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Weight Loss Stop bingeing!!! Feb 15 2010
16:45 (UTC)

I think the original poster's post was great and kind and thoughtful and I appreciated it...  I think that the original negative responder needs to settle down a LOT and relax.  

Way to make someone feel bad to trying to be helpful and kind.  Unreal.


Thank you again Samantha!

Weight Loss 30 Something Newbies - anyone looking for buddies & motivation :) Jan 13 2010
00:02 (UTC)

kristin- that is very impressive... drinking all that water... i must be your twin b/c coffee and crystal light are my drinking staples too (bad i know!) and i've been trying to drink straight up old water for the past few months and man has it taken some getting used to!


Weight Loss 30 Something Newbies - anyone looking for buddies & motivation :) Jan 12 2010
15:55 (UTC)

Hi, I'd love to join if it's not too late!

I'm 37, 5'4"1/2 and weigh 128.  Pre- baby #2 I was about 112 and my goal weight is 115.  After my 2nd child was born I lost a lot of weight fast and then put a lot on even faster.  Finally I got diagnosed with thyroid disease and it's been a battle to sort out my meds ever since.  It has made losing weight impossible at best but I am determined!

I do fine during the week but weekends are a disaster for me.  I love to work out and get plenty of exercise but am actually thinking I should cut back on exercise and also cut back on food.  I know most people talk about adding exercise to dieting to lose weight but I actually think I need to focus more on the food end and less on exercise to make this successful.

I definitely need all the buddy support I can get.  I have 2 young daughters, am in the midst of a separation which will likely lead to divorce and work full time.  It is all making me inclined to look to food as a "comfort" and "reward' for making it through hard days but long term I know that looking good again will be a better reward...

Talk to you all later,


Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Nov 12 2009
14:45 (UTC)

I can't remember who but I saw several people talking about the P90X diet... are a few of you doing P90X right now?  How's it going?  I did it from April to June and had awesome results... then my thyroid meds got messed up and I'm back to square one but that's another story.  Anyway, what I was going to say was that I did not follow the diet to a T at all.  It wasn't practical for me and so what I did was eat what we had at the house but carefully and consciously.  I ate a lot of egg whites, chicken and salad but ate what I felt like eating and in moderation.  I wish I were the kind of person who could do great with a prescribed diet but I am not... I think that you can do your own eating plan and still get great results...   I'm curious about how you guys who are doing P90X are liking it...  I started Insanity 2 weeks ago and HOLY CRAP it is kicking my butt.  But I feel great when I am done and I've dropped weight and inches already.  I honestly think I am going to die at some points (and might even like to at others)... Have any of you done it?  I think after this, going back to 1x a week Plyo X will feel like a dream!


Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Nov 12 2009
12:23 (UTC)

ssdevine-- I am only 5'4 (and a half if that counts!) so 120's or teens is pretty average for my height I think.  I've always been around 115 and it was only during the past 6 months or so with my hellatious thyroid/candida nightmare that my weight shot up to 134.  It's back around 128 now but I am still so uncomfortable in my own body at this size...  Right now to get to my goal I am watching what I eat to a crazy degree (part of it is because of the candida diet thing) and I am doing the Insanity program from beachbody in the a.m. and some kind of light cardio/strength training in the p.m.  I am getting up at 4 am to do my morning workout and my hope is that once I reach my goal I can relax a bit and just maintain and not work so hard.  I'm an apple shape too and having had 2 kids has not done much to help my mid section!  I hate that my midsection is where everything goes... 

I have bus duty at work so I have to run-- will be back later..




Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Nov 12 2009
00:35 (UTC)

dmartinneau- sorry, don't know people's names!  yeah, 4 am sucks... and generally i am in bed by 9 at the latest.  it kills me to get up but once i'm up and going i feel great afterwards.  the mornings i lay in bed and don't get up i feel like crud the rest of the day...  if my darling daughters would sleep a bit later like normal children i could get up a little later-- oh how nice 5 would be!  lol!  i have 2 of the worst sleeping kids EVER!

i hope rebekkah will come back with good news soon... i think she needs a new doctor #1 and i've been passing on my "words of wisdom" (ha ha) from my own hellish experience... i feel so bad for her right now...

you all seem so nice... can i lurk here a bit longer... i have like 10-15 lbs to lose and am more in the 120's to 110's club but maybe you'll let me stay?!

Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Nov 10 2009
17:51 (UTC)

Greta- Thanks for passing along the info to the other Rebekkah... we got in touch and I hope some of the info I have will be helpful...

I feel your pain about working  out... I have two little ones myself and have been getting up at 4 am to workout because they wake so early and with them awake there's no chance of my getting to exercise... Are you doing P90X for the 1st time?  How're you liking it?  I did it last spring/summer and loved it.  I got a little bored by the end so I've been doing Insanity since... when that's done I think I'll go back to P90X

Simignonne- I know it's hard but maybe try to not weigh yourself everyday... I finally found that I had to ask my husband to hide the scale from me because I was  making myself crazy with any slight fluctuation.  Could you have someone do that for you?  Hide it so you have no choice?  



Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Nov 10 2009
15:15 (UTC)


I just tried to reply again to you and couldn't because it says you have to add me as a friend so I can write again.... please don't think I am ignoring you if you don't hear from me... add me if you want and then I can write more..

If your twin sister has Graves Disease then your doctor absolutely needs to run the antibodies tests on you-- there are 2 different ones for thyroid.  One type of thyroid antibody problem causes Graves and the other causes Hashomitos.  I can't believe with your family history that your doctor didn't do that first.  I feel so bad for you!

Also have your doctor do a Free T3 and Reverse T3.  

There are a few great websites I've found which I am trying to remember off the top of my head...  If you google, Mary Shomon Thyroid Info you'll get the one I can't think of the name of and the other is stopthethyroid ( I think...)

Hope to talk to you soon!


Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Nov 10 2009
13:48 (UTC)

I just happened to be reading on here this morning and am hoping Rebekah is around because I have been in her very shoes and I can almost guarantee she does have a thyroid problem.  I doubt very much her doctor ran all the tests that can truly look for an imbalance... usually they just run a TSH and mine came back normal too.  It wasn't until I pushed and got a whole range of testing that it came out that I was very hypothyroid...  If she's around, please, please emaill me so I can give you some info that took me far too long to come by.  I'd hate to see someone else suffer as long as I did...



Weight Loss 10-20 pound support group?!? Nov 06 2009
14:16 (UTC)

Hi all,

Well, this ought to make anyone who feels frustrated with your weight loss struggles feel mildly better since I can't imagine anyone else has had the following occur:

In the course of 4 weeks since I last saw my doctor about thyroid issues, I've gained 12 lbs.  Yup, you read it right.  12 lbs.  That's with working out HARD twice a day and with one or two exceptions, eating really well.  My doctor is both an MD and an Naturopath so he is kind of the best of both worlds so we talked about all my symptoms and he said it sounded like I have candida (some kind of bacterial infection). He didn't go so far as to say I should go on a candida diet but he did say to eliminate carbs (all) and dairy (all) and has me on Nystatin.  So far I don't feel any better and I am MISERABLE.  I weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and my clothing barely fits.  It is ridiculous.  I am ready to throw in the towel altogether and just eat what I want since eating salads and grilled chicken seems to be doing nothing but making me fatter.  

Sorry to be such a downer and whiner.  

