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Weight Loss does TANNING burn calories?? Dec 19 2007
21:47 (UTC)
I'm sure it's right that you will definitely lose weight as a consequence of using tanning beds/booths. 

When you're throwing up and have no appetite due to the chemotherapy to try to cure the cancer you will eventually get, then you'll certainly lose weight!

If you put false tan on before bed, sleep in old cotton pj's then shower in the morning, you will not smell bad but you will have a lovely colour. Far better to have soft supple tan coloured skin than to have leathery tough tanned skin with holes from melanomas.
Weight Loss Curious about autism May 06 2007
09:28 (UTC)
My son has Aspergers Syndrome too.  He's 15.5yrs old and is an absolute nightmare to feed.  He's very limited choice of foods and very specific, i.e. will only eat pizza from 1 shop and just 1 type, will not eat any vegetables whatsoever, will only eat when he is hungry!!  Now while this may be a good thing, not for him as he goes all day without eating and then says he's not hungry!!! How can this be?

Yesterday he announced that as he'd had something to eat for lunch, he wasn't going to eat until tomorrow (i.e. today!!!)  He just didn't seem to be bothered to eat!!!

He will eat a massive amount of breakfast cereal, i.e.. half a box of a particular cereal but then doesn't have any lunch.

He is very slim but I do notice that he leaves a mess in the toilet following BM which is obviously due to the very poor diet he has.

I applaud you for being concerned about your diet and recognising the need for healthy eating.  I seriously worry about my son developing bowel cancer in later years because of his awful food choices but anybody who knows anything about Aspergers will understand how impossible it is to change his mind about food. 
Weight Loss What percent of your body have you lost? Apr 20 2007
13:19 (UTC)

BMI down from 38.8 to 34.4
Weight Loss Day 1 Apr 18 2007
21:56 (UTC)
Hiya and welcome to CC

I hope you do well and enjoy the site.

Good luck.
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Apr 17 2007
23:16 (UTC)

40yrs old

5ft 3"

Medium Frame

Hour Glass Figure (underneath the blubber)

2 Children

Starting Weight: 219lb (16th Jan 07)

Current Weight: 194lb (27lb weight loss to date)

Goal Weight: 140lb

Likes: Swimming, Running, Irish Dancing, Hill Walking, Badminton, Squash, Camping, Eating Out, Wine, Cider, Dark Rum, Indian Food.
Weight Loss Having Major Sweet Cravings Apr 14 2007
09:51 (UTC)
I think what works for me is to get active and not with the sweet tin!!

Go for a brisk walk or a swim, whatever you can manage but that will not only rid you of the cravings but will also help to shed the pounds too.
Weight Loss I'm Desperate Now.....Please Help!!! Apr 13 2007
09:53 (UTC)
Thank you to all who posted to help me out.

I indulged in some lovely sweet strawberries and a glass of water.  This did the trick for me last night and I managed a binge free night.  So glad I decided to look on here for help rather than the cupboards.

I have also got a lot of ideas to help me realign my approach to healthy eating.  I recognise that I don't drink nearly half as much water when I'm out of work so I need to work on that.  I think if I continually fill up a sports top bottle with water, then I'm more likely to drink the RDA.  Also I am thinking about adding some more whole grain types of foods into my regime, particularly around lunch time so that I don't crave in the early evening before dinner.
Weight Loss Rate of Weight Loss after Binging? Apr 13 2007
09:44 (UTC)
I'm hoping to shed another 47lb having already shed 25lb since Jan 16th this year.

What is worrying me A LOT about this thread is that there is a common theme.  Friends here seem to be restrictive on what they are eating to achieve their weight loss and then go on a massive uncontrolled binge and gain back some of that weight loss.  I would have thought that if we are following the good practice that CC promote, then we should really be able to eat whatever food we like but control the number of calories.  i.e. we can have a chocolate bar or a burger etc... but if we count in the calories and balance that out over the remainder of the foods consumed and also undertake some exercise then we should still lose weight and change the way we eat for life!

