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Calorie Count Water Tracker Mar 31 2010
22:49 (UTC)

I believe I've seen this question posted many times before.  How could you make it any easier that what you or others are already doing?  (Just one more thing to log, as if there wasn't enough logging already Smile.)

Weight Loss weight is coming back after my dieting stopped?! Mar 31 2010
22:44 (UTC)
Original Post by skylerreep:

Uh...why has no one else taken issue with the basic problem in this post?  Stop dieting.  A "diet" is a temporary change with temporary results.  Want permanent results?  Guess what!  You have to make a permanent change.

Exactly what I was going to say

Weight Loss Why don't you believe the calorie count on packaged foods? Mar 31 2010
22:42 (UTC)

A lot of boxes say "approximately".  Just weigh it and be done.

Weight Loss What is the right way to measure food? Mar 31 2010
22:39 (UTC)

You say you weigh it, so why convert it?  Enter the weight. 

Health & Support Has anyone tried the Fat Burning Furnace program? Mar 31 2010
22:37 (UTC)

No.  Don't have the money to throw away.

Weight Loss 911 please help. . . so frustrated Feb 27 2010
18:28 (UTC)

Woah, woah, woah!  You don't say how old you are, but it is recommended that an adult female get a MINIMUM of 1200 calories per day.  Here you are beating yourself up with additional exercise; girlfriend, you are starving yourself fat. Surprised

Foods Buffet a CC's Nightmare or an Every Now and Then Metabolism Booster??? Feb 27 2010
18:22 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

i hate all-you-can-eat.  i never get my money's worth.

I have to agree with pgeorian-I NEVER get my money's worth.  I just can't stuff my face like I used to.  I went to an ayce chinese buffet, took some of many of my favorites, and wasted more than half of it.  P.S, I had a small apple a half an hour before I went in to eat my meal.

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 27 2009
01:01 (UTC)

Well Ladies; is this R.I.P. for this thread?  It was fun while it lasted (like a man), but we are all moving on to bigger and better things (get your head out of the gutter Moochie)?  We can't seem to keep anyone here; this is pathetic.  BU is sad along with me Cry.  Larry, darlin'-tell your Mum to keep in contact with us.  I'll keep checking in for what it's worth. Yell  Damn you Queenie for deserting us!  SealedPC

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 22 2009
17:47 (UTC)

If I'm following my own posts, does that mean that I am chasing my own tail?  ***Norm Alert***.  I needed to get the current utility bill, and I knew it was here because I was the one that checked the mail (post) on Saturday.  I put Norms mail in a stack.  There were other things for him as well.  #1-a letter from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  His license has been suspended AGAIN because he failed to appear in court after his traffic ticket for speeding in July.  Now there are two warrants for his arrest in the state of Washington.  (Dad bailed him out of jail, so is Dad now out the $2000 bail money?)  #2 was a notice from the company that he pays to have the breathalizer device on the pickup.  They will not allow him/or anyone to drive the vehicle until his court issues are resolved.  WTF Norm?  It also showed a past due amount on his account.  (Norm is stepping into some deep do-do right about now).  #3 was the utility bill.  It too is "past due", and is threatening to be shut off if payment is not received by June 30. 

I don't consider this snooping; rather self-preservation while living with Norm.  If there is a bomb coming I'd rather know about it in advance.  Two days ago BU had take-out food.  She was sitting at my feet and I noticed that she was acting "funny".  When I looked, OMG, she had a sparrow in her mouth!  RIP birdie, you have no neck nowSurprised.  (keep in mind this all happened so fast!)  I picked up the neckless bird (close your eyes Moochie), took it out to the dumpster, came back inside the house-BU is looking around for her "dinner".  She looked at me like "what have you done MOTHER!"  I finally sat back and laughed at the situation. This whole process probably only lasted about 30 seconds.  My BU, the great "hairy" hunter.  That night, while she was laying in the crook of my arms, she yawned!  This was the worst breath I have ever smelled in my life.  Holy Moley BU!  Go away!!!  While DH and BF's have given off toxic fumes, none can compare to the bird-breath from a cat!!   Larry would appreciate this.

Well, I'm off to spread more joy!  Last day of class for this week; I need to make sure I have tortured each and every of the other students in an equal manor.  Just spreading my love to the rest of humanity! Tongue out PC------>BU from afar as she still has birdie breath.Yell

Foods "...fill the batter in a greased muffin sheet..." Sep 20 2009
15:35 (UTC)

If all calories are only an approximation anyways, why worry about if you use 1/2 second spray or 1 full second spray.  This is just getting to anal for me. 

Fitness I don't get it? Sep 20 2009
15:14 (UTC)

Are you building muscle?Cool

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 20 2009
00:55 (UTC)

No, no Moochie!  You are not fat for the rest of your life!  That will make me fat for the rest of MY life, and when I have a heart attack it will be all your fault.  Norm is to lazy to move the TV into his bedroom.  I have offered to help him.  I don't know the air quality in there since most of his dirty clothes are now in piles in the living room (lounge).  It would be easier to get rid of DH than BU, but I suppose you would disagree with me on that one.  

