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Foods green tea May 10 2007
14:38 (UTC)
I love the way green tea tastes, but I also like pears dipped in cocktail sauce, so.......ANYWAYS, my suggestion would be to either A, buy plain green tea and flavor it with lemon, or buy lipton green tea variety pack. The green tea and mixed berry is very good, as are all the others! Remember, you have to drink about 5 cups a day to reep the benefits, though!
Foods veggie burgers May 10 2007
05:49 (UTC)
Gardenburger spicy black bean burger. I'm obsessed with black beans, and these babies are only 80 calories! I put them on a whole wheat bun with tons of baby spinich, sliced tomato, a slice of pineapple or mango, BBQ sauce and a little bit of mustard and chomp away!
Weight Loss binge eating May 10 2007
05:43 (UTC)
yay! just remember, TV will often trigger food cravings, as will magazines with a bunch of ads for food (such at home and garden magazines), so hopefully you enjoy reading beauty and fashion articles! haha. You can also try treating yourself to something small and inexpensive, such as a new eyeshadow, if you stay away from the snacks for 3 nights in a row. just another idea! good luck!
Weight Loss binge eating May 10 2007
05:32 (UTC)
I know what it's like to be near the kitchen, at night, alone! Often at night, if I allow myself a small snack that I have to prepare, something like cheese and crackers or a toast, I end up always going back for more! What helps the most is to get a LARGE glass of ice water and a piece of fruit, then take it upstairs and do something like read a magazine or take a nice long bath. That way, I get my mind off eating, while still getting a bite to eat, and I'm letting myself wind down in order to go to sleep.
Foods what's your gorcery shopping list look like? May 10 2007
05:28 (UTC)
-cashews (unsalted) -almonds (unsalted) -baby spinich -tomatoes -red and yellow peppers -sweet potatoes -broccoli -green beans -carrots -raspberries -blueberries -watermelon -apples -bananas -grapefruit -parmesan cheese -whole wheat bread -chicken breast -fat free yogurt -fat free milk -butter -strawberry preserves -frozen corn -salmon -craisins -gardenburger black bean patties -whole wheat hamburger buns -rice -frozen mango -total or multi-grain cheerios

I love when I go grocery shopping! Then the house is filled with yummy, good-for-me food and I don't have to scrounge around and eat something bad!
Health & Support bowel movements? May 10 2007
05:12 (UTC)
sounds healthy to me! now I have a question!! I accidently consumed 76 grams of fiber today!!!! I just love fiber rich food! I usually don't consume this much (at all) so what should I do!?!? AKA what can i expect tomorrow?!
Weight Loss Binging on way to get lean! May 10 2007
04:22 (UTC)
I logged all of my activities for the day and as it turns out I only went about 130 calories over how many I burned (lets hope). I guess my more active day resulted in me just being more hungry! load off my mind!
Foods What are some weird food combos that you love? May 08 2007
14:25 (UTC)
peanut butter and bacon sandwiches and maybe a little strawberry or raspberry jam (on whole wheat!) mustard or cocktail sauce on ANYTHING dark chocolate covered french fries or onion rings pineapple or mango on cheeseburgers or veggieburgers BBQ sauce or BBQ potatoe chips with any kind of fruit

bascially an obvious mix on sweet/salty. yyyyuuuuummmmm!
Foods What did YOU eat today? May 06 2007
23:40 (UTC)
I ate A LOT today, and i'll probably eat more later. For some reason I just can't get full!

Breakfast: Honeydew, cataloup, banana, grapes, coffee with a little bit of skim milk, green tea, water.

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich on 100% whole grain bread, water.

Dinner: Large salad with mixed field greens, feta cheese, baby carrots, a little three bean salad, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, and a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dessert: Ice cream cone with peanut butter and fat free chocolate soft serve with some chocolate sprinkles.

Snack: 2 cups total cereal with some skim milk.