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Health & Support bmi of 12.4? :(( i'm so lost!! Sep 15 2012
02:45 (UTC)

OMG Hun!! I dont mean to alarm you, but please seek medical attention ASAP. Today not tomorrow. You may feel fine, but your body has been put under so much stress that you could literally drop dead at any moment. I am not joking here. I am a medical student and I can tell you that anyone under a BMI of 16 requires URGENT medical attention. This isnt a joke. Please please please go to the hospital. NOW. Your heart can give out at any moment and you have put yourself at high risk of passing away in your sleep. Sorry if this scares you, but its the truth.


Health & Support Title got my period 4 months in a row! Aug 14 2012
02:44 (UTC)

Firstly, congratulations on deciding to recover from anorexia and get your life back on track! Its fantastic to hear that you have had your period 4 months in a row, it is a good sign that your body is healing itself. To answer your question, yes it is possible to become pregnant as you are now ovulating. Just keep in mind however that getting your period doesnt mean that you have to stop gaining weight, and you should use other markers such as BMI and body fat % to ensure that you have gained to an appropriate weight. If you plan on getting pregnant, this well help to keep both you are baby healthy throughout the whole time.

Once again congrats!

Health & Support Do you guys really believe anyone of any size can be beautiful? Jun 11 2012
09:48 (UTC)

In answer to your question mycacoonshedding - ABSOLUTELY! In today's society, too much emphasis is placed on physical looks and unfortuntely the ideal body shape is often that which is underweight.


To address your concerns about physical looks (which is deifferent to beauty!) - The ideal physical look is constantly changing...In the 19th century it was women who were  plump, round with wide hips and big breasts. In the 20th century it went from small, to an average Marilyn Monroe size, to a stick thin woman with no curves size and now slowly, curves are coming back into fashion. Who knows what the ideal figure will be next year? And in all honesty, there have been numerous surveys that have been completed by both men and women which have revealed that women with curves are much more envied and seen as more attractive than those who are stick thin.


More importantly though - beauty refers to the whole person. Their outside looks are just a small part of it. It includes their personality, their confidence, their ability to relate to others, the way they conduct themselves, their actions etc. Beauty is such a controversial debate because there is no one definition of what beauty entails.

You can be absolutely gorgeous, no matter what your size hun! And I really hope you believe that. And trust me, if you feel and act beautiful, it will radiate onto others. Be confident in yourself. You are absolutely physically gorgeous (I can tell from your profile photo) Accept yourself, you deserve it just as much as everyone else.

Hope this helps to answer your question! :)

Health & Support my freind eats 900 calories a day. May 19 2012
01:58 (UTC)

Hi Florence!

This is definitely a difficult situation as it is often hard to convince people who are dieting that this can be harmful to their health, especially if they are losing weight on it as it makes them feel as if they are achieving physical weight loss from it. First and foremost though, you must take care of your own health. If her behaviour is triggering you too much, and you think you are at risk of relapsing, than perhaps you should take some time away from her and ask another friend to talk to her? However, if you think that you can handle it, perhaps sit her down and tell her your concerns and what her eating can lead to. Maybe show her some articles online about how detrimental it can be eating that amount of calories or offer to help her to plan a mre appropriate weight loss regime?

Hope this helps,

pixie :)

Health & Support i REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! heart attack!? May 08 2012
00:33 (UTC)

Get help immediately! A heart attack is deadly and irreversibly damages heart tissue! You are at particular risk seeing as you have stated that you have been severely undereating and you are (I presume) underweight. Better to be safe than sorry. Your parents would rather you wake them and it be nothing too serious, rather then wake up in the morning and find you dead.

Health & Support Recovered 1+ year but period troubles... Apr 13 2012
06:26 (UTC)

Well there are a variety of other things that can affect menstruation such as stress, hormonal imbalances, certain disease states. I would go to the doctor if I was you, just to get a check up. That way you will have some peace of mind. :)

Health & Support Recovered 1+ year but period troubles... Apr 12 2012
22:02 (UTC)

Hey Snowbab,

Hopefully I can give you some good advice. Menstruating (getting your period) is primarily due to the release of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. The amount of these hormones within the body is directly proportionate to the amount of fat tissues you have in your body. This is esentially why anorexic or underweight women lose their period - because they have an insufficient amount of fat on their body to release these hormones in order to menstruate.

