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Foods bottom line on coffee?? May 05 2007
04:04 (UTC)
I believe if you try to supress your cravings, you'll end up just eating more to compensate. There was an article on WebMD that showed coffee contains fiber, and there are some newly discovered health benefits.

Treat yourself, you only live once!
Foods Fiber: Benefiber VS. Fiber35 Apr 25 2007
20:56 (UTC)
Well, if the ingredients are the same, then try it. I've used store brand fiber supplements and they have all worked well.
Foods Special K Protein H20... Apr 20 2007
21:23 (UTC)
It's way too expensive and wasteful.
Foods Anyone else try Diet Coke PLUS? Apr 19 2007
00:40 (UTC)
I tried it. Came in the same cans as the regular diet coke does, and costs the same. It also tastes the same too. I'm on my third diet coke plus today. I really do like it.
Foods quaker oatmeal - keeps you full Apr 15 2007
03:22 (UTC)
I use store brand rolled oats. (Publix)

I know, I'm cheap.
Health & Support Anyone else on anti-depressants or other weight-gaining drugs? Apr 14 2007
23:37 (UTC)
I'm on lexapro, but now I'm getting my dosage increased. They've worked for a year, but now they just don't work like they're supposed to. If the dosage increase doesn't work, then I'll probally switch drugs.

Currently, Wellbutrin is the only antidepressent that doesn't contribute to weight gain, and helps you loose weight. My friend lost weight on it. The only problem is it makes anxiety worse, so I just can't take it.
Foods Anyone else try Diet Coke PLUS? Apr 14 2007
18:36 (UTC)
I might go to the grocery store today, so I'll see if I can get it.
Health & Support Bipolar friends needed! Apr 12 2007
20:33 (UTC)
The medications can cause you to eat the entire fridge.

I've just went through my third psychiatrist in one year. Two of them just moved away. My newest one listens to me more and we have longer sessions. It's great to have talk therapy along with medication therapy. I think it makes a world of a difference.
Foods "Healthiest" cereal? Apr 08 2007
20:58 (UTC)
I like the Honey Nut Toasted Oats (Cheerio's). I buy the Publix Greenwise brand, which is organic and has more real honey taste to it. It's whole grain too! Whole grain oats is the first ingredient.
Foods Does anyone know were i can find the calorie count for pollo tropical (tropigrill) ?? Apr 02 2007
02:39 (UTC)
They have handouts over there that have all the details.
Health & Support Bipolar friends needed! Apr 01 2007
19:15 (UTC)
I have bipolar disorder too. It can be tough. Talk to me whenever you want to.
Foods Oatmeal Mar 31 2007
03:00 (UTC)
Artificial sweeteners are under the brand names splenda, sweet 'n low, and equal. They all have under 5 calories per two teaspoon equivalents of sugar. Sweet 'N Low is the cheapest. You can find them in the baking isle, with the sugar.

Try a tablespoon or two of jam.

How about adding fresh or frozen fruit to your oatmeal? A handful would be good. If it's frozen, I would defiantly add the fruit before cooking.
Foods Oatmeal Mar 31 2007
02:32 (UTC)
I add a packet of artifical sweetner, along with that you can add raisins and/or cinnamon.

Here is a recipe for applesauce oats: al.htm
Foods Diet Arizona Green Tea Energy Drink Mar 26 2007
20:02 (UTC)
I love that drink. The price is right compared to Red Bull!
Health & Support Living With OCD Mar 26 2007
01:12 (UTC)
I know OCD is horrible. I have Bipolar depression, which almost always comes with way more than one mental disorder. Along with it I have panic disorder w/ agorophobia, OCD, and social anxiety disorder. I barely ever leave my house and rarely have friends over. It can be like living in your own prision.

I've been out on Lexapro, Seroquel, and Xanax XR. All seem to help, but I still have problems day to day.

Hope you feel better. Remember your not the only one.
Foods does salmon make you queasy? Mar 25 2007
21:38 (UTC)
Well, if you rarely have salmon or never have eaten it, you may feel a bit queasy. This can also apply to any meat. On St. Patricks day I tried corned beef (I haven't had beef in over 7 years), and I felt very queasy. I couldn't finish it. Perhaps it's the same thing.
Foods this is getting realy old... Mar 25 2007
18:15 (UTC)
Prozac kinda works for the first month (it's like that w/ all SSRI's), but it will work much better after a few months. There really isn't anything instant you can do. :( It takes time.

In the meantime, try and get in touch with some hobbies, even if you don't feel like you are enjoying them.

Maybe getting some caffeine from green tea would help. Eat the right foods, just not all junk food. Get better soon!
Foods baking Mar 25 2007
18:10 (UTC)
It should stay the same.
Foods Let's see your grocery list for this week! Mar 25 2007
16:56 (UTC)
My list is just restocking up on things I ran out of. Not too long..

Store: Publix
SB = Store Brand

Whole wheat flour
Wild Rice
Brown rice
Old fashion Oats (SB)
Granola Bars (Caribou Coffee)
Butter (SB)
Powdered milk (SB)
Artifically Sweetened Yogurt

Munster Cheese (SB)

Montary Jack Cheese (SB)
Junk Food (I deserve some):
Diet Coke
Sugar (SB)



Chicken Breast
Foods chicken cooked in oil Mar 24 2007
23:47 (UTC)
You can try saving the oil in the pan, and once the oiled has cool, measure it. Then subtract that from the total..