My new classes are very simple compared to last term.  I had a hard time writing about e-coli and salmonella that someone else didn't already write about.  So I made a story about it instead.  How many times can one post about one topic with out getting tired of reading about the "facts"?  I've never been graded down for writing like this.  Actually I have been told that my imagination is appreciated. 

Check out "my friends" on Facebook and look at Norm from 1976.  He was sort of cute then.  God, what happened?  I think that this is his girl trolling picture when he is on some of his on-line smut sites.  I had to accept him as a friend on Facebook, simply because he would know if I didn't.  Now I can't write stuff about the roommate without him seeing it there.  At least he doesn't com here. I asked him the other night why he hadn't hooked up his "new computer".  He said he was lazy.  I really had to hold my tongue on that one.  Again, I offered to help move things around.  He was already 3-sheets to the wind when I offered that one.

All of my homework is done for this week.  I can't even look ahead to see what is coming up for next week.  Perhaps I'll clean my room tomorrow!  I finally got my suitcase (or is it valise?) unpacked from my trip.  I just re-read my last post and it seems that I was on a royal rant that night.  I still haven't heard anything about an apartment.  No news is good news, right ???   I don't know.  I should go check the mail (post) to see if I got a rejection there. 

Alas, no funny Norm stories so far since I've been home. He did let my sunflowers wither.  I'm trying to resuscitate them, but I believe they're hopeless.  He swore that he watered, but how come they look dead, when the ones in the neighbors yards seem fine.  LIAR!

Peace ladies.  Minx, where the hell are you? Surprised PC

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 16 2009
04:27 (UTC)

Moochster, I know the ar*e thing.  I'm back from my visitation to pre-hell.  I swear, I do not know why my parents don't think I can handle my life by myself........Murrah, well, when Dad called him to come over for dinner so we could meet, Murrah said that he had hooked back up with an old "friend".  Surprised  Their next best effort is their neighbor, Jeff.  Crap, I had to have dinner with Jeff 3 out of 6 nights.  Jeff is a very nice man........Jeff is disabled.  Jeff is about 6" shorter than I am.  My dad kept suggesting that he would be better than no man.  DAD!  EEW, ICK!!  I went over and looked at what Jeff had to offer me and BU as far as living area was concerned.  I am sorry ladies, I could not get past the turquoise walls and the carpeting that was decorated with dog ****.  (Dare I mention that Jeff doesn't wear his dentures??) My Dad kept saying that Jeff would be a better roommate than Norm. (Dad, are you senile???)

Now, I have never said that Norm has approached me physically in a sexual manner, have I?  This Jeff person has told my Dad that he is looking for a woman!!  WTF is Dad thinking??

I got home this afternoon and the living room is torn up.  Norm has moved a "cot" in there.  I told him months before I left for LaGrand that I will not clean his "bedroom".  He has slept in the living room way over a year now.  I know that I am not wrong about this issue.

Moochie; can BU and me move to Australia and live with you and Larry?Wink KissKiss While I was in LaGrande I applied for housing.  It is a "cute" (you ladies know how much I resent that wordYell) apartment.  BU is welcome.  I guess it will be about Friday before I will know what the "F" is going on with me and BU. 

Yikes, new classes start tomorrow............I just about forgot.  Surprised  PC & BU


Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 09 2009
15:57 (UTC)

You are wise beyond your years m'dear.  I chose the word "selective" because it sounded a bit less snobby.  Don't let stepmom dictate to you!  You are your own woman; intelligent and beautiful.   You have earned the right to be yourself.  If Mr. Right does fall out of the sky, ask if he has an older brother, or an uncle to send my way!  I'm afraid I wouldn't know what a Mr. Right is if it was tatooed on his forehead!  Please remember that one of the reasons for going for my visit (leaving here shortly), is to meet this Murrah guy that Mom and Dad think is "Mr. Right" for me...............(shaking head in total disbelief)  PC

Calorie Count Deleting group tags... is it possible? Sep 09 2009
15:26 (UTC)

Anything that you have tagged can be deleted.  When you click on the tag, you will have the option to edit or delete. Smile

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 09 2009
06:16 (UTC)

Wind farm proposal?  Moochie it is everywhere in the US dollface!  My cousin, Claire owns one!  If I wasn't so burnt, and without the internet, I would send you links to her business.  (Only problem with cousin Claire is once you show a spark of interest in her crappola, progagands she will bombard you with everything that you never cared to know about. Don't mistake this as that I don't care about wind farming. Just that cousin Claire should not be the Queen.

Hey there woman, I am no hussie Surprised!  It is BU, not me!  Cute or not, they gots to pass the intelligence test!  Can you spell J-O-B??  Do you know what a J-O-B is?  Is your I.Q. higher than your shoe size?  Do you still refer to your Mum as Mommy?  Is your home address different than Mum & Pops? 

Bravo to you Minx for being selective on your men; but yes, you must spill the beans before rumors are created.  Just looking after your interests, friend.  (You know, it wouldn't come from me-BU might be a problem though.) Yes, yes,..... that's right.  It is BU's fault.   I think back and remember, two litters of kittens in about 1 1/2 years.   Who is the hussy now? Certainly not me!! (Larry, hike on Mum's leg for me, will ya?) 

