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Fitness What's the connection between exercise and meditation, if any? Jul 07 2008
18:55 (UTC)

I can kind of meditate when powerwalking but not really with anything else.  Running and bike riding require a lot more awareness of what's going on around me to really "meditate".  I do get runner's high from jogging but that's different. 

Fitness My goal is fat loss and total body fitness - is this a good exercise plan? Jul 07 2008
18:41 (UTC)

I would take out the elliptical on Thursday and call that another rest day.

Weight Loss Size 18/20 ladies! Jul 07 2008
16:41 (UTC)

I started the weight loss as an 18+.  I say that because I was mostly wearing sweat pants and men's clothing.  I actually moved from 18-14 by losing 8 pounds, from 186 to 178.  I originally started walking, then added jogging.  So, my waist and legs are a lot slimmer. 

Foods Mornings without caffiene? Jul 07 2008
16:28 (UTC)

What about tea? I am a coffee drinker but I like either Irish Breafast tea and now I'm drinking Morning Thunder (Celestial Seasonings). Lots of caffeine.

Foods I need healthy alternatives Jul 07 2008
16:26 (UTC)

Whole Foods does have a store brand version of natural peanut butter for $2. 

I use plain oatmeal and add wheat germ and brown sugar to mine, wheat germ and real maple syrup to my son's. 

Buy local honey. 

I use regular salad dressing at half the amount and add salsa to it. I did just buy a natural salad dressing mix  to add to plain yoghurt but I haven't tried it yet. 

I eat 7 Grain Oroweat bread.  No HFCS and 3 grams of fiber. 

I eat cheese sparingly these days. 

Foods Frozen bananas? Jul 07 2008
16:18 (UTC)

I'd been sticking them in ziplocks but that tupperware idea sounds better. I cut them up for smoothies too. 

I like the flavor of bananas but hate the texture of raw banana.  Frozen bananas blended in kefir and vanilla syrup is just like a shake, it's so good!.

Fitness zune or ipod for the gym? Jul 07 2008
16:12 (UTC)

I wear my Zune in a fanny pack.  I don't like the idea of not having my "stuff" with me so I run with my fanny pack too. 

Pregnancy & Parenting Single moms? Jul 07 2008
00:04 (UTC)

Yeah, I posted my story in my latest journal entry (because it does affect my eating and exercise) and some friends are telling me he'll come back if I don't want him. 
I kind of tried that in a half-arsed way but I guess I'll do it for real.  Not in a mind game sort of way but really make the break and do my own thing this time.  

What makes it complicated is that we're really making sure to play nice to avoid hurting our son.  But in the process we're confused by our own feelings and our son will be really confused when Fall/Winter comes around and we're not moving back in together. 
But in the long run, he'll know we tried our best and we did it for him.

Health & Support birth control pill Jul 06 2008
08:34 (UTC)

Depends on what pill you take.  I'm on Yaz and it controls my moods and eliminated my cramps.  This has led to a massive weight loss.  I can exercise finally.  It's approved for use to control PMDD, which is likely what I was suffering from.  (severe PMS)


Pregnancy & Parenting Single moms? Jul 06 2008
08:23 (UTC)

Lol, my husband announced he was leaving in late April, a few days later we were sleeping together and when he moved out we started "dating" and planning to move back in.  Today he announced he doesn't want to move back together and doesn't want to see me "that way" any more. 

Boo hoo.  I would like to know how to move on as well.  I never, ever thought I would be calling myself, "single mom".  I'm fully in love with my husband.  He just doesn't feel in love with me. 

Been married 11 years, mother of 8 year old.  He actually believes that Mom and Dad will get back together because of the way we interact. 

Weight Loss Who blew thier diet for the 4th? Jul 06 2008
06:54 (UTC)

I tried to blow it but ended up coming up with a large deficit.  I had a good healthy breakfast and lunch.  I always go out on Fridays to eat with a club I belong to.  This Friday it was pizza and I ate a lot of it.  But I still ended up with 1600-1700 calories and I rode my bike a lot so I really didn't "cheat". 

For me, back on the wagon would be to go back to 500 calorie deficits and eating around 1700 calories on work out days.  I'm running really low these days. 

Weight Loss Are You Happier After Weight Loss? Jul 06 2008
05:19 (UTC)

For me, my weight was a symptom of my poor life choices and mental health issues.  So, losing the weight and regaining cardio fitness is a "symptom" of me regaining control of that part of myself. 

When I was thin, I didn't like being thin.  When I was fat, I didn't really care until I realized I had lost control of my health and gave into the image issues. 

Fitness Blac/Purple toenails... freaking the flock out... Jul 06 2008
04:22 (UTC)

I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.  I got the purple toenail within days of starting to run for the first time.  It can be several different things (bad shoes, tight shoes/laces) but for me it was just an injury where the nail was separated and the skin bruised under.  The nail is still damaged and looks weird, 2 months later. 