SO even while your BMI may technically be in the healthy range, you can still have a really low amount of fat on you, which is why normal menstruation has not returned. Don't let the term "fatty tissues" alarm you - it doesnt mean that you have to gain lots of weight to obtain a normal period or become fat - it simply means that whilst maintaining your weight, perhaps you could incorporate some healthy fats such as avocado, dairy products, margarine, milk, peanut butter etc. into your diet.

Hope this helps you a little! :D

Young Calorie Counters buddies?:) Jan 08 2012
09:09 (UTC)
Original Post by manoncamille15:

I would love to!! U sound super enthusiastic, and we hav the same goals;) u might laugh at me, but I'm kinda new to calorie count and dont know how to friend people haha:) do u mind tellin me how?:)

Love the name btw:)


Yay, Im excited too! I am supporting you (which I think is essentially "friending") and sent you a message via mailbox. :)

Animex and Marycarnes - you guys sound really enthusiastic aswell, do you mind if I add you? :D

Young Calorie Counters buddies?:) Jan 07 2012
03:59 (UTC)

Hey manoncamille!

Would love to be your buddy! I have similar stats, 5"4 and 123lbs, but a little older at 20. My main goals this year is to become healthier (ie. make healthier choices) and tone up a bit and get fit! It would be fantastic to have someone to keep me motivated as sometimes I get lazy. Feel free to friend me.


Pixie :D

Health & Support Will I ever stop feeling fat? Jan 02 2012
05:38 (UTC)

Hey Sungiant,

I have been following your progress over the last month and you have truly been inspirational! You may feel fat, but I can assure you from your photos and your still low BMI that you arent. Just keep remembering that you have had a mental illness for X months and it has changed the ways you see things. From personal experience andnd knowledge, most people dont have a gap between their thighs unless they stand a certain way (ie. with their legs apart) and I think that most people would love to have a gap there but its just not achievable at a healthy weight. And with the whole bloating stomach, I have that too and I know exactly where you are coming from....I cant wear singlets, I have to wear flowy tops, otherwise people actually have asked me if I am pregnant (this was truly devastating too me). For me, I think its mainly due to my recent unwanted weight gain and also because I eat lots of fruit and vegetables which bloat me, as well as chew gum and drink lots of soda. I too am envious of a flat stomach, and have started to do some toning exercises, but if I was you I would just keep preservering with the weight gain and wait to see if some of that weight redistributes (I bet most of it will!). Also as you probably know, your change in eating habits (ie. eating more) is altering the way your body works as it is still getting used to all the new foods and nutrition you are receiving and therefore more healthy bacteria are growing etc which will bloat you a little. But keep up the great work, and as a complete stranger who doesnt really know you, I can tell you honestly that you are gorgeous and try not to let your thinking skew your recovery process! x

Health & Support facing the facts of ED opions please Jan 01 2012
03:23 (UTC)

chris, i feel terrible for you that this illness has such a hold over your life. You seem like a really lovely person whowants to live life to the fullest and at only 23 You have so much potential and so much to live for. You have asked for honest opinions from people who dont know you and EVERY SINGLE PERSON has said that you look terribly emanciated and on deaths door. Please please eat! I know its easier said than done, but you look as though you are going to die any minute!!! I dont mean to make you feel any worse about yourself, but those pictures are very disturbing and upsetting and I am surprised you are not in critical care in hospital. Please get some help immediately. Keep us updated and remember you always have CC for support. Best of luck!!

Weight Gain what activity level would walking 45 minutes a day be considered? Dec 29 2011
07:10 (UTC)

I would say light activity..unless ofcourse it was very very brisk walking or walking up an incline, then I might say moderate. 