Weight Loss 10-20 pound support group?!? Oct 20 2009
14:37 (UTC)

So far today is not going any better than the past 3 days.  I had a sausage biscuit at McDonalds and then showed up to work to find donuts in the office and had not one but two.  Needless to say I am a wreck.  My husband is being an enormous jerk to put  it mildly, I am overwhelmed and stressed and feel like I'm never going to get back to my normal size and have totally thrown in the towel.  Even before today, most (and I mean 99%) of my work clothing no longer fits.  I am wearing the same few things day in and out.  I am currently the weight I was when I was about 8 months pregnant with my 2nd daughter.  I don't know what the hell is going on with my body but if working out hard for 90+ minutes a day and eating under 1200 calories a day isn't going to allow my to lose weight then I'm just going to eat what I want and get fat since I'm getting there anyway even when I'm trying to be healthy.  This stinks.

Weight Loss help, i'm binging all day long... Oct 20 2009
14:32 (UTC)

I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this.  I over ate a bit on pizza on Friday night and have been binging ever since- eating things I haven't eaten in YEARS including sausage biscuits from McDonalds and donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  I tried to put on a pair of pants this morning that were HUGE on me 2 months ago and they barely fit and I look like a fat pig in them.  I am so disgusted with myself and feel like there's no point in trying to eat well b/c the scale doesn't budge even when I'm being strict with my eating and exercising.  On top of that frustration, my husband is being (and has been for a long time) a HUGE jerk (I'm tempering my language b/c I would like to use stronger words to describe him) and the more miserable I am because of him, the more I turn to food.  Great.

Weight Loss 10-20 pound support group?!? Oct 19 2009
18:47 (UTC)

M2Brown- Welcome!   This is a great group-- glad you're with us~!

Margie- I know that popcorn feeling-- ugh!   Why is it that popcorn wreaks havoc so much with us?  Anyway, I am sure you didn't do too much damage eating that and starting fresh today is great.  I'm hoping to start fresh tomorrow!   Early Childhood Ed is soooo in need of great teachers!  Good for  you for going into that field!   I have so much respect for teachers who work with the little little ones... I love my girls to pieces but I know I couldn't work with that age group!   I am a high school teacher.


Weight Loss 10-20 pound support group?!? Oct 19 2009
13:28 (UTC)

Ugh... I had a DISASTROUS weekend and I let it carry into this morning too.  I won't even go into details but I ate closer to 2000 calories on both Sat and Sun and today did not start out well at all.  

I've been so frustrated with the fact that the scale has not been moving at all that I kind of threw in the towel and royally screwed up all weekend long.  

I've been weighing every ounce of chicken that I eat and other than that I am eating salads (w/ fat free, low calorie dressing that I measure out), egg whites and fat free yogurt.  

I guess now I'll be able to explain the # of the scale since I ate horribly.  Ugh.  I am miserable right now, frustrated with myself, disgusted with myself etc...



Weight Loss 10-20 pound support group?!? Oct 16 2009
19:38 (UTC)

Margie- I'm with you in that I have trouble trying to fit things in for me too.  I love to run but I think I can only do it a few times a week b/c my knees seem to be shot from years of running.  As far as meals go, I haven't figured out how to cook one thing that we all sit down and eat.  Usually what I do is feed the girls around 5 b/c they are starving and they have something quick and easy but still healthy (most days!  we do have some crazy days that are spaghetti-o days).  Then after they go to bed around 7 I make dinner for myself.  Hope you try the chicken-- I love it!  That's funny that you like the yolk -- I despise it!  I know it's healthy but I just can't stand it.  Hope you have time for a run today!

Icecream18- Welcome!  I'm about your height/weight and wanting to get down to 115 or so... 

Wyngem56- Welcome as well!  Gotta love the pregnancy weight huh?  I was always 110 and then had my 2nd child and my thyroid quit and I've been between 120-125 ever since.  I'm hoping to get back to 110 someday but I'll be happy with 115

I've been hitting the gym hard every day this week and working out in the early morning before work.  I've also been eating really well.  I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I'm only down .6 of a pound from a week ago so that was a bit frustrating.  I think I might be eating too little if that's possible.  I'm eating about 1100 calories a day but (according to my heartrate monitor) burning about 600 with exercise each day so I probably need to eat more?  What do you all think?  The whole eat more to lose weight seems counter intuitive but I guess there's something to it... Tonight I plan to "cheat" a bit and have a few slices of pizza (granted it's with all veggies and not tons of cheese but still it's not the healthiest meal!)


