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Weight Loss Is this unhealthy everday? Wine, cheese, chocolate... Jan 26 2013
17:19 (UTC)


Oh, lots more replies! Thanks everyone, you have made me feel much more confident about this.


I love that! Happy hour. I think I will call it that too.


Sounds like we are similar! My fluctuations are more from lack of discipline though. :( Not for cravings, but setting time aside to actually do healthy and from scratch food. I don't actually crave chocolate, I just really like it. Especially dark, rich, bitter, creamy chocolate.


As for the calories, you guys are right, it is more than 250. My original calculations were based around either have fruit and chocolate OR wine, alternating them every other day. I suppose I didn't mention that in my original post. Of course if I have room in my calories I might do all of it, but it more around 442 than 500. The dark chocolate I select is actually lower in calories, but they don't have it on here so I had to estimate. So it might be even lower.

Gouda Cheese

110 Merlot - California, 2002
Intense Dark Midnight Reverie - 86% Cacao
Weight Loss Is this unhealthy everday? Wine, cheese, chocolate... Jan 22 2013
01:08 (UTC)

Thanks for weighing in on this everyone! I appreciate it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this isn't too bad. Small amounts of rich pleasure I think will help me reach my goals for every other part of the day.

I'm not worried about alcohol stalling weight loss. I'm basically where I need to be to maintain, except for that extra 5 lbs I mentioned. That goes pretty fast once I stick to my plans though.

Health & Support Sick, not hungry, and dealing with disordered thoughts Sep 01 2012
20:16 (UTC)

Thanks for your reply. Maybe I should mention it to the boyfriend. I don't want him to get too worried though, so I thought I would tell him if I continued afterwards. Although I have to admit that it may just be that dark part of me whispering in my ear so it can continue longer.

About #2: I actually have been back to the doctor and I am now on TWO painkillers. It's the only way I've been able to eat or sleep. The extra painkiller is so strong though you can only take it for 5 days, and I have taken it for 2. I just hope to be healed enough for it to be more bearable when I have to come off it.

I can't even drink Ensure right now, something about it irritates my throat and makes it burn so bad that after the first sip I am crying. The only thing that I found so far to eat is: Gerbers baby rice cereal, pureed meat baby food (no vegetables because they sting), and coconut milk. It truly sucks.

Weight Loss "But I barely eat..." - Really? May 18 2012
22:50 (UTC)

I would count eating all that as quite a lot personally! An entire bag of chips alone is a lot.



You should see a doctor! That definitely doesn't sound normal, maybe they could have some suggestions? Medications or thyroid or such?



If you were only eating 500-900 calories (PERIOD!) and still weighed 265 lbs maybe there was another factor? That calorie amount is below the WHO level for starvation in the third world, there has to be something else at play, even if it's a metabolism issue. Wonder what it could be. Maybe, as you suggest in your post, some medical issue to do with carbs?

Young Calorie Counters I love boobies Feb 22 2012
16:10 (UTC)

asethi17: You said "lose more fat by gaining muscle". Yes, I am aware that muscle burns more calories than fat. I was simply pointing out that gaining muscle doesn't make you lose fat, only burning calories can make you lose fat. If you are overeating calories you aren't going to lose fat just because you have muscles. Muscles help, yes, but they don't make you lose fat.

Weight Loss Slim before senior year? Feb 21 2012
15:08 (UTC)

@mfend If you are truly 5'5 and 119, you are at a perfectly healthy weight and likely only need toning, not to try to lose more weight. Your goal weight is unhealthy, 18.5 is the line of being underweight.

Please take care of yourself and don't get sucked into unrealistic goals. Wanting to be more toned and fit is an excellent goal, but I'm skeptical about weight loss, especially at your age.

I only say this because I was like you in high school and wish I had realized that I was healthy and attractive the way I was.

I'm not sure what your height is EmQuin, but my comment remains the same if you are close to that height.

Young Calorie Counters I love boobies Feb 21 2012
15:03 (UTC)

You can't lose fat by gaining muscle, they don't correlate with each other.

I'm sorry to say, but you can't target where you lose fat. It's not possible, no matter what infomercials want us to think. This included targeting places where you don't want to lose fat.

Personally, I would rather be healthier than have my boobs one size bigger. I'm not sure your size, but could it be possible at a slimmer, trimmer size you might be happier with other parts of your body too? I had a friend who was very overweight and had DDs. She was afraid of the same thing, but it turns out her boobs went down in proportion to her body and she looks better than ever. In fact, her boobs are firmer and much nicer now that she isn't overweight.


Foods Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches - What are you making for V-Day? Feb 12 2012
15:36 (UTC)

Thanks for the info! I was able to google it and the recipe looks DELICIOUS. This is next on the peanut butter list to make!

Yeah, I make my own peanut butter cups. Mostly it's mixing different types of chocolate, tempering it, and making the filling. Much easier than you would ever think and then you get to customize them. I like to make dark chocolate ones! You can use cupcake cups to get the shape or they also sell candy molds for it. I much prefer the molds. there are lots of excellent recipes online!