Health & Support 'Skinny-fat' (TW) Dec 29 2011
07:07 (UTC)

Wow, it truly amazes me how powerful eating disorders really are. You must remember Caitlin, that you have a mental illness which is actually changing the way you are seeing things and totally distorting your views. What you are seeing is totally different to what is actually occurring with your body at the moment. I study health at university and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that at a BMI of 15 you have any fat at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is physically impossible, sorry. At the moment your body is breaking down, and trying its hardest to keep you alive while at such a critically low level of fat stores. Please Please Please get help and push past the lies that are happening in your head right now and keep eating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Health & Support Is what I'm eating too little, even though I'm intuitive eating? will I go into starvation mode again? Dec 27 2011
11:47 (UTC)

Hey MsPletz,

I looked at your gallery and just wanted to give you an honest outsiders opinion about your weight. Honestly, you look fantastic in that photo! You are definitely not overweight and look so much happier and healthier than you were when you were sick and in recovery. And it sounds a bit corny, but you also seem to have a glow about you. Everyone has things that they dont like about themselves, and people who struggle or have struggled with an eating disorder, see these imperfections in themselves ten fold. So what you dislike in yourself is most definitely magnified in what you see. If you really feel uncomfortable at this weight, perhaps try eating at your intuitive 2400 calories and see if some of the weight comes off naturally? Also light exercise is great for not only toning and redistributing your weight, but also great for mental health aswell, not that you need to though! Hope my input helps a little. :) 

Health & Support Out of control bingeing Dec 18 2011
01:06 (UTC)

Hey guys

For the past 3 weeks or so I have been implementing some of the things suggested to me on this post ie. eating more during the day, filling up on more protein and carbs and introducing more healthy fats into my diet, and have gained about 4 kilos during this time, eating about 2500-2800 calories a day. I have found that while this has helped the bingeing problem a little, I still binge a lot during the night. While I start about half an hour after dinner eating 'healthy things' such as fruit and yoghurt, it quickly turns to lollies, cream biscuits, chips, chocolate, really anything I can get my hands on. I dont understand this as I am eating quite a lot during the day and now I am becoming frustrated because I feel uncomfortable with my weight and dont want to keep gaining more.

I have tried to occupy myself with doing other things during the night so that I dont get so hungry, but since I am on holidays at the moment, I am mostly spending my time on the couch watching tv and movies. I have also tried things like filling up on green tea, which helps for about half an hour, but then the cravings and appetite comes back.

My stats at the moment - 5'4 and 126lbs, BMI 21ish

Any suggestions guys, I am getting so frustrated with myself. Thanks


Health & Support I don't know if I can keep this up. No one will help me. Dec 16 2011
06:54 (UTC)

Hi Swantears,

First of all congratulations on the weight gain, you have done a fantastic job and you need to know that! Secondly, *hugs*! While I am not in the exact same predicament as you are in now, I have been in a similar situation and I understand how hard it can be with setback such as this. Remember that your overall health and beauty cannot be classified as a number, so forget about your BMI being over 20 - is it good though that you have reached a weight that has a BMI in the healthy range so well done. Also remember, that during the weight gain process, bingeing is entirely normal and is the body's way of obtaining all the essential foods that it has been deprived for so many months, so while you may feel fat or overweight, the urge to binge is probably an indication that your body still needs a few extra thousand calories that it has been deprived of.

Now to tackle the problem of feeling terrible after bingeing - this is a difficult one. I always find that what helps me to feel better is to get some fresh air. You cant change what has happened and there is ni point dwelling on it or making yourself feel any worse for what has happened so I go for a light walk for half an hour around the block. It really clears my head and also helps me to get a new perspective on the situation.

About your parents - maybe you can look at what they are saying in a different light. Perhaps your mother is telling you that you look perfect the way you are becuase she wants to reaffirm how well you look now that you have gained the weight, or perhaps she is telling you not to gain any more weight because she is afraid that if you gain more it may trigger you to relapse and lose it all again. Have you ever relapsed before?

About your dad, perhaps explain to him about the gaining process in more depth so he is well aware that you are still needing/wanting to gain. Or maybe just ignore his comments? Im sorry I am not much help on this one as I dont have a dad living with me :(

Recovery is difficult and most likely much more difficult to do alone without help, so I would definitely encourage maybe sitting down and speaking to your parents about seeing someone professional to help you along. Maybe explain the pros of this and the fact that reaching a goal weight does not necessarily mean you are totally alright. Do they know how you feel about your recovery process and how you are going emotionally?

