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Health & Support Is my metabolism speeding up or no? Nov 19 2012
00:19 (UTC)

Thank you all very much for your replies. I'm not concerned about gaining a pound or two; rather, I don't want it to turn into a huge, noticeable gain (i'm fragile, if people commented, i'm not sure I could take it. I know my mom would, and that'd be hard. But, if it were uncontrolled, that would be extremely scary, gaining, and not knowing when/if it'd stop).

I'm not trying to deny the fact that I still have an ED, but rather that i'm a lot better than I was. I've been eating a lot more the past few days. Yesterday, I had my whole bottle of Gatorade. Today, I was starved after breakfast and had what was basically, a 2nd breakfast. 

What do I have to do to get better though? I've already put on some weight? Do I really have to put on more? I don't want to put on weight to a point where I wasn't even comfortable pre-ed. And if my health isn't in danger, i'm eating enough, and i'm regularly getting my period, would it still be necessary (not saying those last two are consistant, but if it were the case, which it hopefully will be). 

Maintaining 2000 calories+ MAINTAINERS- what did YOU eat today! October- Nov 17 2012
00:18 (UTC)

Hi guys, posting after seeing my nutritionist yesterday. Basically, she said to add a few tiny things to speed up my metabolism (I unknowingly over-exercised and under-ate during XC season. Now that it's winter track, we're doing a lot less, but I want to make sure i'm fueling properly, so I can kick major @$% this season (i burnt out in XC). 

Breakfast: Bowl of Joe's Fruity O's, Pomegranate Chobani yogurt, small bowl of Strawberries& a few raspberries 

Morning Snack: Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar, Granny Smith Apple

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich on a WW roll w/ mustard, Chocolate Milk, Bag of WW kettle corn, apple

Pre/Post workout Snack: Red Gatorade (130 calorie bottle; full bottle)

Dinner: Hamburger on a WW roll w/ pickles and ketchup, salad w/ dressing, about a cup of brown rice pasta 

Dessert: 2 banana chocolate chip protein muffins, a few berries

Snack: Apple


Exercise: 40-ish minute run (track practice; 10 minute warm-up, 10x, 1 minute hard, one easy, then about 10 minutes cool down. Then, 4 strides).


Was really starving after dinner. Does this look like enough? too much? I'm thinking it's about 2500? 2600 maybe? 

Maintaining Should I keep my calories the same on an off week? Nov 10 2012
02:54 (UTC)
the reason I ask by the way is that i've heard you need calories for further recovery, but i'm not sure...
Fitness Should I lift for lower body if I run? Oct 26 2012
02:10 (UTC)
Original Post by kelrantymus:

Original Post by smashley23:

I definitely think there's merit to single leg work as well as bilateral work, especially for athletes.  It helps improve hip mobility and when you run, your legs are working unilaterally.  

This. In our triathlon training program, we all lift at least twice a week if not 3 times depending on the rest of our training that week and we do single leg exercises as well as bilateral exercises. Running/cycling/whatever isn't the same as lifting weights and I think incorporating both makes for a well-rounded endurance athlete.

As for your achilles, foam roll, as has been said, make sure you stretch adequately and listen to your body. I've been battling an achilles injury for almost a year and if I would just take the time to let it heal, it wouldn't still be bothering me, I'm sure.

Thank you guys very much!! what single leg exercises would you reccomend I include in my program? Double leg exercises as well? Would box jumps be okay too? I've always been too scared to do them as i'm worried i'll get injured. Also, in my current state, it may hurt a bit too much to do them.

Also, for upper body, is one pushing exercise (like a push up) and a pulling (like a bent over row) enough? Should I incorporate more? Also, what about abs?? 

I was doing NROL type programs, but I found I was getting really worn out while doing them in conjunction with all the running I was doing with XC. Thank you!!

Fitness Should I lift for lower body if I run? Oct 26 2012
00:58 (UTC)

Thanks so much!!!!! i foam roll after practice almost every day, and I stretch at least once a day for the achilles. I've never heard about the power yoga though; i'll be sure to try that! any good dvd's you'd reccomend? I'm not sure there are specific power yoga classes at my gym. 

Also, you say to do squats and deadlifts; what about things like lunges and step ups? Would you say to do those too, or are those kind of a waste of time? I don't really feel them honestly. If I try to increase the weight of the dumbbells, i'ts too heavy for me to hold. But, when I have the 15 Ilb, I can usually do 15 reps, no problem.

Fitness Injured: is the elliptical a good option? Sep 18 2012
21:33 (UTC)

Thanks guys!! Sucks that I probably won't make any gains, but good that I won't make any losses either. Doc said possibly 2 weeks, but I seriously can't imagine it taking THAT long to recover. I'm also planning on coming back slowly (like, increasing back to running by 1 day/week, THEN increasing the intensity). 

