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Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Jan 14 2013
21:50 (UTC)

The audition went very well and she was accepted into the dance program. It's now her second choice. She's still waiting to hear from her top pick, Barnard since she was deferred for early admission. If she goes to IU, she'll also be a freshman in September.

It was warm here on Saturday so I went out for about an hour. So out of shape. I went out again on Sunday but it was much colder and I didn't dress appropriately so I only stayed out a short time because it looked like rain and I didn't want to get wet.


Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Nov 05 2012
17:58 (UTC)
Got out Saturday and today. First time the weather has permitted it since last Friday before the hurricane. It's cold. Had snow this morning but not enough to do anything but sting my face. The rest of the week is looking warmer. Going to Bloomington, IN on Thursday and Friday for daughter's audition for the dance program ar IU and I'm taking my bike. Anybody in that area? I'd like to relive the movie Breaking Away. ;)
Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Oct 26 2012
16:31 (UTC)

trh: That's the kind of advice I was looking for.  That's very helpful.  Today I tried a new route that I hoped would be pretty hilly. Turned out to be 17 miles with the first part uphill but when I turned off the highway things flattened out and I ended up with a lot more downhill at the end. I was actually excited when I got to a hill. Next time I'll figure out a better route. Unfortunately, we're going to get some of that big storm coming in and there's snow in the forecast for Sunday. I'll have to go to the Y to ride the stationary bike for a few days.

festering: I'm afraid 60 miles would take up my entire day and I'd be reluctant to do it by myself. There are a number of riding groups around here but I don't relish being left behind when they take off. I'd have to find something at my level and that's a bit harder. I'll have to ask around.

Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Oct 25 2012
17:44 (UTC)

Hey, thanks for the welcome and the advice. I also discovered that keeping your tires properly inflated works wonders. Who'da guessed, right? I can change up my routes to include hills and headwinds quite easily. Today was one of those headwind days, it seemed they were coming from both directions. It was absolutely beautiful though and probably our last warm day of the year. My routes now include maybe one or two pretty steep hills but the rest is fairly flat. I know that the equipment plays a big role in speed too and I got the lightest bike I felt I could afford (DH was shocked I spent what I did) and I love the fit so I'm going to do the best I can with what I have for now.

I'm building up to lengthier rides, it's just finding the time. I take 2 hours to do 30 miles and that's a big chunk out of the day. But that's good since when I started riding again last year, I was doing good to ride 6 to 10 miles at a time.

Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Oct 24 2012
17:26 (UTC)

Neat thread. I've been looking for some chitchat about cycling for a while now. I got back on my bike last year after not riding for years and years. Mainly because I keep getting bored doing walking, ellipticals, stationary bikes, treadmills and running hurts. I use to bike everywhere before DH and I moved from California and the children came along. I started out with a huge, heavy comfort bike and rode it last summer until I maxed out what I could do on it and then this year I bought a Specialized Sirrus Elite hybrid. I love the bike. I'm biking about 25 to 30 miles a day all over Northwest PA, along the lake and a bit into the hills south of the lake. Last Saturday I did a 20 mile group ride to raise money for the YMCA. It was fun, muddy and challenging since I don't normally do a lot of hills. Mostly I ride by myself. I also was wondering if anybody had tips on improving performance. I seem to have hit a plateau and I want to go faster.  Ever faster. ;) I average about 15 mph and really want to get that higher.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 15 2011
01:28 (UTC)

Okay, not even going to try and catch up.  lol  You guys are chatty.

Had a good day except that son's laptop went down and just got a call from Best Buy that they couldn't recover anything from the hard drive. He was very upset because of course he hadn't backed it up.  I'm not sure what's going to happen  with it now.  They'll replace the hard drive but we don't have any back up disks.  Didn't get any when we bought it and I don't know if they'll believe that.  Sigh.

