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Weight Loss Paleo, Whole30 and Whole Life Challenge Apr 18 2015
04:23 (UTC)

Not me. I like heart-healthy whole gains and fiber-laden legumes ... not to mention a wide variety of proteins, fruits and veggies. I don't give a hoot what some person guesses that the cavemen ate.

Why not just eat lots of nutrient-dense foods that you enjoy, and get regular exercise that you like? Focus on health-enhancing behaviors and let your weight fall where it may, naturally!

I recommend two books: Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating. Both changed my life! (And neither one is a "diet" book!)


Motivation What was your "feel good" moment today? Apr 18 2015
04:14 (UTC)

We biked 12.75 miles tonight after dinner! :)

Weight Loss Anyone else here trying Belviq? Mar 01 2015
07:06 (UTC)

I have not taken it.... but you might find the Consumer Reports article on it interesting to read: 06/weight-loss-pill-belviq-is-now-available-b ut-we-say-skip-it/index.htm


"The FDA's advisory panel initially rejected Belviq because of a risk of tumors found in animal studies. And once approved last June, additional safety concerns delayed its release. Moreover, the European Medicines Agency was so concerned about the drug's safety that it rejected the drug. The drug's manufacturer, Arena Pharmaceuticals, recently withdrew its application for the drug's use in Europe."


Motivation Losing without exersize Mar 01 2015
07:01 (UTC)

What does your doctor say about your dizzy spells and not "feeling good" during and after exercise? Have these problems been evaluated and examined by a medical professional?



Weight Loss fastest way to lost 25 lbs by may Feb 19 2015
21:46 (UTC)

Your brother wants to share his special day with his family and friends ... he doesn't care what the number is on your scale.

Crash dieting may be a short-term solution to weight loss, but it inevitably returns and the cycle of yo-yo dieting and weight cycling continues ... often with adverse impact on your overall health and metabolism.

Rather than focusing on a number on the scale, while not choose health-enhancing behaviors and some self-care that will help you look and feel your best? Why not make a commitment to more fresh air, sunshine, and walking? Why not commit to trying to eat more fresh fruits and veggies? Why not look for ways to cut or style your hair? Why not work on choosing an outfit that you feel good about yourself in?

It's your choice, of course.... but my advice is to accept the fact that you are beautiful NOW (as is) ... why not enjoy that and work on health-enhancing behaviors if you want a project?

Motivation What was your "feel good" moment today? Feb 19 2015
21:39 (UTC)

I am glad that my health and strength has improved enough that I was able to get hot and sweaty and muddy out in the yard as I was tackling the forest of weeds taking over my flower beds! YAY!

(I've got problematic knees, too) :)

Foods Low or Nonfat Pasta Feb 18 2015
22:05 (UTC)

Frankly, I'm concerned about the nutritional balance of an eating plan that says to avoid fats and carbohydrates.... that doesn't feel very long-term sustainable or wise.

Foods Too much salt in all the foods we buy Feb 18 2015
22:02 (UTC)

There's no added salts in fresh fruits.

There's no added salts in fresh veggies.

There's no added salts in fresh eggs or meats that you prepare.

A lot of people choose to make their own bread, pasta and things like cooked oats or rice, cookies, ice cream, even yogurt ~ just leave out the added salt if you're concerned about your salt intake. You could certainly make your own sauces and soups and stir fry dishes without salt, if desired.

The nice thing about reading labels, is that you can always choose packaged items with less salt.



Weight Loss Not Losing Feb 17 2015
07:13 (UTC)

You are working out 5-6 times a day!?!?

Motivation Are you hungry ? Feb 11 2015
17:13 (UTC)

I will also say this: when I'm hungry, I eat. Due to my health limitations, I will test my blood sugars and if my numbers are fine, I almost always just grab protein or some nuts (or both). I don't grab a standard "carb" as a snack or to deal with those days that I'm extra hungry unless my blood sugar is low.

Are you exercising a lot more than you used to? Because THAT tends to make me hungrier (so I just eat more ... which is fine, since I know I am fueling my body with nutritionally dense foods).



Motivation Are you hungry ? Feb 11 2015
17:08 (UTC)

I'm 50 years old, have Type 2 diabetes and PCOS and a bad thyroid and I must say that 1,500 calories a day would leave me hungry ALL. THE. TIME.

