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The Lounge The movie you are embarrassed to admit you enjoyed. Sep 02 2009
21:01 (UTC)

I can't think of one for me but my husband watched confessions of a shopaholic with me a few weeks ago and it was his choise.  He LOVED it but he will never admit that we've even watched it.

Foods FUNnel cake!!!! Aug 31 2009
02:43 (UTC)

Yum!  Maybe i'll make some funnel cake next week :p You've got me drooling now.

The Lounge i need a job Aug 25 2009
16:00 (UTC)

Thanks purespark and lysistrata for giving me hope.  That's exactly where I was going search, in financial services.  In my hometown their are actually three bank headquarters where I'm hoping to get my foot in the door.  They have jobs in banking, operations, accounting, investing, insurance, mortgages, customer service etc.  I don't know if it will matter at all but my friend from high school said she can give me an employee referall for one of the banks for whatever position I choose....

Well, the verdict is in.  I'll be moving September 15th or that weekend on the 19th.  Ahh, i'm nervous!

The Lounge i need a job Aug 24 2009
20:56 (UTC)

I'm definitely finishing college.  I'm taking a program online for now at least and I will either continue online or transfer to the campus when we move :)
I might do retail...whatever it takes.  I haven't looked for a job in so long though that I have no idea it is was going to be as hard as everyone is saying.  My husband is giving me tons of support.  I'm going to be living with his parents until we get on our feet and i'll be getting the majority of his checks, that's why i'm starting early is because he'll still be working so we'll have the extra money so this way it will be a lot less stressful than waiting until we're both unemployed.

The Lounge i need a job Aug 24 2009
16:13 (UTC)

Unfortunately, I can't wait until I finish my degree.  I wish I could but it won't work out.  I'm going to apply for the jobs I want first I guess but if they don't want me, i'm prepared to take anything

Young Calorie Counters Fast Food, Anyone? [: Aug 23 2009
15:27 (UTC)

I love Subway.  I get mine with no cheese and light mayo. 

Weight Loss Deficit of 250 calories per day Aug 22 2009
20:34 (UTC)

Don't eat less than 1200.  I'd say you should eat more.  Even 1500 and exercise to make a deficit.

Motivation Why are you trying to drop the poundage? Aug 22 2009
14:42 (UTC)

I want to be able to wear anything I want and have it look good on me. 

Health & Support 600 Calories a day, effects? Aug 22 2009
14:37 (UTC)

It is a very unhealthy habit.  500 calories is the amount of calories most people eat in a meal, not a day.

Maintaining 3000 calories?!!?! Aug 20 2009
23:37 (UTC)

According to depending if you're 'very active' or 'extra active' you should be eating between 2450 and 2670 so I guess it's close.  Are you active during the day too when you're not working out?

Foods Air-Popped Popcorn??? Aug 20 2009
20:40 (UTC)

Yum.  I have a popcorn poper or whatever.  You can buy them cheap.  I use mine at least 3x a week.

Weight Loss Total Weight, Body Fat, BMI? Aug 18 2009
18:37 (UTC)

I was wondering about this too.  I am 172, BMI of 25.2 and my body fat % gives me 34%.  I guess i'll have to get a caliper test done too.... 

Fitness To get a HR Monitor, or to not get a HR Monitor... Aug 18 2009
01:27 (UTC)

I have a polar f11 and can't live without it.  First, the elliptical and treadmill numbers are way off.  They're off from almost 100 calories per session.  Second, I love my specific hrm because it has a 'coach' which plans how many calories you burn weekly and its a big motivator for me to hit my goal

Fitness How often do you go to the gym? Aug 18 2009
00:31 (UTC)

I go to the gym about 6 days per week and do 45 minutes of cardio per day. :) 

Weight Loss How Have you broken a plateau? Aug 12 2009
01:41 (UTC)

I ate more.  I went from eating 1500 to 1800 and lost a pound after 2 days!

Motivation Fed up... Aug 11 2009
14:58 (UTC)

Maybe you can buy a food scale and think things out before you eat a bag of chips.  I never deprive myself, I just say if I want chips, i'll weigh out one serving and i'll have just that. 
I agree with the other people.  Find some food that works for you.  I eat healthy, sure, but I also have popcorn multiple times a week.  Its a great treat and I pop it myself so it can eat a huge amount of it if I want for under 200 calories. 

Motivation Post your before and afters! Aug 10 2009
16:04 (UTC)

This is my 'so far' picture.  The before was 235'ish and the after was 175.  I still want to get down to 150-155.  I don't think you can tell that much since I didn't purposely take the pictures to be before and after so they're not full body but I think you can still tell the difference. eller5187/beforeafter.png

The Lounge any Army wives out there? Aug 09 2009
02:03 (UTC)

I"m an army wife.  My husbands been in the army for 3 years now.  We're stationed in Ft. Bragg Nc

Weight Loss fixing a plateu Aug 08 2009
20:26 (UTC)

You think I should add 1/2 hour of cardio per workout session or  weekly? 
I've posted about my plateau before.  I started at 211'ish and i'm down to 173.  I do cardio 3-4 days a week and strength training about 2 days a week.  Cardio, i usually go on the elliptical, stair master or treadmill for 45 minutes.  Strength training- I do about 50lbs for arms, I do 3 sets of 10 then I do different leg exercises liek squats and lunges, 3 sets of 10.  

For diet, I eat 1600 calories spread throughout the day.  I always get fruits and veggies in and plenty of water.  My diet really varies but the calories always stay around 1600 except maybe up to 2000 one day per week