The obsession on calories is just me being dumb/paranoid btw. Last time I was injured I gained about 10 pounds and became almost overweight, so i'm kind of paranoid that history will repeat itself...

Fitness eliptical or tredmill? Sep 15 2012
12:46 (UTC)

Both burn calories, and both are good because they get you up and moving. But, I suggest the treadmill. I used to do straight elliptical work, but never saw any huge improvement in my legs. Now that i've been running for about 4-5 months or so, i've seen drastic improvement in my legs/behind, and I can see my leg muscles now.

yes, the treadmill does put more stress on the knees. If you're beginning, I wouldn't do the treadmill more than a few times a week. I went straight from just elliptical (4x/week) to 5-6x a week of running (both on the treadmill and outdoors), which to say the least, was not the best idea. I never got injured, but it took me a while before my knees were completely and fully pain free. So, i'd do a mix to start with, depending on how often you do cardio, and work your way up to the treadmill. Then, if you're joints are feeling weary, do the elliptical to spare your joints till you're feeling better. I do this whenever my legs are tired from the stress of running, and it really helps. Plus, I still get a good calorie burn in there.

Fitness Crossfit or NROL? Sep 14 2012
22:26 (UTC)
Original Post by mommyhawaii:

Mocha--which phase of NROL are you doing? First phase wasn't too time consuming, but phase III for me was quite taxing! Are you going to do something else when phase I is done? Also, what happened to the trainer you were seeing?

I just started phase 2 today, and it was a bit longer (40-45 min). I didn't do the metabolic training (and i'm not sure if I should or not). But, because I'm still eating like a horse after my first race yesterday, I thought the less calories burnt the better :P I contacted the trainer but we just haven't been able to make plans for a session. I'm really busy between social life/XC/family/etc, so it's hard to make a set plan for the gym, especially when the XC schedule is so prone to change. I've been getting there when I get there ever since school started. I'm also out of birthday money, and my allowance is limited to say the least lol. I'm keeping what she said in mind however. I'm doing more of a circuit style kind of thing like she suggested (I know i'm supposed to follow the program exactly and all) but I've been doing it w/ out the rest, for a few more reps w/ lighter weight so it's slightly more time efficient as well. 

Maintaining Increasing calories to maintain after chronic under eating...advice? personal experience? Sep 14 2012
01:31 (UTC)

you deff need more than 1500-1600. Since you're young, yet sedentary, try 1800. My advice, is to just increase all at once. This was my EXCAT situation about a year ago (im' just about an inch or 2 taller). I didn't gain a pound, and it's because I went straight from 1200-1800. I was scared as hell, yeah, but I didn't gain an ounce. But, whenever I have tried to gradually increase, i feel as if I am gaining/it's very anxiety provoking. So, that's my advice; just increase all at once. Good luck hun!!! <3

Fitness Crossfit or NROL? Sep 14 2012
01:23 (UTC)

awesome, thank youuu!!

Fitness Crossfit or NROL? Sep 13 2012
23:42 (UTC)

ALSO, mommyhawaii: the achillies/plantar is pretty much all better. It's just soreness i've discovered. It gets better as I run, so that's why. I'm going to the gym tm for weights, and i'm doing the elliptical, then saturday i'm taking completely off, to let my legs finally recover! I'm all good now B) Also, NROL for abs has only been taking me a half hour-40 min at a time. I hang out w/ my buds after school, and on the weekends, so i'm good w/ that too (actually just came back from our meet/ getting smoothies w/ my buds haha!) :)

Fitness Crossfit or NROL? Sep 13 2012
23:40 (UTC)

Thanks so much for all of the replies guys!

I'm going to go with NROL for now, probably 2x a week (3 if I can manage), because I can't imagine getting to the gym almost every day for the WOD. I just don't have the time for the crossfit stuff. Although, as others have said, incorporating certain elements of it, I would love to do! So if I don't have too many races once a week, I could do that then. 

I also just need some reassurance; it will be okay if I only do NROL 2x a week? My schedule just won't really allow more. I learned my lesson today to not lift the day before a meet (my time was still pretty good; 18:39 for my first 4k). But, the cramping in my legs afterward was just awful, and I'm pretty sure that's due to the lactic acid build up and whatnot. I was thinking of doing yoga instead of a 3rd day of lifting, to help relax after my runs and stuff, but that'd be when I can fit it in. Mainly though, I just want some reassurance; I'll still get results/benefits if I do NROL 2X a week, as well as my XC training?