It appears that a lot of people go on a diet, lose the weight and then struggle to maintain. 
Weight Loss I'm Desperate Now.....Please Help!!! Apr 12 2007
20:05 (UTC)
Hey Jenmcc, you've given me a great idea for an alternative lunch.  I absolutely love brocolli, especially stir fried with fresh root ginger in a little sesame oil, it's delicious, even eaten cold.

I don't generally have a lot of dairy, the milk generally being the only dairy I tend to have in a day.  I'm being honest about the ham, I was getting food out of the fridge to cook the stir fry for tonights dinner and just picked at a piece of the open ham pkt.  I don't like yoghurt.  The only other dairy I like is cheese but I don't tend to go for that due to the fat.

I do also tend to steer clear of bread and I'm not a peanut butter fan.  The rice is a great idea though, maybe I could combine with the brocolli for an alternative lunch and throw in some more veggies.
Weight Loss I'm Desperate Now.....Please Help!!! Apr 12 2007
20:00 (UTC)
I don't tend to change my foods very much.  I have always  been satisfied to eat the same foods over and over again.  I can see that I am a little short on cals today so I am rectifying that. 

I wonder if it could have been because of the amount of alcohol I drank last week?  I am ashamed to admit that I stood in the supermarket this very afternoon drooling over a bottle of wine, reading the back and it was half price on offer, a very good wine too but I thought actually resisted.
Weight Loss I'm Desperate Now.....Please Help!!! Apr 12 2007
19:51 (UTC)
Thank you for your prompt replies.

The two numbers is the amount and then the calories.  It's copied directly from my log hence the awful format of it.

One thing I did omit to mention is that during normal working hours (Have been on annual leave for over 1 week now) I drink copious amounts of water (we have a fountain in the office) but today I've only had 2 glasses and 2 cups of earl grey tea (no milk or sugar).  I therefore think Manewell that you have hit the nail on the head.  It's only since you mentioned it that I've thought back over the day.

I'll have a kiwi fruit and failing that satisfying me, I'll start a munching on celery...oh and a few more glasses of water.

Thanks again guys for your help.
Foods All bran high fibre Apr 12 2007
08:27 (UTC)
I've tried this in the past and I find it a bit like eating cardboard!!!  I therefore go for ASDA's own brand of Bran Flakes.  They're very tasty to eat, even my 5yr old daughter loves them (without sugar too!!)
Weight Loss General Motors Diet Apr 10 2007
08:58 (UTC)
I may have this wrong, please feel free to correct me.  This is not a DIET website but a HEALTHY WAY OF LIVING website.


Why are peeps posting about diets and fad ones at that?

I and doubtless many other peeps use this site to help educate myself about a healthy lifestyle which includes healthier ways of eating and exercising etc...  I use this site for motivation and support and to keep myself focused on my goals. 

I am in agreement with Bigtwinky on this one.

Posting about such silly diets could be enough of a temptation to countless numbers of us who are trying very hard to change our lives for good.  Posting about these fad diets could, in a moment of weakness, send us off track and onto the road we've been on so many times before.

Rant over!
Weight Loss Hollywood's Hottest Diet!!! Apr 03 2007
12:44 (UTC)
Fantastic post and totally underpins why I've just enjoyed my lunch of 4oz cooked white rice, iceberg lettuce, 4oz tuna in brine, 4oz sweetcorn, 1 cup cucumber with peel and 3tbsp viniagrette dressing all mixed up.  Simply delicious, nutritious, filling and not an item of diet anything in site but hey, I've lost 23.5lbs in 10 weeks so this new healthy way of life farrrrrrr outweighs 6lb in 1 week.  (probably on water weight anyway!!)
Foods How much is a cup?? Apr 02 2007
16:47 (UTC)
I have a really good set of electronic scales which measure in either ounces or gramms.

The problem is that on the food lists, the nutritional value is normally for a cup of rice but it doesn't state whether or not it's cooked weight!!  Same with pasta and probably other items I've not yet looked up.

I'm happy to weigh the food and then transfer it to a cup so I will know how much I can have without having to get the scales out every time but I need to know if it's cooked or uncooked weight it's referring to.