We did go to TGI Fridays for dinner and I had a pasta dish that was just nasty.  Probably a good thing since I left half of it or more and it was oily and yucky. We then headed to the chocolate and ice cream shop and had cones while it poured rain.  We were sitting outside but didn't move inside since it was such a nice evening despite the rain.

And now it's time for bed. 

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 13 2011
22:42 (UTC)

Chrissy: I may have exaggerated a bit about hubby.  When he decides to do something, he does it the best he can and sticks to it.  I tend to go great guns at the start and then find excuses to stop.  And it doesn't bother me.  I'm glad he's thin.  He has a family history of high blood pressure and cholesterol so watching his intake is for his health.  And he's always been thin too. 

So I'm spending the afternoon watching bad disaster movies on SyFy.  It's great fun. Last week was volcanoes, this week it's meteors and bad weather. 

And I'm also putting pins in my voodoo dolls of all of you... no, wait, that's not me...

Lunch was another pretzel and a slice of cheese and dinner was a strawberry chicken salad from Panera and a baguette for my side.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 13 2011
19:22 (UTC)

It sounds like our pizzas are similar.  I don't prebake but I use to.  That might be an idea to try out again.

White whole wheat (I get King Arthur Brand) is exactly the same as whole wheat except it's lighter in color and texture.  It tastes a bit lighter too so I can use it in everything I use all purpose flour in and it doesn't upset anybody like for gravies and sauces and things. 

Megan: My husband is nearly as Obsessive compulsive about exercise and stuff as John.  He's quite slim and in good shape and eats my cooking.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 13 2011
15:53 (UTC)

Good morning.  It's warm again.  Sigh.

No weigh-in this morning.  Too bloated from the nachos last night.  I made waffles this morning, used egg beaters and white whole wheat flour instead of half and half and added some flax meal. Tasty and about 250 calories each.

  • Do you make your own crust? Yes.  I make it from white whole wheat.
  • Or use wraps or pita breads? Sometimes I use Flatouts to make Mexican Pizzas.
  • What are your favorite toppings? I like just about everything except anchovies.  I generally use mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli, and onion.
  • Do you like the crust soft or crispier? I like a nice combo of crispy and soft.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.  DH and I have been married for 29 years.  Seems like yesterday.  We have no plans but we might go out for dinner.  We don't exchange gifts, never have.  Weird, I know.

And it's time for that dreaded school shopping.   


Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
23:59 (UTC)

What am I going to do this weekend? Go back to school shopping.  Yuck. And clean house.  I need to recycle old shoes and clothing.  I have all these school uniforms that are in good shape but it's so much easier to put them in a bag and drop them in the recycle box then to haul them to the nearest Plato's Closet and sell them.  And shoes, I'm so glad I can recycle them because I hate throwing good shoes out even though I know I'll never wear them again. And daughter's dance directer keeps giving her her old shoes.  Sheesh, that woman has more shoes than Imelda Marcos.

Just got back from dinner at Max and Erma's.  I had the Nachos Grandes and I ate the whole thing.  Normally, I eat half and bring half home but I just sat down and ate it all.  So... at about 1000 cals, I'm done for the day.  Good thing I had the room for it.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
22:00 (UTC)

Megs: The Help is supposed to be really good.  Daughter and I will probably see it.  Might drag my mom along.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
20:43 (UTC)

Chrissy: I don't remember.  But since I'm cheap it probably only was about $20. I got it at Target.  I had an oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie.  We have a cookie store that sells some of the yummiest cookies. We were downtown the other day and stopped in a got a dozen of mixed cookies including Rocky Road, Monster, oatmeal/chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, chocolate with caramel. 

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
20:29 (UTC)

Amy: Unfortunately, yes.  I would recommend a Health-o-meter over any of the other brands.  Chrissy's sounds really similar but looks completely different.  Mine is old fashioned looking but has all the bells and whistles including up to 5 people can keep their stats on it.  It's kept track of my weight and stuff for 6 years and it's all still there.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
20:18 (UTC)

Chrissy and Amy: I have a Health-O-Meter that I've had for 6 years or so and it's been amazingly accurate.  Gives the exact same weight no matter how many times you step on and off.  Weighs preweighed items accurately.  I wish it was still available.  We have one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that's German and is suppose to give you all kinds of measurements but it weighs light and the other measurements except BMI are iffy. Waste of good money. 