Fitness Crossfit or NROL? Sep 12 2012
14:27 (UTC)

Thanks for clearing that up!

I don't have acess to a crossfit specific gym (nor does my gym have crossfit classes) but I do have acess to all the barbells and equipment that would be used in one. I only have time after XC, and teh times I can get to the gym varies as well depending on when meets are scheduled, workouts with the team, etc. I guess NROL is the way to go then? lol

Fitness How to get rid of Achilles pain? Sep 09 2012
16:05 (UTC)

I'm 99% sure it's the achillies now. It's weird. The first half of the week, both achillies hurt. Then, I stretched the one that hurt a bit more on friday, and yesterday, that was the only one that was hurting. I wore an old pair of running shoes yesterday, when it really hurt, and my coach said that it was probably the shoes. Slight increase in milage/intensity, but not by a heck of a lot (appx 30-35 mi/week, from more like 30). I think it's just from a lack of rest. 

The same thing has happened with my knees before. But eventually, after one day of rest, and some strength work on my quads to take pressure off the knee, the pain stopped completely there. It's as if the pain shifted kind of. I found out i'm flat footed as well, so i'm getting a pair of orthodics temorarily, then i'm getting  a pair of custom ones to help me out.

Usually after resting and icing for a day, i'm all better with this kind of stuff. 

Young Calorie Counters Teen trying to lose weight, need help! Sep 09 2012
13:14 (UTC)

I agree with the poster above, to not go on a diet, and just aim to eat healthier. But, 1350 is not NEARLY enough. You're burning a ton of calories at the gym, in practice, and at dance. I'd say for you to maintain, 2400 minimum would be good. That being said, because you are already at a healthy weight, and just want to lose vanity pounds, you should not go for a deficit over 500 calories a day (if you must count calories, but I don't recommend it as it ruins your sanity). If you go over that deficit, you will lose muscle, and slow your metabolism down. 

If you have been eating 1350 for more than a few days, eat 2400 or more for 3-4 days, to get your metabolism back on track. Then, I would start trying to lose by eating 2000 a day minimum. 

I can promise that 3 days of eating 2400-ish will not make you gain real weight, no matter what the scale says (water fluctuations can be a ****). What i'd do if I were you, is eat 2400 for 4 days (to ensure you're getting enough to speed your metabolism back up), then stop counting calories and just focus on eating healthy. 

Fitness Running 10,000 miles in September? Sep 08 2012
23:12 (UTC)

9/4- 9 mi

9/5- 4 mi

9/6- 6 mi

9/7- 4 mi

9/8- 7 mi

Maintaining Eating the bulk of my daily calories later on in the day..bad? :/ Sep 08 2012
01:29 (UTC)

not bad at all ;) 

i'd go into more detail but i don't have much time/it just isn't bad for you!

Young Calorie Counters Not hungry? Sep 07 2012
00:26 (UTC)

you need to be eating 1500 if you're sedentary and overweight. You are NOT overweight at 5,3' and 125 Ilb, so a bit more, and if you're active, i'd go with 1800 for weight loss if you're reasonably active. If you're on a sport, or team, go with more like 2000-2200.

Fitness School's Coming...How To Fit In A Decent Amnt. of Exercise!? Sep 07 2012
00:19 (UTC)

my b double post lol


Fitness School's Coming...How To Fit In A Decent Amnt. of Exercise!? Sep 07 2012
00:18 (UTC)

Is your injury better? If you're able to run, I HIGHLY recommend you get back on the XC team. Exercise is supposed to be FUN! and if your school's team is like mine, you'll have the time of your life, make tons of friends, and of course, get a kick ass workout 6X/week. You will for SURE be able to run a 10k eventually training on a team, only difference is that it's more fun. You give up control of your workouts, but it is SO worth it.

now yeah, it is all running, so no abs and stuff really (unless your captain makes you do like, 3 minutes of ab workouts and a few push-ups, but that doesn't do it for me personally XP). But, you don't have to do weights outside of school. Practice really is more than enough. For me, I try to do homework in school. This way, I at least get a little bit of it out of the way. If it's being graded, don't rush through it, but if it's not, nothing too bad about writing out some random answers to get the credit for your HW average ;)

But, school should definetaly come first in your case. If you can't get to practice every day, so be it. If you can't fit in bodyrock tv or fitness vids, that's perfectly fine!!! Your grades are your priority (from what I can see anyway). But it's all about balance. Finding a good medium. An hour a day 3-5x a week is all good. If you're not too busy one week, go 5x. If you're extremely busy, and can't even get out for 5 minutes, you can take it down to 3; fitness is something to be ENJOYED!!!