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Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 21 2008
07:48 (UTC)
Original Post by moraima107:

HI, i started my 1,200 calories on monday unfortunately i also started aunt flow, but yesterday was my last day, i have been working out for one hour 5 days a week and i still have loss not one pound, do u have any advice that u can give me anyone.


i am 5'1 170lbs i exercise for about an hour 5 days a week and i eat 1.200 calories a day but i exercise in the afternoon do u think i should start exercising in the morning, which is better.Any advice would be helpful.

Oh and before that i was on a 1,500 calorie count i lost 2 pounds the first week and then the next week i didn't lose any.




Moraima, are you "eating back" some of your exercise cals that you burn?  If not, you won't be losing the way you would like.  I know you said that you're doing cardio, but you should also add in some weight training.  Muscle will burn more fat and cals.  In addition, I would suggest more dark green (romaine, spinach or broccoli) and orange veggies (carrots, yams, sweet potatoes or squash) at least 3 cups of each per week.  Try to also eat plenty of lean proteins every day.  Also drinking enough water will help.

Hope this helps!  Melanie :) 

Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 20 2008
21:38 (UTC)

letsgetitstarted- If you are seeing results, then I totally agree with following the CC meters.  If you start stalling, that's when I would research BMR a bit more, maybe see a nutritionist, and re-evaluate.  The most accurate reading for your base metabolic rate is to have a doctor do stress tests and that sort of thing.  All of the calculations that CC does as well as the BMR equations are standards.  They aren't perfect, but they give you a great idea of what your body needs.  For example, my husband is 5'10" and has the metabolism of a cheetah!  He can eat without thinking about calories, but he also has a verrrrry hard time putting on weight of any kind, so his resting rate would be much higher than some other male his height and age.  Again, if you are seeing results (1 lb. is great), then stay with what  you are already doing.

Keep on and keep positive everyone!  I second waterwalker in saying that we all need each other, and I deeply appreciate everyone's encouragement on this challenge.

Weight Loss Curves? Jan 20 2008
16:01 (UTC)
I used to be a fitness technician at Curves, which means I actually got to work out for free :)  Motivating all the ladies to push harder and faster was something I always tried to do while I was in the middle.  We made it mandatory to check your heart rate when the tape prompted you to.  Mine was always above 70%, so I know I got a good workout.  If you're not sweating after the first 10 minutes and your heart rate is not at least 70%, then you won't see results.  When it came time to measure members, those who really pushed themselves were the ones who got the desired results.  I personally lost several inches and a few pounds.  My arms and thighs had never looked as good as when I was doing the circuit regularly.  Try doing kick boxing moves on the gray squares; that's what I usually did!  I totally agree with what others are saying; you get what you put in, and that's with any type of exercising that you're doing :)
Foods Pearl Milk Tea Jan 20 2008
03:33 (UTC)
Original Post by sauvignon:

I forgo the pearls...don't taste good to me and I think they're pretty high in calories. Which ... I guess...makes them like...normal slushy/smoothie drinks :P

Faves: Avocado, yogurt (tastes like pinkberry mmmm), watermelon, and almond milk tea.

 On the subject of Pinkberry, I still treat myself to that every once in a while.  It's lower in calories than a boba/bubble tea drink, and you get a serving of fruit in too!!!

Foods Pearl Milk Tea Jan 20 2008
03:30 (UTC)
I am addicted to milk tea (original flavor) as well!  I am such a patron of one shop that they make me a sugar free, lowfat milk tea with fresh black boba (tapioca pearls).  I also loved their fishcake, but had to stop getting it since it was fried.
Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 19 2008
16:23 (UTC)

I did pretty good, though I wished my numbers would have continued at the rate when I first started on the 2nd.

1/19 = 207

1/12 = 209

1/2 = 225

That's 2 pounds for this challenge, but 18 since starting to count! 

Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 16 2008
03:33 (UTC)

browneyes- You picked a cute avitar for your picture too :)

I learned something pretty funny about pandas on the Discovery Channel.  They are always high!  They get buzzed off of the eucalyptus XD  If they don't feed the pandas just the type they're craving, they get very ornery and vicious!  Isn't that hilarious!?

Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 14 2008
19:36 (UTC)

age: nearly 27

highest non-pregnant weight: 240's

starting challenge weight: 209

challenge goal weight: 179

long term goal weight: 143

background: married 3 1/2 years, mom to 1 boy (gonna be 2 on Friday), BA in Elementary Education, currently looking for a full-time job, been overweight my entire life (minus 1 yr. in college where I lost a bunch, but the wrong way).

strengths: I have tons of will power when I set my sights on a goal. I have 2 work-out buddies that keep me busy (usually 2 separate work-out times/day). I used to be vegetarian, so I know how to eat veggies! I believe in the power of prayer and strength in numbers.

weaknesses: sweets, chocolate, tv, and sleep

goals: I want to be able to: label myself as healthy, learn to control my sweet tooth, love exercising, teach my son good eating habits, be able to play hard and not get winded or quit too early, and for my husband to love my sexy body


Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 14 2008
05:31 (UTC)

That's a good accomplishment, xqohx!  I know when I have deferred from diets in the past, I've gone into tail spins.  It's great how we can watch the burn and eat meters and make slight adjustments in exercise or the following day's menu.

