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The Lounge So what you doing? Aug 10 2009
16:42 (UTC)

Procrastinating.  Need to write 7-10 page paper for class by tomorrow.  Have the information, just need to put it into my words.


The Lounge "Lose 18Lbs in 4 Days!" Aug 10 2009
16:38 (UTC)

lol Turtles.  I think my daughter is having that same surgery tomorrow.


Weight Gain fats Aug 10 2009
02:14 (UTC)

You didn't say if you cooked at home or not.  Extra Virgin olive oil is something that I add at least 1 Tablespoon a day in my diet.  Sometimes the chicken is too dry, or the salad is too bland.  You might search for healthy fats links here.  I know there is a ton of them.  Wink


OMG, dekkos, your oatmeal sounds wonderful.  Must have for breakfast tomorrow!

The Lounge What are you reading? Aug 10 2009
02:08 (UTC)

"Chemistry made Simple" (ya, right)Yell

Weight Loss What am I doing wrong? Aug 10 2009
02:03 (UTC)

You're not eating near enough.  I'm 5'6", 50 years old, sedientary (most of the time) and the minimum that I eat is 1350 calories.  Doesn't make sense does it?

Foods protein??? How do I get it?? Aug 10 2009
01:59 (UTC)

If it was Jimmy Dean sausage, it says it's high in cholesterol and sodium.  I really don't worry about what the grade says; there's a lot of errors in there.  Some are miniscule, and some are huge.  (I'd just as soon go for a breadfast pork sausage patty that gets a D.)Surprised

The Lounge Happy Birthday to Me! Aug 10 2009
01:48 (UTC)

Happy Birthday to you!  You know, my drivers license lied to me on Monday.  It said I was 50!  Yell

Weight Loss Stretch Marks Aug 10 2009
01:46 (UTC)

Mine have definitely toned down a bit, but that's after 25+ years after child birth.

I've heard of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter, but I haven't tried it.  Hope it works for you.   

Weight Loss How do you lose the love handles?? Aug 09 2009
02:41 (UTC)

Well, I divorced mine. Surprised

Fitness Help Me think Up a Good One Aug 09 2009
02:37 (UTC)

A rowdy night of unbridled sex?Surprised

Foods I was doing so good... until he made PORKCHOPS.. Aug 09 2009
02:25 (UTC)
Original Post by soupcanx:

Obviously if you weigh yourself after eating 4 pounds of something your going to weight 4 pounds more than usual. I mean, it's the same thing as stepping on a scale holding 5 pork chops.... Except in this case it's not in your hand but in your stomach. What do you think happens to things once you swallow it? It goes into your tummy to food heaven.

I believe that the OP said she ate 5 pork chops, not 4 pounds of pork chops.

Weight Loss Help Me plz .. I Overate 2day :(( Aug 09 2009
02:15 (UTC)

Well, how much did you go over?  If you are within your maintenance calories, then you have done nothing wrong! Wink  Everyone slips up on occasion.  Relax, and just get back with your weight loss calories asap!  Don't let this one day determine how the rest of your nutritional eating is going to affect you.  I agree with both posters above except the terminology "cheat" day.  You had a "maintenance" day.  That is all it is.  Not the end of the world!  Wishing you all the success you want!  Cool

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Aug 08 2009
03:50 (UTC)

Harem, my dear.  But, no, I refer to them a my "Man Collection".  Cool  And, no, I didn't "snag' anything.  So I think I will change my name from PC to Cougar.  Hmm?  Has a nice sexy ring to it, don't you think?  I thought you were leaving town! 