Okay, the kitchen table is cleaned off and we can eat on it again.  Now for the rest of the room.  Had a cookie as a reward.  My mom is coming for a visit and the whole house needs a going over. Bleah.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
18:30 (UTC)

Megs and Chrissie: It was Mexican Four Cheese.  And I added grapes to it to get the calories up since it logged in at only about 380. Oh, and the CC iPhone app is awesome now.  I remember flipping out because the new app was so horrible.  They've fixed it and it works great.  Even includes a scanning part so you can scan price codes.

Megs: I don't understand why the guy would think it was appropriate to be inappropriate to a courier but not okay with a lawyer.  It should be inappropriate with both.  Job level should have nothing to do with it.  Steps down off my soapbox.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
17:48 (UTC)

John: I used a slide rule in middle school and quite possibly high school.  My brother got a TI calculator when he went into college and it was a HUGE deal.  My parents spent a ton of money on it. Heinlein called them slip sticks in his juvenile fiction which I always thought was insanely cool.

Maddy: Sorry to hear that about your ex.  That can set you reeling. 

Lunch: One of those little flip over Flatouts with a scoop of refried beans, black beans, 1/2 cup egg beaters, mushrooms, cheese and salsa all toasted up in the toaster.  I was cleaning out the fridge a little.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
14:42 (UTC)

Megan: My first Mac was a 512k. It didn't have a hard drive and used teeny floppy disks. You had to put the OS (2.0 I think) on the floppy and load it each time.  It had one disk drive and you had to buy a second one if you didn't want to get into the infinite loop when loading other programs.  It had a tiny black and white screen but it ran MacWrite, MacPaint and some games.  It was all we needed at the time. And get off my lawn! ^^ It's still in the attic.  It probably still works...if you have the time to wait for it to boot up and load the system.  I was just telling my daughter how lucky she is to have the internet and computers for school.  She had to do a book analysis over the summer and I basically told her what the book meant (even though I hadn't read it) and she didn't believe me so she looked it up on the internet.  When we were doing that, we had to go into the classroom hoping we got it right and risking ridicule from the teacher and class.  I like the iPad because of the internet access and being able to carry around 5 1000 page books at once.  Plus it looks good.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
14:23 (UTC)

Good morning, everyone.  It's still nice and cool today.  Didn't have the fan on during the night like we've been doing.

141.0 today.

Breakfast: Multibran Chex, Smart Bran, strawberries, blueberries and milk.  Banana.

Megan: Daughter and I are the biggest Apple geeks alive, I think.  I've been using Apple products since 1985.  We do have PCs in the house but only two and one is my hubby's work computer. We have iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, PowerPC desktop, an old iMac that still works, and an iPad (a gift) which I love.  I got a free Kindle for staying at a hotel during a promotion on  I like the iPad so much better.  

John: Chocolate Silk Pie. Mmmmm.  So rich and creamy. *drools*

Rebecca: Wow, classy outfit.  Sounds gorgeous.  And that's a good idea to eat a good breakfast before being confronted by that other kind of food.

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 12 2011
01:07 (UTC)

John: I think the link leads to everyone's individual galleries because it definitely leads to mine.  Thanks for My great grandmother was Czech.  A Bohemian.  I think that's where my Grandmother learned to make Kolaches. 

Chrissy: I'd describe Kolaches more like a nice sweet yeast bread.  Chewy.  I haven't thought of them in years and years.

Lavender: You'll love the MacBook Pro.  <3 mine. 

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Aug 11 2011
23:23 (UTC)

Yeah, the link wouldn't take. Try this... erpics.php?count=59

I think you can figure out which piccy to click on.  ;)