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The Lounge I'm afraid I'm going to destroy my vadge Sep 08 2011
18:41 (UTC)

Using pads was unbearable. Feeling the constant drip. Drip. Drip. I couldn't stand itttt.

Not to be super gross, but I wonder if I could reuse these cups. I feel like kind of an a-hole since they aren't biodegradable...

The Lounge I'm afraid I'm going to destroy my vadge Sep 08 2011
18:29 (UTC)
Original Post by caloricat:

Original Post by luvs2eat:

Original Post by purespark:

I don't know much about menstrual cups, but I recommend doin' the sexin' in the shower during your period.  :)

 I like this idea!!!  i tried those cupthingys once. TMI: I am not queasy but it was gross getting it out. Let's just say yucky everywhere. But maybe I'm a menstrualtard.


This is the first thread about vaginas that I've read that made shudder in discomfort.  I mean, I've read some gross ones on CC...but this one takes the cake.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of junk a woman can stick up there and just walk around it's nothin.  Like the women that put the tampons inn and forget they are in the **** can you forget they are there?  If someone shoves a mini maglight up my butt, I'm not gonna be going to bed that night, see a light on under the covers, and THEN realize, "dang...fogot I had him stuck in there."

Any day I get to gross out ccat is a wonderful one. :D Yeah, it's pretty crowded up there, but I don't feel any of it.

A woman could also forget about an inserted tampon because there were two in there. I've put a tampon in while drunk when I already had one in. I found it the next morning though. :P

The Lounge I'm afraid I'm going to destroy my vadge Sep 08 2011
18:25 (UTC)

Okay, so I did some more research and of course I was over reacting. I just have to be careful not to grab the IUD string. So much crap up there.

And no, I'm not allowing waiting to be an option. :P

The Lounge Dog Help Sep 04 2011
17:22 (UTC)

Get a dog from a shelter. If you are very particular about what kind of dog you want, go into the fostering program. If you don't like the animal you foster, return it to the animal shelter and you will have done a good deed. If you decide to keep it, you will have already gotten to know how the animal is.

I also had a retired greyhound a while back. He loved to sprint outside, or sleep. There wasn't much in between. Greyhounds take their retirement seriously. :D

The Lounge Purses! Sep 04 2011
17:12 (UTC)

Visit a Ross. They sometimes have designer purses and shoes for a fraction of the price.

The Lounge deleted Sep 04 2011
17:03 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

let's be honest: most porn isn't just unrealistic; it's demeaning, formulaic, and boring. watching porn occasionally can be fun; watching it chronically, when you have a willing and available partner who wants to have actual sex, is pathological pathetic.

Any guy or girl who chooses a computer screen over a living, breathing human is just sad. I can't even wrap my head around that.

The Lounge deleted Sep 04 2011
16:52 (UTC)

Why are some of you telling her to look at porn in a different way than she wants to?

OP you can believe or think whatever you want about sex, porn, and everything related. But I think it's important that you let your partner know this so you can fulfill each others fantasies and/or respect each other's boundaries.

I also think your boyfriend's a jerk. Boys can be a bit stupid sometimes, but he should have straightened up after you let him know this is unacceptable to you.

The Lounge Working jobs we hate, to buy things we don't need. Sep 02 2011
15:40 (UTC)

I'm in college now so I don't know half of what you people are going through.

But watching my parents has proved to be a good learning tool. My dad works as a tax attorney for a large company. He makes good money, put his kids through college, has a nice house. He could have retired years ago, but he doesn't want to stop making money. He works from 8 until usually 6 or 7 on a normal day. During tax times, he works until 9 or 10 and works weekends.

He has no friends. He has visited many great countries, but they were on business trips so he didn't have anyone close to enjoy it with. My parents are very non-materialistic, so the money doesn't go to anything unnecessary. My parents rarely take vacations, and when they do, they are local.

My mom is a stay-at-home mom. She recently had a breakdown while talking to me. She had a health scare that, luckily, was fine. She told me, "If I really did have cancer and died in 5 years, I would look back at my life and say that I did nothing. What was the point? I never did things for myself. My life was always giving and never living."

Life is short. Make yourself happy. Live it the way you want. If there are outside pressures that sway you from doing what you want, tune them out or cut them out. Your life is about you!

/end rant.

The Lounge Dating age gap. Sep 02 2011
15:04 (UTC)
Original Post by kikt:

My mom is growing old with a husband who is ten years older than her, my sister with one who's 12 years older. It's not great.