Fitness Delete topic please Oct 14 2009
19:33 (UTC)

I'm on round 2 of Lean (but I do Plyo in place of CardioX).... I chose Lean largely b/c I LOVE core synergistics and think it's actually tougher than the chest workout that replaces it in Classic (at least for me it's tougher).

Today was Core Synergistics day and b/c I woke up late (alarm didn't go off) I had to skip the bonus moves and the dreya roll.  I'm off to the gym after work and will do some core work there to make up for what I missed after I hit the elliptical...

Beach Chica- I agree that the second time around it doesn't feel as hard-- I think it might be that I know what to expect like you said.  Did you have great results the first time around?

Weight Loss 10-20 pound support group?!? Oct 14 2009
18:36 (UTC)

Margie- Thanks for your nice words... and yes, the stress relief from exercise is GREAT!   It definitely is keeping me sane right now.  On to lighter topics... aren't egg whites the best?  I've decided they are my new favorite food.  I eat them hardboiled and pop out the yolk or I separate the egg whites from the yolk and cook them in the microwave and add a bit of salt and a lot of pepper and that's my breakfast everyday.  I love them!   I have broiled chicked almost every night and I make it in a way that I think is tasty.  I use a mallet and make the chicken breast thin and flat and then I put it on a piece of tinfoil on the broiler pan for the oven.  I then put a couple tablespoons of lemon juice over the chicken and a tsp or so of fresh garlic (i like garlic a lot) and black pepper.  Then I broil it for about 7 min and it comes out soooo moist and tasty.  The lemon juice functions like a marinade a bit minus all the calories.  If you like garlic and lemon you should try it.

Hope you're able to get your run in.  How far do you run typically?



Weight Loss 10-20 pound support group?!? Oct 14 2009
15:25 (UTC)

It's amazing how much better workouts feel when I'm not battling a cough and fever!   Yesterday I ran 4.5 milies and did a killer 45 min kickboxing class.  I felt great after both.  My eating has been a little less than wonderful for the past few days but I've tried to make up for some of the less great choices by eating more veggies.

Here's what I find with myself: when I get stressed or overwhelmed I do one of two things.  I either eat too much or not at all.  My husband and I are having some major problems and talking about divorcing and for the past few weeks I've been all over the map with food.  Some days I eat stuff I know I'll feel lousy about later simply because I feel better in the moment... and other days I seriously undereat because I feel so miserable that I can't force myself to eat.  

I decided that last night, no matter how bad things are with my husband, my girls need me to be healthy and stable and a good role model so I'm trying with a vengeance to eat well day in and out even if I have no appetite since my yo-yo eating keeps setting me up for feeling lousy and not being able to lose weight.

So far today I had egg whites for breakfast and two crackers with peanut butter.  For lunch I have yogurt and walnuts and dinner is a salad with broiled chicken.  I probably should have brought something additional for lunch but it was a crazy morning getting out of the house so I did the best I could.

Hope everyone's having a good week so far!


Weight Loss I'm REALLY DEPRESSED.. Help me!!!!! =( =( =( Oct 14 2009
13:32 (UTC)

You are definitely not alone in your frustration and feeling miserable.  We've all been there.  I think that taking it day to day is your best bet.  I've been trying to follow this mind set b/c it makes my task ahead less overwhelming.  Email anytime if you want!

Fitness Delete topic please Oct 13 2009
14:06 (UTC)

Sonny- I use the bands b/c we don't have a pull up bar... the bands are definitely easier than pull ups but I do get a good workout nonetheless.  I did Legs & Back yesterday and had a long workout at the gym.  Today I took a break and will just do the gym workout after work and then tomorrow is Core synergistics again.  

How'd Kenpo go?