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Young Calorie Counters Calling any Boys Out there!!! Feb 28 2012
15:35 (UTC)

This is my post and happy to say my son is now 17 and has lost 75 pounds using calorie count solely and healthy eating.

Weight Loss Part of what I'm up against Feb 28 2012
15:25 (UTC)

Lol, I had to laugh looking at the picture of the food.  I am also in the O&G, and work with young people that their metabolism is moving faster than a bullet, and mine is like the bullet that hit the wall.  I travel and find it hard to eat at regular intervals. CC, has helped me lose 25 pounds a few years ago, and time to do it again. 

Foods is there such thing as low(ish) cal cookies?? Nov 06 2009
15:30 (UTC)

I make homemade oatmeal cookies and allow myself a couple a day. Remember when you make them at  home the plus is you are not using any preservatives, they are fresh and you know what you put in them.  I use cranberries alot.

The Lounge Yorkies Apr 09 2008
01:27 (UTC)

yes I have one and right now I just told her she was the craziest thing I have every seen.  Her name is little nana .  She was my dads dog, he died in 06 and she is my little buddy, but the biggest witch.

The Lounge My kids were in a vehicle accident...what would you do? Apr 08 2008
22:29 (UTC)

I think i read a post that said call the police in your town, call the police in both yours and his, the may go have a look for themselves and give you some peace of mind.  Good Luck and i will pray for them.

The Lounge School Apr 08 2008
19:21 (UTC)

If you had just came to the test practice you could have had some. lol

Weight Loss The #1 problem I see on Calorie Count - Undereating Apr 08 2008
19:09 (UTC)


Young Calorie Counters Calling any Boys Out there!!! Apr 08 2008
18:47 (UTC)

Yes he is obese, and before he became obese  he had severe allergies and several health issues.  Now he is 14 and has just lead an inactive lifestyle because of these issues and now we pay!! So it is time for him to strap on some boots and get the weight off - and dragging him to the gym did not work. He hates sports - but i feel it is because of his weight,  I am very in tune with nutrients needs,  I am just failing at getting him motivated.  And he friends are just as inactive as he is.  We do NOT buy junk food and never have - obesity in my genes, dads genes, everywhere,  but you can break the unhealthy habits.  I just thought if there was a group of young boys on the site it might help - I try and will continue to try everything.

Foods How many calories Apr 08 2008
01:17 (UTC)

thanks I would still be looking at the  site to find it.Laughing

Weight Loss Am losing weight but hubby not happy about it? Apr 01 2008
19:03 (UTC)

your body will be with you forever - and him? do it FOR YOU

Weight Loss What's going on with my body? Overate and loose weight? Apr 01 2008
18:54 (UTC)

I have experienced the samething from time to time.  I eat like a horse and think oh hell i have gained 5 pounds - and come Monday i have lost.  I exercise then sometimes go for days and dont get to.  but i feel like my metabolism has increased and thats why the burn. good luck i have lost 20 to start and would like to lose at least 15 more - not in a big hurry - eating right and feeling great is more important to me.

Health & Support I think counting calories makes me binge! Mar 28 2008
21:48 (UTC)

Well said Abigail.

Fitness Push past the burn or not? Oct 30 2007
13:57 (UTC)
rest you only have one set of legs!!!
Weight Loss Cheat day Oct 05 2007
02:31 (UTC)
I havent had one yet but sun i am going to eat at pAPPADEUX'S SEAFOOD - HOPING I CAN STAY IN RANGE. 
Weight Loss Help! What am I doing wrong? Oct 03 2007
22:45 (UTC)
Yep - I am a big girl 180 5'6 large frame, I was exercising my rear off.  I eat no CRAP FOOD.  Nothing was moving,  Currently staying under 1200 cal.  and finally the earth is moving.
Weight Loss weight gain after indulging in 4 beers? Oct 01 2007
01:35 (UTC)
Good thing - smart girl beer is way less than a margarita!!
Fitness preferred protein drinks? Oct 01 2007
00:42 (UTC)
Try edge - the are low carb and very high protein, only 110 calories and seem to give me the just right feeling before a workout and sometimes after!!!!