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Motivation Motivation to Gain Aug 21 2010
19:19 (UTC)

You'll be more likely to find what you're looking for in the Weight Gain and Health & Support sections of the forum. Good luck.

Weight Loss How do you know if you are/are not in starvation mode?? Aug 18 2010
14:31 (UTC)

Mellenoire hit all of the bases pretty well, but I wanted to add that the calculators here on CC aren't meant for people who are under 21. If you're a teenager, you need to be getting at least 1500 calories per day.


Weight Loss Wedding dress woes... Aug 11 2010
15:40 (UTC)

A lot of people go down a size after losing about 10-15 pounds, but it really depends on your height and body shape. I'm your same height with a small/medium frame and "rectangle" shape, and my dress size goes down after 10-12 pounds. Regardless, most manufacturers have slightly different sizing from one another, and clothing sizes are based on inches rather than pounds. 

I think that talking to someone at the bridal shop who is familiar with the actual garment would be your best bet. Just explain the situation and your plans for weight loss to them, and try to contact the actual manufacturer if the shop doesn't have any solid advice for you. Personally, I'm almost positive that your dress won't fit quite the same at 150 as it when you bought it at 168.

With all of that said, I have to tell you that your dress is absolutely beautiful! I love just about anything with a sweetheart neckline. :)


Health & Support totally embarrassing subject but... Aug 09 2010
18:18 (UTC)

Try drinking decaf coffee. It has the same kind of laxative effect that regular coffee does, but without the risk of caffeine addiction. And if you're really watching your caffeine intake, be aware that chai and green tea both contain it.


Weight Loss how bad am I hurting my body? Aug 09 2010
16:53 (UTC)

If you got adequate nutrition during the week instead of depriving yourself, you might not feel the need to eat everything in sight on the weekend. This cycle that you're caught in is a big sign that something isn't right. Having a daily deficit of 2500 calories isn't healthy and it means that you're probably losing more muscle and water than fat.

On the topic of losing muscle, don't forget that your heart is made of muscle tissue. Your RHR could be so low because you're putting an unnecessary strain on your heart and it just can't keep up.

You're not tricking your body with your weekend binges. If you have a daily deficit of 2500 calories Monday-Friday, you should be down at least 3.5 pounds by your Saturday weigh-in, but you're only losing 2. So basically, you're putting this massive strain on your body for nothing. Why not just maintain a daily deficit of 1000 for the entire week and lose those two pounds without starving yourself and putting in hours at the gym?

This regimen obviously isn't working for you, as exemplified by your numerous panicky posts on here, so why are you still doing this to yourself? 

Weight Loss whats a low resting heart rate mean? Aug 09 2010
04:50 (UTC)

While your RHR certainly could be that low, it just doesn't sound right to me. Have you manually checked your heart rate and compared the result to what your monitor is telling you? If you haven't checked, take your pulse right after you wake up in the morning, even before getting out of bed.

In a healthy person, having a low RHR usually means that you're in excellent shape and your body is using energy efficiently. I would assume that having a lower heart rate equates to a lower metabolism, considering that less energy would be required for your heart to pump 50 times per minute as opposed to 75. However, heart rate is just one of many factors that determine how many calories you burn just by being alive, and I doubt that the difference in metabolic rates would be very significant.


Weight Loss Calorie deficit of over 1000? Aug 06 2010
16:01 (UTC)

You know what you're doing to yourself by having an exorbitant deficit and you know that this diet needs to stop now. We're not telling you to eat more because we're big meanies who want to see you fail or make you fat; we're genuinely concerned for your health. You're still a teenager, which means that your body is still growing, and all of your body systems need to be getting enough fuel to fully develop. Is being thin really worth risking the slowing of those developments?

Foods Alcohol - Low Calorie / Low sugar options? Aug 05 2010
22:17 (UTC)

Someone else recently asked about low-calorie drinks over on the Weight Loss forum and there are a bunch of suggestions on that thread: 71

Health & Support Getting sick easily Aug 05 2010
16:25 (UTC)

What are your stats and how much are you actually eating per day ("at most 1500" is kind of ambiguous)? When I still had an active eating disorder, I found myself getting sick pretty often and my doctor said it was fairly common for people who are underweight and/or malnourished. Your diet could have weakened your immune system, especially if you've also been doing lots of exercise and not taking enough time to rest. Or you could have just gotten a nasty bug that has nothing to do with your eating habits. I'd suggest making an appointment with your doctor to get a more solid answer and make sure your diet isn't having a negative effect on your body.

