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Weight Loss 4 Litres of water?? Jul 18 2011
19:58 (UTC)

I know this is an old post but.....

I like drinking a ton of water because I lose weight better with the extra waterSealed

Weight Loss Phentermine Mar 29 2011
21:45 (UTC)

I took it a long time ago and it does curb the appetite. Don't plan on sleeping and if you have kids you might get irritated too. 

I can't take it because I have panic attacks so it will put me into one. Consider it a quick fix because you can't take it forever. 

Good Luck

Weight Loss Realistic Goals: 10 Pounds by the end of 2010! Sep 30 2010
17:40 (UTC)

I think it sounds like a great goal... we can do it. Just think, about a size down for 10-15 pounds. I'm in, and I have set my goal date for December 25, 2010 on CC

Weight Loss I ate 3500+ calories for 2 days. Oct 19 2009
16:53 (UTC)

OMG I don't dare.....  I am a 48yr old woman 5'5" and weight is 168 and I swear I gain if I eat more than 1000 calories.  I don't know if I should try this or not...

Weight Loss Why am I not losing weight? Oct 14 2009
21:15 (UTC)

You do need variety to trick your body so change your food choice up also cashews are way to high in fat and calories and sodium, a serving is probably just 10 so cut back on those. 

All of your food choices on the weekends are very high in fat and calories just try and make healthier choices. Sometimes its not just the calories you eat,  its the food choices, stay away from processed foods if you can.

Its harder for your body to burn off pork/beef vs chicken and turkey. What I used to do was take turns on the heavier foods... like one day eat beef and the next eat chicken. Or one day eat rice and the next have light bread for a starch. I try and switch it up.

I used to be a weight loss counselor but over the last 3 years I have gained back my 30 lbs I had lost. Don't give up just push through it..

Fitness Apartment Cardio Oct 13 2009
21:08 (UTC)

I have used "Walk away the Pounds". They have a lot of different workouts some easy and some hard... give it a try

The Lounge just say a random comment. May 22 2009
20:32 (UTC)

Hmmmm feels like I am on twitter lol

Fitness Need to exercise but Im in soo Much Pain I can barely walk May 22 2009
18:10 (UTC)

The doctors has diagnosed me with arthritis in my knees and has been very painful to exercise, yeah I know, they say exercise helps right..It didn't. now I am on two different meds to help and am starting to work out again.

My sister has fybromialgia and finds exercise very hard to do. What she does is working out at the YMCA in the water classes. Maybe that would be better for you.

Good luck and don't give up.

Health & Support Calorie counting the wrong way? Read on! May 18 2009
20:22 (UTC)

For me it seems that when I calorie count, I want to eat healtier foods. Adding exercise helps me even more want to stay on track. Not saying I am doing very good right now but I am still working on it..

Weight Loss Not Eating Enough Calories... help Feb 14 2008
20:48 (UTC)
Dieting doesn't mean you have to be hungry. I also can't eat 1400 calories, I usually try to eat between 1000 and 1200 calories a day. If you are losing at 1200 to 1400 calories that is awesome. If you are eating every 2 to three hours that will keep your metabolism going and you will lose. You are doing it all right. YOU GO GIRL
Weight Loss Regular exerciser, healthy eater, water drinker, BUT NOT WEIGHT LOSS! Feb 07 2008
16:14 (UTC)

Hi I just have a few suggestions. With the exercise routine you may need to increase your calories. If you are not getting enough calories for your body you will not lose and it will cause you to crave foods that you really don't want. Also watch your sodium intake, that is the number one reason why we have a problem losing. I would suggest 1500 mg of sodium a day while losing weight. You could take a water pill also to help with water weight, check with your doctor first. Also If you are having problems using the bathroom, will slow down the weight loss. High fiber cereals are great for that also lots of fruits and vegies.

I have been in the weight loss business for about 5 years. I maintained a great weight until have problems with hormones. I am 15 lbs from my goal but know I will get there. Don't give up