Finally it has cooled down here.  I think I heard 72 degrees.  Quite a change from the high 90's of the past few weeks.  I got my Chem paper submitted today.  Still working on the College Comp II with Daniel.  My instructor for that class really disappointed me.  She didn't give me the high marks that I normally get for weekly discussions last week.  I had received an email from her telling me to do the best I could, but don't push myself.  Since none of the posts were worth a shi*, it was hard to come up with babble to fill the space, so I only posted about 150 to each one.  She knocked off 8 points for that.  It does say a minimum of 200 words, so I guess it's my fault.  I should copy/paste her email to me reminding her of what she told me.  If I would have known I would have found some sort of dribble to add no matter how pointless it would have been. Yell  I'm going to write to Vicky and suggest Jetta Loree.  Loree is my middle name.  That has a melodious flow, don'tcha think?  Back to studies CoolThe C~~

Motivation Buying "fat clothes" Aug 07 2009
22:43 (UTC)

I vote for second hand and thrift stores.  I can't afford new clothes on a weekly or monthly basis.  I have several "haunts" and I wait for their sales.  I bet I haven't spend $100.00 on clothing (that includes shoes too) in the past year.  I get a lot of compliments from my thrift store finds. 

Weight Loss When you consume too many calories for breakfast...... Aug 07 2009
22:31 (UTC)

I guess it all depends on the attitude.  If you are going to "blow" your calories, then breakfast is the best time to do it.  You've got the rest of the day to recover (provided you really want to).  Mmm, 600 calories for breakfast. I can't wait!  You've still go 900 calories to play with, based on a 1500 calorie diet.  Get an attitude adjustment.  600 calories does not kill the rest of your day, unless you let it. Surprised 

The Lounge Top or Bottom? Aug 07 2009
03:02 (UTC)

Since I have an inconsiderate bastard of a roommate that eats whatever he feels like eating, I put them in a cupboard in my room.  Not for public consumption. 

I must now look up the "Smack my Bottom" thread; sounds intriguing.

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Aug 07 2009
02:53 (UTC)

Waah!  You didn't ask permission to leave me again, Missymoo!  I got a very wonderful compliment from a student tonight. He asked me to be his peer review partner.  He said he couldn't think of anyone else that he would rather partner with.  Now, back up here.  Not adding Daniel to my man collection.  Yikes, he's only 24.  He writes so well, I thought he was at least in his 40's.  Some of the children (girls) that write, you can almost see their heads bobbing back and forth off their shoulders, "ya know?" (Giggle here).  Anyhow, on this peer review thing, I send him what I've written and vice versa, then we make suggestions to improve the others paper.  Daniel seems to have some what of an intelligence to me.  I like what he writes, and he's not just rehashing what he's read either.

That was the extent of my day.  Moochie, I hope you have a great time in Rockhampton.  Crap, I can't even seem to get out of Bend, OR.  Grr.

I came home this afternoon and the garbage was still full and stinking really, bad.  I picked it up and walked past Mr. Norm and asked him if mothers don't teach their sons to take out the garbage and more, and he giggled!  Yes, giggled.  Yell  Then I opened up the dishwasher and found that he had ran a load--wait, we're out of DW soap.  Did he just run it without anything?   He said he "hand washed" before he put stuff in the dw.  I don't think so.  Not with the crap that was still on the plates.  No effin' way!  I haven't ranted about him for a while.  I needed to do that.  I can't wait for tomorrow.  His useless ass has been holding down the floor for the last two days.  I sprayed for flies, and he couldn't even wipe them off the counter.  He left them in a pile. Actually corralling them up.  Must have been a suicide pact or something.Yell  God, I feel better now.  This is just getting too disgusting to describe sometimes.  How ironic; this week I get to write about "living green".  Ha!  With Norm around, impossible.  I am laughing as I'm writing this or else I'd be crying.  Kissy from BU to Larry.  Wink~PC





Weight Loss fat intake? Aug 05 2009
18:57 (UTC)

Fats help with digestion.  If you get "backed up", that is one of the reasons. 

Weight Loss FAsting*& Other diet tips* Aug 05 2009
18:52 (UTC)

OP, are you out of your mind?  Read, read and re-read forums.  You might lose water weight by fasting, but I'll bet you a million dollars (in monopoly money) that you won't keep it off once you start eating again.Surprised

Weight Loss Inputting food Aug 05 2009
18:47 (UTC)

Whether you log 100 calories or 10,000 calories will make no difference in your weight loss.  So, do your best and don't worry about it.