Weight Loss Full Time Job - Eating Too Much? Aug 03 2010
18:34 (UTC)

If you were legitimately hungry for the things you ate at lunch (as in you felt physical hunger, not just an urge to mindlessly graze on whatever food was around), there's nothing wrong with eating as much as you did. You will lose or at least maintain your weight as long as you stay within your calorie allowance, regardless of how you break up your meals. 

One suggestion I would have for you if you're getting really, really hungry before lunch time is to eat more for breakfast. You could have the strawberries or nectarine from lunch with your breakfast instead, or you could swap out the banana for half of a peanut butter sandwich (the extra protein will help keep you feeling fuller longer).

I wouldn't say that there is a "normal" eating schedule for those of us with 9-5 jobs. Personally, I like to have a fairly large breakfast because I work out in the morning before work, a light lunch, and a larger dinner, with a couple of snacks in between meals. My mother, on the other hand, eats probably only 1/3 of her daily calories before getting home from work at 7PM. It's all about what finding what works for you. If you're satisfied with the routine you're currently following, stick with it!

As far as recipes go, the Hungry Girl website has a bunch of good ones that don't take a ton of effort to make:
And even if you're not vegan, this website has some really good recipes as well:

Weight Loss Eat my BMR? Aug 01 2010
18:39 (UTC)

You need to eat your BMR to keep your body functioning properly. If you don't put enough fuel into your body, how can you expect to get what you want out of it?

On an average day, even without working out, you'll burn more than just your BMR simply by doing things like walking around the house or cooking. Your sedentary burn can be estimated by multiplying your BMR by 1.2 -- for you, that number would be 1790. If you were to eat just your BMR per day and not exercise at all, you would still have a daily deficit of about 300 calories, which means you would still lose weight. Factor in the exercise you're doing, and you'll definitely lose while getting enough calories to stay healthy.

Foods help! bread too good to be true? Aug 01 2010
17:20 (UTC)

Make sure you're reading the nutrition for each roll, not just per serving. Each roll might have actually contain two servings or something. Or maybe you just found a really good product that is actually that low in calories. You could look up the brand on the internet and see if you can find the nutrition on their website to check it against what the label says.

And just so you know, you don't need to post the same topic two or three times all at once in different sections of the forum. Find the one section that fits the content of your topic best and just post it there.

Weight Loss Calories and exercise Aug 01 2010
00:31 (UTC)
Original Post by kw0104:

Basically no.

If you ate the 200 hundred you burned you would generally maintain

Not true. You can eat back the 200 that you burned through exercise and still lose weight as long as your sedentary burn is over the original 1200 that you ate (unless you're very small and very old, it will be). To figure out your estimated sedentary burn, multiply your BMR by 1.2. If you don't know your BMR, you can figure it out using the calculator at this link:

Games & Challenges **August 2010**Weight Loss Challenge**Sign Ups Always Welcome! Jul 31 2010
18:20 (UTC)
Original Post by dietwarrior:

Original Post by lilyx:

Name: lily
Age: 20
Height & frame: 5'5, small frame

CC start wt and CC start date: estimate 130lbs in march 2010
Goal Weight (by Aug 29, 2010): 119lbs (8 stone 7lbs) 


Hi Lily and it is great for you to join the forum. I was bit surprised to see your goal of 119 lbs (on a similar height to me) as at that stage your BMI will be dangerously close to the low end of normal and would be pounds away from anorexic. Your ideal is 125-127. Don't follow the celebrity hype. They are all way to skinny, guys do not find that attractive. Plus you don't know what is hiding under that expertly applied makeup. Keep healthy and love yourself.



I understand your concern, and it's great that you're encouraging girls to accept themselves for who they are and not be concerned with some unattainable Hollywood ideal of beauty. However, her goal of 119 would give her a BMI of 19.8, which is definitely within the normal range. To be considered medically anorexic (BMI of less than 17.5), she would have to weigh less than 105, and I personally wouldn't consider 119 to be just pounds away from that. Hopefully that didn't come off as rude; I just like to keep the facts straight. :)

Games & Challenges **August 2010**Weight Loss Challenge**Sign Ups Always Welcome! Jul 31 2010
18:16 (UTC)

Name: Becca
Age: 21
Height & frame: 5'7", Small/Medium
Highest weight & date: 158 lbs. in 2004

CC start wt and CC start date: Around 140 lbs. in May 2010

Start Weight in Aug, 2010: 144.8
Goal Weight (by Aug 29, 2010): 138
Week 1; 08-Aug
Week 2; 15-Aug
Week 3; 22-Aug
Week 4; 29-Aug

Total monthly weight loss:
Average daily calories: I aim for 1600, maybe a little less on rest days or a little more on days that I work out extra hard.

