away from my goal. I bet those 12 will be the hardest. And then to maintain it and not fall back into bad eating habits ? I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Have a great day, everyone! It's a beautiful, sunny day here in northeast PA. I hope it is where you are too.
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Sep 17 2007
20:43 (UTC)
Checking into the 150's. I'm finally at 159 lbs. (down from 205, on my way to 143, I hope!). Glad to be with you folks for a while.
Motivation 160 Club Sep 17 2007
20:39 (UTC)
I finally made it to 159. I'm on my way to look for the 150's club. Hope to see you all there soon (if that's where you want to be!). Thanks for all your support!
Motivation 160 Club Sep 08 2007
02:46 (UTC)
I thought I would be on my way out of the 160's, but I seem to be stuck around 160-161. I hope it's not the dreaded plateau! I still have about 18 pounds to go (I think).

By the way, how do you REALLY know what your target weight should be? The website tells me 143, but I don't know if that's realistic. Does anyone recommend getting an "expert" recommendation? From whom? (doctor, dietitian, exercise trainer, etc.)
Motivation hey now, what about the 170's club?!? Sep 03 2007
18:27 (UTC)
nyxeroz, gaining 15 pounds in two weeks doesn't seem normal. Have you talked to your doctor about this?
Motivation 160 Club Jul 24 2007
14:58 (UTC)
Another little milestone ?? 40 pounds lost (since early February)! I hope I never find them again.

Good job, catb723. We're ready to kick you out of the 160's.
Motivation 160 Club Jul 18 2007
22:03 (UTC)
Hi, magaroonie. I think that food manufacturers change their formulations/recipes from time to time and have to update the nutrition info on their labels. The data on the C-C website may have been entered from an older version of the food.

If my food label is just a little off from what is in the C-C database, "close enough" works for me. If it is way off, you can enter it as a new food using the "add it here" link on the food log page.

A hint: when entering a new food, enter the smallest serving size you think you will use in the future, and then tag it. As far as I have seen, you cannot change the portion size on a food you have entered, so it is easier to enter the data for a half cup portion, for example, and log it twice when you eat a whole cup. If you originally enter the data for a whole cup and decide to eat a half, you will have to type in the nutritional info all over again. (If I am wrong on this, I am confident some much wiser member will let me know!)
Motivation 160 Club Jul 13 2007
14:57 (UTC)
Welcome, heidif82! Wilkommen, brwneyez71! I'm at 166.5 and on my way to 143 (hopefully). Good luck to both of you!
Motivation new to this site but not new to trying to lose weight :x Jun 29 2007
02:54 (UTC)
Hi, welcome to the C-C site!

Everyone who loses weight has a different approach, a "bag of tricks" that works for them. Mine is, "IF YOU BITE IT, WRITE IT." In other words, any food that goes into your mouth goes onto the Food Log (fortunately, this website makes it fairly easy).

And the corollary to that is PORTION CONTROL. It's amazing how big our servings can be without our realizing it. So get yourself some measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a good food scale, and measure or weigh everything until you have a very good sense of how much a half cup of rice or a tablespoon of salad dressing or three ounces of beef really is.

I hope that helps. Good luck getting healthier!
Motivation 160 Club Jun 29 2007
01:01 (UTC)
Hi, everyone! I'm checking in to the 160 club at 168.5 pounds (down from 205), on my way to 143 (hopefully). I look forward to spending the next couple of months with you. Have a great day!
Motivation hey now, what about the 170's club?!? Jun 29 2007
00:58 (UTC)
I'm checking out of the 170s, on my way to the 160s club. Hope to see all of you there soon!
Motivation How many sticks of butter have you lost?? Jun 18 2007
14:10 (UTC)
136 sticks of butter gone, hopefully forever!
Motivation hey now, what about the 170's club?!? Jun 12 2007
12:16 (UTC)
Hi, Anniemarie13! Welcome to the 170's! Congratulations on your awesome progress.