It's like Freda said, more difficult at the beginning and at the end of our lifes.

Personally, I am incredibly prejudiced against people (well, men, really) who date someone who could be their daughter. I know I know it's all about love (yeah, right) but I still find it a bit... :-/  (translate that to Ewwww in the case of Woody Allen) - especially when there is an obvious discrepancy of power.


Once the younger person in the relationship is maybe in their early to mid twenties and independent, I think age is not as important. I still question the motives of an older man wanting to date very young girls who aren't out of college yet.

How many people here would be thrilled to hear that their 20 year old daughter found herself a 32 year old boyfriend? I would be afraid that he was controlling.

The Lounge The hardest thing you have went through Aug 31 2011
22:14 (UTC)
Original Post by brian_:

Watching helplessly as my Truffle died in my arms.

I know.  Many people have gone through this.  I suppose I've had a relatively easy and lucky life.

All of my pets' deaths were very hard on me. Even when I think of Mara, who lived to be a month old with me, still stings to think about sometimes.

If only they weren't such great friends and so easy to love, their deaths would be easier to get over! :P

The Lounge The hardest thing you have went through Aug 31 2011
21:20 (UTC)
Original Post by luvs2eat:

Original Post by muttlover:

Probably being anorexic for years. I developed an eating disorder because of a rape and a couple occurrences of molestation. The aftermath definitely hurts more than the actual events.

I was constantly in pain because my protruding bones hurt me. I was constantly hungry. I was constantly cold. I feel kind of silly in that I did this to myself, whereas everyone else here has had things happen to them through no fault of their own.

 MUTT! Don't you dare give yourself crap! You lost weight and I gained a ton. We both handled life wrong.

The difference, though, is that you probably didn't cause a lot of stress for your family and friends. My mom told me a couple years ago she thought I was going to die at one point.

I know they have forgiven me and I'm still forgiving myself. Thank you for the support though. :)

Edit: And you too, corgi!

The Lounge Hubby wants to... Aug 31 2011
21:04 (UTC)

Well how long is the competition? If it's only a few weeks or months, the person who loses the most the fastest will probably put some of the weight back on. I would focus on continuing to make gradual, permanent life changes rather than switching to "diet mode" to win a competition.

Good luck, though! :)

The Lounge The hardest thing you have went through Aug 31 2011
20:59 (UTC)

Probably being anorexic for years. I developed an eating disorder because of a rape and a couple occurrences of molestation. The aftermath definitely hurts more than the actual events.

I was constantly in pain because my protruding bones hurt me. I was constantly hungry. I was constantly cold. I feel kind of silly in that I did this to myself, whereas everyone else here has had things happen to them through no fault of their own.

The Lounge Relationships (Cheating) Aug 30 2011
20:51 (UTC)

Um, tell me so I can find someone else.

I think cheating indicates problems with the person who committed the crime, the relationship itself, or both.

The Lounge Sexless.... Aug 30 2011
20:35 (UTC)
Original Post by nebichan:

Here's my problem:

a) it hurts. Lubricant, special condom, doctor's visit, nothing helps - libido decrease

b) birth control - most libido has vanished

c) I only do get "horny" when im off the pill. Bleeding down there is not very sexy for DH

d) I say the most inappropriate things.

Why don't you try a non-hormonal birth control, like the copper IUD?

Have you figured out why sex hurts? Nerve damage? Something psychological?

I've also heard that with some menstrual cups, you can have sex without making the bed look like a crime scene. It depends on how long your vadge is and how big your partner is, but it's worth a try. I want to give this a shot. I just hate digging my fingers in there and the sight of blood. :(

The Lounge Let her cry.... let her chat Aug 30 2011
12:40 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I love painting.  If I had traditional walls in my house I would change the paint color about once a year.  But, probably fortunately for me, they have curved edges and a heavy plaster texture.  Not fun to paint.

I like painting too. :)

I'll probably paint at my new place, too. My owner insisted that he would paint the place a "lovely light beige" color throughout the place.

I came back yesterday and the living room and family room were yellow. The kitchen was dark purple. Two of the rooms were leaf-green, and the master bedroom was bright blue.

I was like... o.O

The Lounge Let her cry.... let her chat Aug 30 2011
12:30 (UTC)

Good luck with the jobs Pav, Mr. Pav, and Kikt. :D

I'm finishing up some painting in my old place before I go to class. I can't wait to move everything into my new place!