Add comments: I'm currently training for a half-marathon and I've noticed that I get slower as I gain weight. I want to lose not only to improve my running times, but to be healthier and feel better about myself. I don't have that much to lose, maybe 15-20 pounds altogether, but I want to lose in a slow and healthy manner so I have the best chance of keeping it off for good. Good luck to all of us!


Health & Support Trying to gain, up 3-4 lbs, weirded out! Jul 31 2010
16:47 (UTC)

It's entirely possible that the extra pounds are because of your period; my weight doesn't usually go back down to normal until my period is completely over. Or it could be water retention due to upping your calories (more food = more actual food weight). Or you could just legitimately be gaining weight, which is supposed to happen.

On the uncomfortable bloating, are you having bowel movements regularly? If not, make sure your 2000 calories include plenty of fiber. Take a supplement like Benefiber, Metamucil, Fiber Choice, etc. if you have to. Getting enough fiber really helps.

I don't know if intuitive eating is a good idea for you right now. Being able to eat enough without counting calories is the goal, but I personally don't think you're ready. It's totally normal to be freaked out by seeing the scale jump at this stage in recovery. However, the scale is going to continue to rise and you can't let it trigger you back into restricting. My fear if you start eating intuitively is that you're not going to get anywhere near enough calories, even if you're honestly trying to.

If you're dead set on eating intuitively, maybe you could try writing down the actual foods you consume during the day, without writing down the calories right then, and adding everything up later to see if you're getting enough. That could be a good step toward being free of the numbers while making sure that you're on the right track to your target weight.

I can't remember if you said you have a treatment team or not, but this is something you should really talk with your therapist and/or nutritionist about if you have them.

Fitness How to begin running? Jul 31 2010
03:25 (UTC)

Give the Couch to 5K program a try! html

The biggest thing to keep in mind when you start running is to not start off going too far, too fast. Doing so is a really easy way to get injured or turn you off from running altogether because it seems too hard. Also, make sure you stretch out really well before you start, as well as after your run. The same site that has the Couch to 5K thing has a pretty good page on stretching ( html).

Even if you don't use C25K as a guide, remember that it's always okay to stop and walk or slow way down. Don't forget to take rest days, and if you have any soreness in your legs after your workout, ice it! I keep a couple bags of peas in the freezer just for that purpose.

Getting into running may seem like a daunting task, but you just might find that you get addicted. Good luck. :)

Weight Loss How Do You Manage Your Hunger? ? ? Jul 31 2010
01:47 (UTC)

I understand the reasoning behind never letting yourself get hungry, and it can be a good option for those who tend to overeat or actually binge-eat. My problem with this is that it makes it too easy for people to forget what hunger feels like, which can lead to the exact thing you're trying to prevent: overeating. 

Personally, I do think that hunger is a natural thing to feel at times. When I feel hungry, it signals me that my body is using the fuel I'm putting into it and that it's ready for some more. The trick is to not let yourself get so hungry that it's overwhelming, like you say you're experiencing.

My advice to you would be to make sure that you're getting enough protein and fiber, both of which can help you feel fuller longer. Try to incorporate foods like brown rice, beans, oatmeal, berries, nuts and brassica vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) into your diet. And as antibinge suggested, eating too little could definitely cause you to feel really hungry. Make sure that you're getting an appropriate amount of food for your size and activity level. The calculator at this link can help you figure it out:

Weight Loss Going out drinking Jul 30 2010
22:50 (UTC)

Do you like whiskey? Diet Coke with a shot of Jameson is one of my favorites.

Motivation I don't know what I'm doing wrong... Help! Jul 30 2010
21:55 (UTC)

There's a good chance that your heart rate monitor is overestimating your burn. I don't know what kind of monitor you have, but the kind that only come with an armband rather than a chest strap are particularly troublesome when it comes to giving inflated readings. Is it possible that you're underestimating how much you eat? Without a food scale, it's easy to dole out larger portions than you think you are.

It's worth mentioning that you have to remember that body weight just naturally fluctuates, regardless of how close-to-perfect your estimates might be. Maybe you've been eating more salt than usual, or you worked out extra hard and your muscles are swollen (this is especially plausible with the amount of exercise you're doing), or you're on or about to start your period. I wouldn't fret too much about only losing one pound; you simply might not be able to lose the two pounds per week that you're shooting for, as a maximum healthy weight loss is about one percent of your body weight per week. You're clearly exercising enough and eating right, so just keep doing what you're doing. The results will come.