If you cannot obtain a therapist, perhaps seek out a friend to talk to? You always have us at CC aswell, dont forget that :)

And lastely, I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor. There you might be able to talk about not only your weight and reaching a weight that you are happy with, but also will be able to talk about how you are feeling emotionally and they might be able to prescribe you with something to make you feel a little better.

Hope you feel a little better, and remember that purging and self harm is only going to set you back. We are all here to support you! :D

Health & Support Eating Disorder. Dec 16 2011
04:08 (UTC)

Hey! Its good that you are upfront and honest with yourself and recognise that you have a problem that needs to be fixed. Ans yes, not to sound melodramatic or scare you, but I strongly suggest you seek medical attention immediately! Eating 50-100 calories in a day is a ridiculously low amount of calories and I do not understand how you have not experienced more radical and serious side effects of being so undernourished.

This is definitely not a way you want to live your life and it is good that you have some support from your boyfriend and best friend but you need medical support aswell. I would recommend the following:

  • see a doctor - this will give you professional advice about gaining wieght and will help to reveal any other serious medical problems (which you probably most likely have, just dont feel them yet)
  • talk to a therapist/psychologist/counsellor - someone who can provide you proper emotional support
  • start eating more - force yourself even if you dont feel hungry - you can do these gradually and there are many calorie dense foods which will help you to get the calories in without filling you up or distending the stomach too much

hope this helps! goodluck

Maintaining Advice Needed Dec 12 2011
10:00 (UTC)

Hey lorypop

First of all, well done for recognising that your body may not be in the best state at the moment and being willing to take action to rectify this. I myself have found myself in a similar situation. I lost weight and regained a little and even though I was technically at a healthy BMI, I still wasnt quite myself and asked peoples opinions on CC as to whether or not to gain weight, and I have since and feel much better for it.

If you look boney, and feel the cold, and collapsing, these are all signs that you do not have enough body fat and that you should gain a little. Its great that you have lots of fruits and vegies and that you exercise, but remember that some fats are just as important, as well as foods with your essential proteins and vitamins, such as dairy products. People tend to shy away from these foods as they believe that they are calorie dense foods, but really, a cup of reduced fat milk has the same calories as an apple, so remember to include these.

I would cut back a little on the exercise. 10k is alot to do, and its great that you are fit and active but just remember that your body does need a break and could benefit from other activies such as pilates, or weights (which will help you keep your figure if you gain weight - if you are worried about that). Also, you are definitely on the right track about needing to gain and its good that you understand that you wont immediately gain 5 kilos just from eating a few extra calories a day. A person your age is still growing (believe it or not) so you should be consuming around 2500-3000 calories without exercise. With exercise, I would add atleast an extra 500.

And one last thing, Ive told a couple of other girls this too - have fun with it! Have more than one tastey treat each night, as you deserve it, expecially with all the exercise you do, you can afford to eat lots during the day and then have as many treats at night as you want. Also its Christmas coming up, and there are massive sales on at the shops, so go out and buy all the christmas puddings, mince pies, chocolates, lollies, cakes you can get your hands on and have them haha! If you get scared about gaining weight, just remember that you wont jump to gaining 5 kilos in one week, and that it is a gradual and slow process, and you can stop whenever you want when you feel you are at a comfortable weigt.

Health & Support should i relapse? Dec 12 2011
09:35 (UTC)

Erin - this seems unusual if you are at a BMI that is on the up side of healthy and still gaining on such a low amount of calories. Can I ask you how many calories you were on when you were recovering, and how long it took you to get to your current weight?

I would definitely suggest talking to Hedgren as there may be something happening under the surface that you do not realise (eg. cushings syndrome). Also let me reassure you that even though a BMI of 25 is not what you were aiming for and obsviously you are not comfortable at this weight, it still is in the healty range and therefore I would refrain from restricting in order to gain again.