The Lounge How judgemental are you??? Aug 30 2011
12:26 (UTC)
Original Post by crazineko:

For me, I would need to see your facial expression.  If you frequently wore a happy grin on your face, I would think you were just a cute girl who worked in PR.  If you wore a pissy look, I'd think you were a snobbish girl who worked in HR. 


I judge mostly by facial expression, body language, etc. Even if a girl or guy looks like they, or their parents, are rich as hell, they can look like and be the nicest person you'll ever meet. I've also seen some of the cutest little grandmas that seemed to be sweet based on outer appearance. Until someone accidentally brushes up against them and they snarl and yell.

Based on how you talk about yourself, though, I would assume your facial expression would be snobby and conceited. So that's how I would judge you.

The Lounge Dating after serious weight loss as a guy. Aug 30 2011
12:15 (UTC)
Original Post by kikt:

You know, Muttlover is a bit young for this guy but I am starting to wonder if we shouldn't throw the two together. It'd be a true rescue mission for her and will get her mind of her ex and getting laid might finally free our traveller from his agonies.

Good luck to both.

Traveller, one of the biggest problems with being a late virgin (and I know what I'm talking about) is that it seems really necessary to make love to someone you love. And it's true it should be someone you at least like so it stays a nice experience (important since you#ll never forget it)

However - you really don't need to want to marry the girl in question. Just find someone you find sexy and who you like. Look her deep in the eyes, smile. If she fiddles with her hair, good. If she leans her body as far away from you as possible, bad, move on. Go on a few dates, make sure you don't go down the brotherly route while doing so (don't talk to much about 'issues' at first), keep the flirty smile alive.

If you eventually get down to bogey tell her 'it's been a while'. That tells her she might need to give you some pointers. Explore her body, take your time - most women like to feel desired and beautiful and will like that. (especially if you mention that they are beautiful a few times, otherwise, don't talk too much) Kiss her, everywhere, stroke her, enjoy her. Make sure she has a good time before you enter because you might not last long or be too flat out afterwards to be of much use to her so it's important you get her going first.

Also: a lot of women don't orgasm the first time they are with someone (or ever, actually) That doesn't mean she won't enjoy it. Just make sure you both are getting something out of it.

You'll be ok. Stop worrying!


Disclaimer: There are loads of people on here with more sexual experience than me so if any of you think my advice is bollocks do speak up!

Bahaha, thanks match maker kikt. It's true that we both need to get laid, though. Multiple times.

Don't go to a bar by yourself. Your chances of getting laid is much higher if you go with a group of guys and girls. Or, just go with a group of guys who start to hang around a group of girls. It would also help to go with guys who are as attractive as you or less. Going with a bunch of Abercrombie and Fitch models will just kill your chances.

I'm sorry finding sex is so much harder for guys than it is for girls, endlesstraveler. Many people who hook up use alcohol to help ease their nerves. Use it. I wouldn't buy girls drinks unless you have been chatting for a while. If I want to hook up with someone, whether they bought me a drink or not doesn't even come into consideration.

Also, use what you have. If you are not smooth, don't try to fake it. If you are funny, use that. Ask the girl about herself.

Kkit gave really good advice on how to start off sex. Slow and caressing and passionate. If she wants things to go faster or more animalistic, she'll let you know. But trying this approach without her initiating it could definitely scare her off.

The Lounge Sexless.... Aug 30 2011
02:52 (UTC)
Original Post by cptbunny:

Original Post by dkn:

And no, sex is not that important, it's just a desire not a need, you need air, food, a certain pH/temperature/pressure, water, you need to move, etc but you don't need sex. Humans have many desires but can very well live without fulfilling those desires, as long as the needs are met. Furthermore when the body is under duress the first system that gets supressed in order to save energy is the reproductive system, nature itself considers it expendable when it comes to the survival of the individual.

Don't men ejaculate in their sleep if they don't do it often enough when awake?

Speak for yourself, dkn. :P

If I were married to a guy who couldn't have sex, and I was not old and about to die, I would leave him. Yes, it would be difficult and sad. But I would rather suffer for a while and then find new love rather than suffer and be comfortable.

Also, most likely, if you're not having sex, your relationship is lacking in other areas, such as communication or bonding. Unless caused by medical reasons, a lack of sex is rarely the only problem.