Foods How much is a cup?? Apr 02 2007
13:14 (UTC)
When I look up the calorific values of say pasta or rice, it doesn't actually say whether or not it's a dry/uncooked weight. 

I can easily work out how to measure given the help from Lambea but I need to understand if it's cooked or uncooked weight!!

Thanks again
Weight Loss I'm new - Guide me gurus! Apr 01 2007
10:03 (UTC)
Hey that's what we're here for, to support each other.

I'm lying in my bed now with this laptop and planning my meals for the day.  I'll also plan my meals for the week later and buy in the foods I need so I don't have any excuses.

There is a motto I heard a good few years ago and it's so true, you may have heard it.


I tend to look at my plan now to include roughly the number of calories I need to keep my body functioning and healthy.  I vary it just to keep the interest and to get the all round variety of nutrients although I may well repeat a previous weeks plan.

Breakfasts are easy, they don't need any thought which is ideal when you don't have much time before leaving for work.  Weekends though are a little more relaxed.  Saturday's I normally stick to the cereal as we're up and out shopping or doing other things.  Sunday however is normally more relaxed like today.  It's 10am here and I'm thinking about what I'm going to have for breakfast.  I think it's going to be a mushroom & onion omlette!!  I fry off the onion and mushrooms in a non-stick pan with a couple of sprays of fry light oil (1 calorie per spray) so negligible really.  I use 2 eggs with a drop of semi skimmed milk to mix, I add mixed herbs and black pepper to the egg before dry frying it, I turn it over and then place it on a plate, fill one half with the mushroom & onion mixture then fold it over and it's delicious and keeps me going for hours!!!
Fitness A little sweat each day, keeps the pounds away! How much can you do? Apr 01 2007
09:50 (UTC)
Ah go on then, I'll give it a go.

Just lying here in bed having just weighed in and lost 2.5lbs making a 23.5lb total in 10 weeks, I've sort of given myself a mini target of losing 7lb in April and also I want to start running again.

I went swimming yesterday, did around 50 lengths and my arms are aching but that could be due to the lawn mowing before I went!

I'm aiming to go a lot of gardening today and valeting my car so should burn off a fair number of calories there plus all that exercising of muscles.

Will let you know how the days goes later.
Weight Loss I'm new - Guide me gurus! Apr 01 2007
09:44 (UTC)
Hi there,

I don't say the cokes have to go but my personal choice is that we just don't have them.

Food:  If you look through the foods listed on this site, you'll get an idea of what is healthy and what's not. 

I stick to a breakfast cereal for breakfast (usually bran flakes), salad with tuna, salmon or lean ham for lunch (usually have a dressing too but not too much) and then tea is normally a stir fry with chicken or prawns, tonnes of veggies and a table spoon of oil.  That way I'm getting essential fats, carbs & fibre from the vegies, protein and carbs from breakfast cereal.

I also make a curry (low fat recipie) for tea and put plenty of mushrooms, brocolli, onion and other veggies to bulk it out so we don't need as much rice with it. 

I do also eat some weight watchers meals for lunch at times (for convenience) but generally try to stick to a salad.

Tea some nights will be a baked potato, veggies of some sorts and either fish or chicken.

I snack on fresh fruit throughout the day.

If I get peckish, I keep slim-a-soup cup a soups in my desk at work and cupboards at home so I can have something hot (which normally makes you feel full) and tasty to take away the hunger pangs until my next meal.
Weight Loss I'm new - Guide me gurus! Apr 01 2007
09:17 (UTC)
Losing the weight and more importantly keeping it off will be much easier if you change your lifestyle, i.e. your diet!!  Eat healthy and then you can lead by example when your son is making food choices later on.

Re the drinks, I just don't like the idea of consuming chemicals in liquid form even if they are low cal or cal free.  Our bodies need water to survive and to be healthy so I can't see the point of pumping them with alternatives.  Water can taste so good when it's chilled, honestly give it a go.

I also agree with you about losing the weight for health reasons and listen to your wife, she's obviously got a good head on her shoulders, use her for support to.

Good luck