Hope this helps :)

Health & Support Underweight Dec 12 2011
09:23 (UTC)
Original Post by sugarholic1990:

hoshii: Thanks :) Well I too think that food bore me, I can easily forget they exist lol. It helps to try new things once in a while, new recipes, international cuisine, I also go for my favorites like once in a while making a cake with lots of filling and frosting when I am in an ok mood.
My problem is certainly stress, it can mess one's life completely, appetite, sleep, mood, etc.

Good luck with getting better!

ms_pixie: I really want to go to hospital, but they haven't admited me in a worse situation I don't think they would now.
Regarding to my family, a doctor and my previous therapist (good one) both tried convincing my mother that I need hospitalization otherwise I'll probably die, then the hospital's doctors convinced her of the oposite.
When I tried hospitalization I did it all alone, seen the doctor alone, all without telling anyone of my family, because I knew my mother is against it and I currently live with her and we already don't have a good relationship, problems in home turned worse after I tried that and you know in my situation it's dangerous stressing too much.
The only way I believe I could get hospitalization is through justice, I'm almost sure I would win it, but I don't want to go through all that stress and I dont want to have another nervous breakdown, that would spoil everything.
It seems that the only option for me is to try eating on my own. I know things won't change overnight, but I want it quick, I'm about to turn 21 and sick of watching my life all going to waste.
I'm not in Australia sadly health services where I live are not good as it is there as you can see.

I have a few questions, It says I need 1385 calories to maintain my weight, plus 1000 to gain 2 lbs per week so can I increase my calories from my current 800ish to 1385 for a week, then add 500 the next week, and more 500 the following week and keep that amount until I reach my goal? Is it safe or should I go slower?

How much fluids should I drink? I heard fluids are also important for proper body functioning specially in recovery, since I've been diagnosed with dehydratation I've increased my liquids intake but it's still low. I've been told that everyone should drink at least 2L (8 cups) of liquids daily, but I ever wondered if is it for an average sized person and a small one like me should drink less, or is it for everyone regardless of weight and height?


dansmum99: I'm aware of the severity of things, but health services suck in 3rd world countries specialy here in Brazil, I don't think they had training for situations like mine, what explains they saying absurds like that. I have relatives in the States but going there for treatment would be a lot expensive I guess.

I'm not restricting to 800 calories, I just found out when I started counting for weight gain purposes that all I usualy can take is more or less that amount. As far as I know there are only two ED that one may end up underweight, anorexia or bulimia, and none of these apply to me. It is said that when someone is depressed can lose the appetite (or the oposite depending on the person), I'm easily depressed and enraged, my emotional is a roller coaster what I hope will stabilize after I get to a healthy weight. Also I think my stomach is really small because of eating so little all my life, if I eat a medium sized plate it's even disconfortable to bend.

Thanks for caring.

Wow, I can see your dilemma, that is rather unfortunate, but it is good that you are prepared to do this on your own. In regards to your questions, increasing in incriments such as what you have suggested looks like it would be the right thing to do and I do not believe that it would be too much at all. Ideally, a person of your age and the level of emanciation should try for ATLEAST 2500 - 3000 calories a day, but gradually making your way up to that amount at a pace that you are comfortable with is important aswell. Hedgren, a doctor on CC that has provided some great help and advice to many other underweight people has also provided some useful information about weight resoration that can be read here if you are interested (I highly recommend it): upport/recovery-weight-gain-information-scien tific-research

In regards to your second question, 2 litres a day is recommended for everyone as I understand it. It is really important to stay hydrated, and unless you are drinking something extremely ridiculous like 20L a day, you will not overdo it. You can also include liquid calories aswell such as shakes, cordial, juices, milk, slushies, smoothies etc.

And lastly.....have fun with this! You have deprived your body for so so long of hundreds of thousands of calories, will everyone else hasnt. Therefore spoil yourself with anything you can get your hands on that you have ever loved - chocolate, icecream, cakes, brownies, muffins, chips, lollies, hash browns, bacon and eggs, you get the drill :) and dont be afraid to try new and exciting things that you have previously thought that you have never liked!

Hope this helps, and i wish you the best of luck. Always remember that whatever the problem, or no matter how tough it gets, you will always have support on CC :D