Are you eating on any sort of a set schedule? Have you tried that for a week? Not for weight loss purposes, but to help regulate your blood sugars to avoid as many peaks, lows, and hunger pangs? Have you considered testing your blood sugars throughout the day to see what and how your blood sugars are doing?

For me, each of my meals includes the following: protein, LOTS of fiber, some fat, and a nice quantity of veggies.  My snacks tend to focus on protein and nuts (unless my blood sugars are low ~ then I add in a carb) I tend to either eat (or test) on a schedule to keep my blood sugars under control.... it just simplifies my life?

Note: when I say LOTS of fiber, for me ... we're talking more than 50-60g daily.

The book "intuitive eating" has also been a big help for me in starting to learn my bodies signals for satiety, fullness, hunger, etc. If you're interested, it should be available from most libraries and bookstores.

Motivation "junk food" Feb 10 2015
16:06 (UTC)

I'm with rightmeow. Food is food ... it fuels are body and (sometimes) feeds our soul. I don't assign a moral value to food ... and I personally avoid phrases like "junk" and "healthy v. unhealthy food" or "good v. bad food" or even "eating clean v. eating dirty.")

Studies show that food restrictions often lead to binging ... just as dieting and intentional weight loss often lead to weight regain and then more gain.

Learning to listen to your body is really the key. Learning to be mindful and intentional about eating and enjoying your food should be helpful. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat various foods, and then choose foods that make you feel good and which nourish you.

Focus on healthy behaviors (getting some exercise, maybe setting a goal for veggie servings) and let your weight fall where it may. (If you want to know more, look up some books or articles on "intuitive eating!")


Weight Loss Help? Jan 15 2015
18:59 (UTC)

What your individual body thinks and what a general chart thinks doesn't always match up.

So many things can impact your metabolism that a general chart doesn't know ... long term calorie restriction can impact metabolism. Activity level can impact metabolism. Your thyroid and endocrine system can impact metabolism. Whether or not you've dieted in the past (weight cycling, yo-yo dieting) can impact metabolism. The nutritional makeup of the calories you are eating can impact your metabolism.

My advice is simple: take a look at your nutrition. Are you getting a minimum of 25g of daily fiber? What's your carb/protein/fat ratio? There is more to fueling our bodies than just calories in and calories out.

Weight Loss Whats the best diuretic? Jan 15 2015
18:47 (UTC)

Why not just make an appointment with the doctor or physician who is managing your diabetes and ask him/her if you need to be taking a diurectic and follow his/her professional medical advice?

(As opposed to say, asking random lay persons on a weight loss board what they think you should do, none of which will know and understand your health situation and limitations the way your own DOCTOR would?)


Weight Loss I'm so hungry all the time! Jan 15 2015
18:44 (UTC)

Thanks for the update :)

Weight Loss Started eating healthy now always hungry? Jan 15 2015
18:43 (UTC)

Eat more food.

Weight Loss Low Carbers Out There Jan 15 2015
18:42 (UTC)

A 13 pound weight loss in two weeks isn't considered advisable, safe, healthy or long-term sustainable.

Calorie Count's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management.

Weight Loss Help? Jan 15 2015
18:39 (UTC)

Yes. Your body thinks you're starving it and that you're going through a famine and it has slowed down your metabolism to compensate.  Your body realizes that there is a problem and has put the brakes on things.

My advice: stop starving your body. Try this: eat more food. Don't reduce your calories any more.

Spend some time and learn about nutrition. Chances are, you should be adding more veggies to your diet (you really can't go wrong with that) Have some almonds. Have some avocado. Are you eating plenty of protein? Stop focusing on a number on the scale and look for other ways to measure success. Can you walk more? Do you feel better? Have you added muscle tone?


Weight Loss birth control and diet pills Jan 15 2015
18:35 (UTC)

I have a suggestion: forget the "diet pills" and "diet aids and diet teas and diet supplements."

Add more vegetables to your diet.

Add more fiber to your diet.

Take the time to learn about nutrition and do what you can to improve and tweak the food that you eat so that it better fits your health goals and any health restrictions you may have.

If you don't have physical limitations, consider moving more. Select a hobby or recreational activity that involves physical activity and do it more often! Try new ones.

Save your money and save your health and ditch the quick-fix crap.

Foods Oh so good Jan 15 2015
01:12 (UTC)

I love fresh blackberries!