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The Lounge Does your dog lick your feet? Jun 09 2015
20:02 (UTC)

Our "Sparky" licks my husbands legs and feet for hours; but is happy with just stealing my socks. 

The Lounge Belly buttons Aug 04 2014
19:55 (UTC)


The Lounge Workout Jams Jun 25 2014
20:59 (UTC)

A couple of my favorites are "Muevelo" by Pachanga featuring the Kumbia Kings and "5 Letras" by Alexis & Fido.

The Lounge The cost of living the dream Apr 04 2014
16:30 (UTC)

I think working at NASA would be totally awesome! Not as a rocket scientist or anything like that, but as an admin assistant with my own office. Ya, that would suffice.

The Lounge Wierd question about panties... for the ladies Mar 20 2014
19:31 (UTC)

Try Soma.  Love 'em!

The Lounge If you could make a sign... Mar 06 2014
20:14 (UTC)

For crying out loud... CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!

The Lounge New COSMOS series starts Sunday on Fox Mar 06 2014
20:01 (UTC)

YES!  I will be watching for sure!

The Lounge Old Obscure Sitcoms I Miss Jan 17 2014
21:03 (UTC)

Duke's of Hazard

The Lounge waivers - are they air-tight? Aug 27 2013
20:21 (UTC)

What if the heat from the pepper didn't harm you, but you contracted a foodborne illness from an employee who did not wash his/her hands after returning from the restroom?

The Lounge Sometimes I'm surprised my child is still alive Aug 23 2013
19:44 (UTC)

Back in the day we would ride our bikes all over town.  No worries.  However, if there ever was a problem, you would search for the house that had the sign in the window "block mother" in it; and you knew it was safe to knock on that door.

The Lounge Do you wash your fresh produce? Jul 24 2013
19:10 (UTC)

I always think of the person (or persons) who picked up the fruit, examined it, and put it back only a minute or two before I got there and decided I wanted that exact piece of fruit. 

It is the thought of those people sneezing into their hands; leaving the restroom without washing their hands, touching their grocery cart handles, making a call on their cell phones, touching door knobs, wiping their child's nose, picking their ear wax......etc...etc...etc.. makes me wash my produce thoroughly before eating it.

The Lounge Bad drivers - let us mock them May 22 2013
20:38 (UTC)

TailGaters!  And drivers who do not turn INTO their own lane, but rather turn into the FAR lane!  Of course, they did get their license from a cracker jack box; so you really can't blame them.

The Lounge what's the funniest thing you saw today? Apr 03 2013
20:03 (UTC)

I saw a video on you tube of "screaming goats" today.  Freaking hilarious!

The Lounge Nudity in films Apr 03 2013
19:57 (UTC)

Its in the movie Django...sort've.....well, upside-down anyway.

Weight Loss I'm so glad I grew up in the 80's/90's Feb 20 2013
15:22 (UTC)

I remember being in Jr. High school (8th grade) in 1979.  And my friend would not eat lunch so she could lose weight.  So, not wanting to be the "uncool" girl, I skipped lunch too.  However, I also remember when I got home from school, I inhaled 2 large bowls of cereal because I was so hungry.  lol.  I was average weight because I also was outside A LOT playing, riding my bike, etc.

Weight Loss Zumba?? Jan 24 2013
19:02 (UTC)

Wow!  I instruct Zumba and go to other classes.  Granted I am 46 y.o., but doing more than 60 mins of hard-core Zumba 4 times a week is all I can handle.  Kuddos to you doing 99 minutes, six times week.

The Lounge My favorite Christmas presents growing up - what were yours? Dec 24 2012
15:48 (UTC)

The game called Ker'Plunk.

Weight Loss 500 pounds Nov 21 2012
16:14 (UTC)

Good Luck!  Stay Strong!  

The Lounge Share your voting story! Nov 06 2012
19:20 (UTC)

I voted early.  They set up polling in the cafeteria of the hospital I work at.  I got there right when they opened.  I was 7th in line.  20 minutes tops from beginning to end. 

The Lounge Im on the Ameren diet Nov 02 2012
20:08 (UTC)

That happened to us.  Usually in the winter, our bill is no higher than 50 dollars; but I was getting 200 dollar bills.  I called the electric company and they immediately said "are you putting up Christmas lights, they take a lot of energy ya know."  NO, I don't have Christmas lights up, and if I did, I really doubt they would use 150 dollars worth of electricity each month.  GEEZ!  Finally the city came out and changed all the meters in our neighborhood.  Now instead of an electric company employee jumping the fences reading meters, its all now computerized.  The man that was reading our meter was getting it totally wrong.  After that, the city refunded us hundreds of dollars for their mistake.