Either way, purple toenail is very common.

Foods Eggs in a Carton - Your thoughts? Jul 06 2008
04:14 (UTC)

I really tried egg whites but just didn't see the benefit for the cost or taste.  The only way I'd see a protein benefit is if I put them in smoothies and I don't like that idea.  I loved eating big omelets, fried eggs or scrambles and if I'm really craving a hearty egg breakfast, I'll go for that.  I don't like substituting "diet food". 

The Lounge Disturbance of the Peace: New Neighbors Jul 05 2008
07:36 (UTC)

Let me tell what I did last week.  New neighbors moved in, the 2nd night (technically the 3rd morning) I hear horrendous shouting and banging on my walls, doors slamming,  things sounding like they're being thrown.  People shouting, "Get over here!" over and over, dropping the "F Bomb" over and over. running, then, "Get off of me!!!" for like 45 minutes at 3-4am in the morning!!!

I'm frightened because it's fighting and I live in a very "armed" town.  I hear the sliding glass door opening and screaming/yelling outside, "Get over here!, Come here" over and over.  Then it's quiet for about 30-60minutes (I can't really tell) but it's around 5am the next round of the same thing going on. 

So, I go to my landlord Monday morning and say that I want a month to month lease and  I will be looking for a new place immediately (I've lived here 2 years and was about to sign another lease).  I explain exactly why.  She immediately called the tenants and told them about the complaints and sent them a 10 day cease/desist letter.  Meaning if there is one more complaint about them, they can be evicted. 

No cops involved, it's a breech of their lease that most rentals make you sign now.  Later they said that it was friends, not them and they tried to quell the fighting.  Whatever.  I was very happy with my landlord. 

The Lounge Do you feed your dog off the table? Scary! Jul 05 2008
06:57 (UTC)

My dog is turning really finicky in his old age.  During the wet dog food scare, I started making people dog food.  Hush puppies are a good treat (they were originally made for dogs).  He likes to have oatmeal mixed in his food too.  I get a dog gravy to pour on his food, it's actually a "supplement".  Throwing in a raw egg or egg whites on the food. 

He begs no matter what, even though I never fed him from the table or taught him to beg.  He's a lab, that's what they do. 

My parents spoiled their dogs so badly that they ran to the kitchen everytime the microwave bell went off.  I'd ring it just to tease them.  They also learned to suck in their guts so their ribs would show and make a choking/wheezing sound so they could make you feel guilty and sorry and feed them. 

Fitness Early Morning Runners -Support Group ( : Jul 05 2008
00:15 (UTC)

For your friend in the hot climate, I have found that sunset is a really refreshing time to run.  It's actually hotter than sunrise/7am but feels cooler because of the breeze and location of the sun.  I'm in Tucson AZ.  


As far as the bathroom issues go, I don't know if you meant #1 or #2 but I have a big problem #2. Embarassed No matter how I time my eating and bathroom breaks, I often have to go really bad once I'm out there.  I jog in the park where there are restrooms but it hits me so fast that it's always a closecall and very uncomfortable.  The only thing that really helps is doing some kind of jumprope or jumping jacks at home to check if I need to go or not.  It seems the up and down movement beyond walking really affects me.  I seem to have a hyperactive bowel. TMI!!!

As far as #1 goes, I had that problem at first because I was drinking so much water and it was really a dramatic change.  So, even if I went potty before, I'd have to during and right afterwards too.  I don't get that anymore. 

I change my playlist on my Zune frequently as my needs change.  I had a fantastic playlist for walking that didn't work at all for jogging.  Then I had some good tunes for jogging but after a while didn't inspire to me to further.  Now I have a really dynamite playlist.  But I will change it once the combo doesn't work anymore. 

Foods Green tea makes me feel sick Jul 04 2008
23:20 (UTC)

That's weird, this is the first discussion I've heard about it and yet it happens to me too.  For me it's the odd taste.  I just don't like it and won't drink it.

Antioxidants are in so many things, I don't see the point in looking to any "one special item" to get them.  Anyhow, I just bought Morning Thunder (Black tea and Mate) and that's just fine for me. 

Foods Why is everyone buying into the 100 calorie pack hype???? Jul 04 2008
23:07 (UTC)

I try to use reusable containers and reuse ziploc baggies.  But where are the 100 calorie packages going? lol, The only single serve things I buy are tuna cans and Pringles for my son.  Otherwise that stuff goes to waste.  We don't buy 100 calorie packages ever.  It's a bad idea and expensive too. 


Weight Loss Is anyone [15lbs by aug 25] Jul 04 2008
22:23 (UTC)

My weigh in days have been Fridays but I found a new scale that seems to be calibrated the same as the former one. 

SW 6/26 was 161

CW 7/4 is 158

Down 3 lbs! 

GW for Aug is 146, and final GW is 139