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Foods Calories in Chinese Takeout Feb 10 2009
20:44 (UTC)
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try this one

Fitness Do not feel like I can go to the gym tonight Feb 10 2009
20:42 (UTC)

Do something light at home, like stretching, yoga or pilates. Some calbe companies (COMCAST) have free On Demand workout programs. I do one in the morning...Yoga AM? At first I htought, this work out is too easy. Then later in the day I was feeling it in my abs. The same is true for the begginers pilates.Either way, stay active Smile I wish the people at my gym were half as conciderate at you.

Weight Loss Short girls (5'4" and under) with a significant amount of weight to lose! (40+) Jan 08 2009
18:32 (UTC)

I too am 5 foot nothing. I have created my nickname to my girl friends 9most of whom are tall), "Teapot." Why? Cause' I'm short and stout! Laughing  My curent wieght is 164. I'm having trouble not eating enough.

It has come to my attention, I consume too FEW calories a day according to the Calorie Target profile. I am not on any special diet. I eat what I have been eating for awhile. In fact, I have added more snacks (fruit). I am only hungry  late at night 10 or 11 pm and I think that's only because I recently stopped drinking and my body is craving the wine I used to drink. My goal is 1400 cal a day. I consume around 900-950. Even with the three glasses of wine (yeah three a day, I was over doing it) that's barely 1400. But I'm still 34 lbs over weight! I work out 5-6 times a week for 45 min. to an hour. I have been doing this since the begining of November. I have lost a grand total of...8 lbs. Should I eat more? And if so, what? I'm not a picky eater, but because of my job can only have a quick snack here and there (fresh fruit, snack bar, veggies, etc.) What can I eat that will give me the extra 500 calories that's healthy. Any suggestions?

Health & Support He Eats No Vegetables Jan 08 2009
00:53 (UTC)

My boyrfriend is very VERY competitive. I bet him he couldn't be a vegitarian from January to the end of April last year (every 6 months or so I stop eating meat to let my body cleanse). He was atofu loving bean sprout eating fool. I, too, love to cook. Cooking only veggie dishes challenges me because I have to make them good enough for HIM to eat (I love veggies). To make it fair, I allowed fish. Eventually, besides sushi, he didn't even want the fish. Maybe try it for a month to begin with. Make sure you make good rich veggie food. Veggie Lasagna is a good place to start because you never really know whats in Lasagna anyway. Veggie-anything with sauce is just plain good.