It's just a bit past 10 and boober Norm will be home any minute.  Avoidance strategies are kicking in.  I despise that I have to resort to these tactics.  Mpph!  Please wish me well in this coming week.  This is not what I really wanted to be doing between terms, BUT, our parents are only around for a very short time.  Duty calls.  CryI do love them, so don't get me wrong.  We have very different opinions of what "Tonnie" should do. Wink Cougat (PC) Ha, like you didn't know.   

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 08 2009
16:53 (UTC)

Moochster!  It gets even better.  There are still 5 points to be added to my final grade which brings it up to 91.1 (A-)  Holy Moly!  A's in both classes.  This next term should be a cake-walk.  Just some nutrition classes.  I'm glad that Larry still loves his Mum!  Poor BU, spent the night out in the cold last night.  I didn't realize that Boob Norm had closed her window.  She came in and devoured her food.  Then just wanted to snuggle to the point of becoming a pest.  Now she's back hogging my lap and begging for attention.  How can I resist? 

I spent quite a bit of time helping Matthew with a final paper he had in another class.  I think the instructor is an arrogant SOBstress!  Between the two of us "we" put together a brilliant paper.  He was having a brain fart on how to begin it.  So I jumped in there (hell, it's not my grade), and starting writing  what I thought what the answers were.  He took it from there and put it in his own words.  I am so glad that is done.  (He helped me in chemistry; I owed the favor).

It is supposed to freeze tonight.  I guess I need to go dig up my potatoes that I planted this spring.  I have read to harvest when it freezes.  I'm leaving for my Greyhound excursion tomorrow afternoon.  I wonder if Norm will water my glorious sunflowers.  I suppose I better play farmer this afternoon.  I'd like to keep the heads that are dead for the seeds.  Funny, in this package of seeds that I planted, I don't recall it saying that there was a variety of sunflowers.  I only wanted the ones with the black centers that produced seeds.  Some of them look more like big yellow carnations.  Pretty, but not what I expected.  Hmm!

I have last minute shopping today.  Walmart-Ho!  BU needs food AGAIN.  Wink Minx, I agree with Mooch, you one hot momma as is girl!  ~PC


Calorie Count Daily Requirements Sep 05 2009
02:35 (UTC)

Metabolic Types...Are you eating what you should?

First of all, click above.  Find out what type of eater you are.  I am a metabolic eater, and it is recommended that I eat 40% carbs, 30% fats, and 30% protein.  If you get worried about lacking in some nutrient, just click on analysis and you will see a pie chart that will show you how you are doing according to what you have logged.  There won't be any bells or alarms to let you know that you've overdone it on the carbs, etc; but you can keep track easier and can know with confidence what your next meal should contain.  Using that link above along with what CC recommends, you should be able to chart your journey a bit easier.  Good luck to the both of you! Wink

Weight Loss Help freezing in the evenings Sep 05 2009
01:44 (UTC)

I was told when I had the same symptoms last year that I had a low-grade flu.  No barfing, felt fine all day until the sun started to set.  Hot bath/shower didn't help, uncontrollable chattering (that's impressive since I wear dentures and had removed them)  Didn't really feel feverish, but that is not surprising because I went into the hospital 2 month ago with a 104 temp and didn't realize it.  Hopefully it will pass within 3 days.  Don't ya just love how the body reacts?  Undecided

Motivation 20 to go!! I need some saucy, supportive, soul-sisters!! Sep 04 2009
02:41 (UTC)

Oh, the humiliation Larry!  You can't even take a crap in private?  The visuals are disturbing Moochster!  Wait until the next time he takes you for a walk!  He'll probably trip you up then lift his leg to pee on you while you're down! (LOL).  Sorry, that is just too funny! Glad for the weight loss for you though.  A bike; I only wish.  (I hate borrowing the pick-up with out permission.  Does car theft ring a bell?)  I don't go far, only to Walmart when BU needs food.  Everything else can wait.  It's only in a BU emergency.  (if I keep telling myself that enough I'm going to believe it pretty soon Surprised).

I was able to check my chemistry grade even though the grade isn't posted yet.  I am 99.99% sure I will end up with a solid B.  Not a B- or a C+ like I first suspected.  Woo hoo!

Minx-way to go with the weights!  I am so happy for you that you won't spend your next years and into your 30's & 40's being overweight.  You kind of develop a shell of protection when you get the "God, she's fat" look.  Mooch, what do you think?  Minx should become the Queen, since ours has not bothered to show her royal arse lately?  Where ever she is I wish her well.

For the first time in 2 months the temperature is supposed to get down into the low 70's.  I am so tired of smelling like a sweaty pig after sitting at the computer most of the day.  I almost wish I could pass some gas, just to get the air moving around here. Tongue out

I've spread my joy for tonight.  6 days before I leave town to visit with Mom & Dad.   Please, please God, let this be a good visit and not one that makes me crazy(ier).  Kisses to Larry from BU.  She's very sad about your accident Larry.  Cry ~PC