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The Lounge Birth right! Nov 19 2009
05:18 (UTC)

I realize that the debate over US citizenship was already solved but just in case anyone was curious it is the 14th amendment of the US Constitution that provides citizenship for people born on US soil:

Amendment XIV

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE III - FINAL WEEK (Nov 8-14) CLOSED Aug 26 2009
05:10 (UTC)

i could definitely use some extra motivation... i'll be back the third

Weight Loss Drinking coffee and weight loss Aug 18 2009
23:54 (UTC)

maybe multiple pots of coffee might not be the best for you body but mmm it is delicious.  I tend to drink coffee in the evening.  It quells my desire to binge after dinner...  and well its my favorite beverage this side of rum...

Foods What is the real deal with chicken? Feb 04 2009
22:17 (UTC)

I often buy the raw tenders like you do.  I just log them as stewed chicken breast skin and bone removed.  I also log by weight and I have found my serving size of 3 tenders is just around 3 oz and less than 200 calories.  I would just log them as chicken breast.  I am sure most results for tenders on CC will give you calories for breaded nugget type chicken.

Fitness girl question for girl problem...working out during? Dec 30 2008
22:56 (UTC)

I guess my first question is if you just had a yeast infection and feel like you are getting another one... maybe you should evaluate why you are getting them.... also cranberry juice is good for bladder infection only if diluted and 100% juice.  Juice can make things much worse by giving yeast sugary substances to consume.  I would recommend talking to a good gyno about better methods of prevention like (i know it sounds gross) but not washing your girl bits with soap... soap is alkaline and your junk should be acidic to ward off infection (this also applies to bubble bath), urinating before and after sex, not wearing tight synthetic underwear, no douche!, no perfumed pads or tampons and the list goes on and on

However running at the gym shouldn't be a problem... sweat is good for you!

Weight Loss Skinny B**** Book Dec 30 2008
22:36 (UTC)

my question is so what if milk has naturally occurring opiates!  if it does it is very trivial... much less than say poppy seeds which do actually contain opium (i have never heard anyone saying their urine test was wrong because they drank a glass of milk before they were tested)

The Lounge U.S.A. & issue of Secession Oct 31 2008
21:59 (UTC)

I am a definite advocate of secession (I'm from Montana).  A nation created out of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alberta, and British Columbia would make great sense.  First of all we have more in common with those states than say, Connecticut... and we're all part of the Columbia river drainage system.  But beyond my crazy secessionists ideals of course states should have the right to peaceable succeed and I think that it has less to do with red state blue state but more to do with economic similarities or maybe even cultural similarities than merely red or blue distinctions.

at least that my opinion

The Lounge IUDs? Why can't I have one? Sep 10 2008
22:15 (UTC)

I have had two copper IUDs and love having one... both of mine were inserted after I had had children. My first was not painful but the second iud was inserted after the standard six week check up and they had to dilate my cervix to get the thing inserted.... it was very very painful... but the pain is worth it.. my recommendation it to request that they leave the string long enough it is easy to check if it is still in place. You are at greatest risk of losing and IUD after the first few periods you have with it.... also a forewarning.. I have a copper iud which is non hormonal and had made my periods slightly heavier but I still prefer having non hormonal birth control.... also a previous post mentioned the monogamous relationship thing... there is a reason why drs prefer monogamous relationships prior to IUD... the iud has been shown to increase  the risk infections thereby increasing your risk with multiple partner

Weight Loss Jeans that Look Great on You! Aug 27 2008
19:43 (UTC)

I have been searching for a brand of jean that will fit.  I am short from crotch to belly button but have big thighs and butt.... so most low rise or ultra low rise pants don't fit my legs and regular cut go up high enough I could tuck my boobs in....  any suggestions?

The Lounge For folks that like politics and discussing policy Aug 06 2008
20:40 (UTC)

I have to say is what I find most frustrating about partisan politics is that the fighting between reps and dems is asinine... they are the same political party.  If you profile the political beliefs of people in either party they are the remarkably the same until you reach the far left or far right.... I am actually opposed to our two party system and would prefer multiparty proportional representation... but that is beside the point.  The arguing and inability to make decisions because it was a rep or dem idea is completely retarded (for lack of a better word).  Our politicians create stalemates when their is no discernible difference between a moderate democrat or moderate republican.... another thing that bothers me is the misuse of the term liberal..... liberalism is not leftism... liberalism is advocation of limited government, an independent capitalist economy, no social welfare programs etc.... liberalism (the political theory) is the basic platform for the republican far right.. people in the far left are not liberals they are leftist!...(sorry that rant really had nothing to do with the topic)