I also found an awesome recipe for homemade butterfingers that I"m trying this year. I might add that to the ice cream too.


Also. that cake batter ice cream looks awesome. O_O That is going on the ice cream-to-make list.

Foods Food and the ratings Feb 10 2012
20:11 (UTC)

It generally has to do with the "bad points" versus "good points" listed below all the nutrition information. Too much sodium? Too much cholesterol? It will tell you the bad points of the item which correlates with the score.



Calorie Count Measurements Feb 10 2012
20:02 (UTC)

Agreed, I wish I could see how many inches I lost over the past three years. My old computer broke and I can't recover my old excel that tracked it. :(

Weight Loss short with big thighs Feb 10 2012
18:47 (UTC)

I am 5'7", 125 lbs, and still have big thighs. Some of us just have them genetically. In fact, my thighs still touch even at my goal weight right now. I am certain they will never not touch.

Not trying to depress you, but some of us ladies are just built this way, it can be natural. If you are fit and in shape, it's not something people are going to really notice, so you should try to concentrate on your total body instead of worrying too much about it. I have actually heard many people comment they like my "thick" thighs, so don't despair!

Weight Loss "But I barely eat..." - Really? Feb 10 2012
15:50 (UTC)

It's been really interesting to see what everyone thinks of this! Seems like there could be many variable of reasons for this, different to each person, but I think I understand it better overall after reading so many responses.

For myself, when I started trying to lose weight (before I discovered Calorie Count) I fell into the trap of thinking what I was eating was healthy when it really wasn't. Thanks goodness I found this place to sort me all out.

Foods Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches - What are you making for V-Day? Feb 10 2012
15:09 (UTC)


Hm...chocolate ice cream would be tasty, I'll put that on this list of considerations. Thanks!



MMMMMmmmm....peanut butter cheesecake with a cookie crust? Sounds delicious! I will have to do that one for another special day. YUM. I'm compiling a list of great peanut butter recipes so I can continue to surprise him with goodies. Is it an online recipe?

Are you using natural crunchy peanut butter? I was thinking of making my own peanut butter to use in the cookies and was wondering if it would taste better than the commercial brands.

If I have time I am also going to make the reeses that will go in the ice cream, so the natural peanut butter will probably make those more "gourmetish" lol.

Foods salmon Feb 08 2012
21:01 (UTC)

This is the exact same way I cook it as well. Delicious, quick, and great for you!

Foods Nutrient Grade Feb 08 2012
21:00 (UTC)

 Could be a number of reasons. If there is no weight listed for your custom food, it can't judge the amount of nutrients in it I think. Did you fill out the entire nutrient table (in the drop down menu below the first?). That could cause it too.

Weight Loss Boob Size Jan 09 2012
21:48 (UTC)

I would disagree that VS is more about fashion. There are bras geared for fashion and those geared for comfort at the store. Most of the bras I sold to women were based on which of these they were looking for. I helped tons of women who never knew they were wearing the wrong size before, so I'd say they can help just as well as any other store. Also, when a new bra comes out the sales people are all given one so they can give their personal experiences on the bras, so that is nice when you want to know about a particular one.

The comfort bras are less expensive than the fashion ones, but it's still better to hit their sales. O_O

Weight Loss Boob Size Jan 09 2012
21:40 (UTC)

I used to work at Victoria's Secret, so maybe I can give you some advice.

You can ask a sales person to measure you, but you can also do this at home. At Victoria Secret we calculated sizes the exact same way this website tells you how: agename=fit_sizing

All you need is a cloth/plastic measuring tape meant for bodies. I bet there are youtube videos showing you how to do it too.

Next, just go to a few stores and try on what you measured. Some stores, even in the same size, fit WAY different than others so I'd try out several.

You can lose weight from your boobs, I know from experience.

Good luck and don't feel shy to send me a message if you have any questions about bras, I can try and share my VS knowledge.




Fitness Couch 2K? Jan 06 2012
02:51 (UTC)

I definitely recommend this. It's how I started jogging. My best friend lost about 50 lbs when she did this program. I'm running two of my other friends through the program right now and they are loving it as well. It's tough, but so worth it. I recommend doing it with a buddy if you can find one.

Fitness Warrior Dash in Minimalist Shoes? Jan 02 2012
04:38 (UTC)

Thanks for your input! I have to agree that I think Vibrams are actually BETTER than regular shoes when it comes to ankle movement and support, but this might just be my personal experience with them. I feel that my balance, grip, and all around flexibility foot wise is 100x better in my five fingers because of the movement they allow. So that part won't be a problem.

I guess I will try it in my VFFs then. The worst that can happen is I learn a lesson and learn to use regular jogging shoes. I can't be the only one who has wanted to do it in VFFs though.

Motivation Rant on 1200 Calories Dec 29 2011
20:54 (UTC)

I'm actually glad you made this post. After seeing so many low counts on the Calorie Camp I was starting to think I was crazy for my 1500. I see some people eating 1200 with over a 1000 calorie deficit and I'm like....really??? Don't you feel sick? I know I get sick if I eat so little, but that might just be me being sensitive. Plus, I enjoy eating.