Motivation Looking for people that are not easily offended to talk fitness. Aug 06 2008
20:21 (UTC)
Original Post by 1aprilfool:

m_c, boobs do get smaller. I've gone from a voluptuous D to a smallish C with my weight loss. I don't have a lot of volume left. It sucks. I've never had to wear padded bras before but I now own several. I'm already saving for the girls to get a lift when this is done.

ok so I figured this must be the perfect place for this question.... I have lost about 50 lbs and started with already lop sided big ole boobs... one was like a small dd the other a large dd.... but the more I work out the smaller the small one gets and the big one isn't  getting any smaller!  When i wear my swimsuit with a halter it looks like one boob is about to pop out and the other has retreated!..... why on earth would one tit shrink faster than the other.... thats just ludicrous!

Foods soynuts Aug 06 2008
20:12 (UTC)

I like soy nuts... though in small doses. they are sooooo salty.  But the grocery store in my town keeps them in the produce section near the bulk nut bins... its not a specialty market or anything... (i live in a town with a population of 5000) so I would assume if they carry them here they should be in any other grocery store.

The Lounge How much does a fart weigh? Jul 25 2008
17:51 (UTC)

After laughing while reading this wonderfully hilarious thread I was reminded of a line from my childhood... i can't remember were it came from maybe saturday night live....   are there gaseous clouds around Uranus....  we used to ask the high school  science teacher that all of the time once we had a substitute that actually looked it up before realizing we were all just a bunch of smart asses....

Games & Challenges 42 Day Challenge - Starting June 9th! Jun 27 2008
02:03 (UTC)
Original Post by msjez135:

Alright I was 220.4 on the 19th and today the 23rd I am at 218.4... I just have to say that being under 220 pounds feels amazing... yes I know I am still WAY to heavy but it has been so long since I have seen a number below 220 that I can't remember when the last time was! (I guess I should have copied my goal etc from my first post... 2 pounds a week)

argh... well I am a little bit disgusted cause I have been hovering between 219 and 220 the last few days without having pigged out or anything... oh well hopefully monday will be better!

Games & Challenges 42 Day Challenge - Starting June 9th! Jun 23 2008
18:50 (UTC)

Alright I was 220.4 on the 19th and today the 23rd I am at 218.4...  I just have to say that being under 220 pounds feels amazing... yes I know I am still WAY to heavy but it has been so long since I have seen a number below 220 that I can't remember when the last time was!  (I guess I should have copied my goal etc from my first post... 2 pounds a week)

Pregnancy & Parenting pooping predicament Jun 10 2008
19:45 (UTC)

The twins may be just horsing around but I know with my children they pretty much poo on a schedule, which is actually very good for the body it prevents constipations, and my kids are 5 and 8.  My suggestion is start bedtime earlier for the twins... It may be a hassle but at least you won't ruin their enthusiasm for the toilet and you won't spend hours trying to get them in bed when they already should be.

Games & Challenges 42 Day Challenge - Starting June 9th! Jun 09 2008
20:06 (UTC)

Hello everyone! I have never joined a challenge and hopefully it will be the motivation I need to avoid a dreaded plateau.

June 9th weight - 223 Goal weight loss - 12 lbs or 2 lbs a week

I also vow to continue my 5x/week workouts increasing the intensity and not use my car in town, saving fuel and burning calories at the same time! Well good luck everyone!

12th - 220.8

16th - 221.4 (not to concerned TTOM)

19th - 220.4

I am ok with that number... and a little proud of myself.. went to a Chinese buffet and did not eat the place clean stuck to chicken skewers, broccoli and steamed green beans!

Weight Loss Measuring calf size!!! Jun 09 2008
19:48 (UTC)

Goddess9 my calves are also 18 inches (and that is after losing an inch) I don't mind my calves either.  They are the only part of my body with clearly defined muscles and no jiggle.... it a shame about the knee high boots though.

Foods Lean red meat? May 24 2008
02:27 (UTC)

when looking for lean beef I suggest checking out the marbling of beef.  There was another post that said the leanest cuts are the most expensive but that is generally not true.  The higher quality the beef the more 'marbling' or fat distribution in the beef... generally I go for very cheap chuck roast, which does have a high fat content if you roast it but it usually has very little marbling in the meat itself and if you slice it like skirt steak (which is what I usually do) you can remove most of the fat leaving a lean.... but very tough piece of meat because fat is what makes beef tender.......... but a better suggestion is to buy bison if you can afford it or find it... if you want healthier red meat

Weight Loss Booze v breakfast? May 23 2008
17:37 (UTC)

whether or not it is less bad... I always go for the booze as a reward... probably not a good thing but if you enjoy wine (I enjoy rum!) I would choose the booze over the sausage any day...