By the way, thank you so much for the work you put into this challenge for all of our benefit.  This is something I look forward to every time I log on Smile.

Foods Mango Skin Jan 14 2008
05:05 (UTC)
You made me giggle :)  Actually, the skin is edible, but some people are allergic to it.  In tropical places, people eat all but the stone in the center.  I guess mangoes are related to poison ivy and poison oak.  With that said, if your susceptible to Ivy or Oak, its not a good idea to eat the skin.  Within a few hours of eat it you may become itchy and develop a blistery rash around your mouth.  Oh gosh; I pray you're not allergic!
Health & Support Benefits of the Sauna? Jan 13 2008
00:11 (UTC)
Oh how I miss a good sauna!  I'm of Finnish decent, and having grown up next door to my Finnish grandparents, they have a large outdoor sauna that we used nearly every night.  We used the sauna to bathe.  Theirs was wood burning and had huge lake rocks on top.  Throwing water on the rocks and hearing them pop, letting the steam tingle through my nose as I took deep breaths, and walking barefoot through the snow with a towel on my head as I made my back up to the house to watch Wheel of Fortune with my grandparents are memories that make my heart dance.  It was the best remedy for colds and feeling under the weather in general.  I loved it, but am not aware of any weight loss connections besides water loss.
Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 12 2008
18:03 (UTC)
Original Post by browneyes1:

Hello All,

I started cc on the 2nd and had lost 2.5lbs over the week.
CC says my calorie intake to lose 45lbs by June is 1450. I here you guys mentioning numbers under that. Should I be eating less.
Should I decrease my calories to lose more? At what point would I put my body in starvation mode because I don't want to do that?

Any suggestions. Thx

 Browneyes-   A 2.5 lb. loss is great!  What I noticed is that the Eat Meter number that CC put in for me is only a deficient of 631 compared to my sedentary Burn Meter number.  It's safe for me to eat 369 fewer calories than that (1000 cal deficient) as long as I don't exercise at all that day.

Please remember that if you do exercise, you need to use the new Burn Meter number and subtract 1000 cals.  This is the very least amount of calories you need to eat to ensure your body doesn't go into starvation mode.

I hope this helps! 

Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 12 2008
16:21 (UTC)

I'm 209 today!  That's 5 lbs. since last Sat, and 16 lbs. since I started on the 2nd!  I have never eaten so much in my life!  I feel full all the time, thanks to snacks of veggies and fruit between and during every meal :)  Watching my sedentary burn number drop is just as rewarding as the numbers on the scale.

Games & Challenges Lose 30 lbs or your goal weight till summer!(Next Weigh In 3/8) Jan 12 2008
07:36 (UTC)

I guess it's my turn to have a less than resounding day...  I have to get a grip.  Luckily it is only affecting my mood and not my eating!  I've been staying at home being the mommy for six months (off and on), and I was REALLY setting my hopes on continuing to do nothing but wifey/mommy jobs around the house, buuuuut since we're living in putrid CA, there's no way to make ends meet with me not bringing something in.  I had a good month of not accepting the idea of working and daycare, but a peace has come over me to dig deep and take some of the stress off my husband.  Girls, I'm really torn up about this.  My son will be 2 on the 18th, and he's only little once.  I know I just have to remember that taking care of him and being a good mom means taking care of the finances too.  I reaaaaally wanted a pan of freshly baked brownies, but I ate tons of veggies today instead, and the mixer and cake pan never saw the light of day.

On a positive note, I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  I've never been so eager to get on a scale in my life!  January 12th through June 21st is gonna be a wonderful chapter in my life.  Thanks for being here with me, everyone!

Foods Cottage Cheese mix-in's and "eat with's"?? Jan 12 2008
03:56 (UTC)

I like to put cottage cheese on my salad.  That way I don't use any dressing!

I've also made a veggie dip with cottage cheese by making a cottage cheese puree and using  Garlic Garlic seasoning from Tastefully Simple, though I'm sure you could flavor it with any seasonings you like for a dip.

 The fruit that tastes best, in my opinion, is pineapple.

Foods Finding an "F" food Jan 11 2008
22:11 (UTC)
Hillshire Farms Smoked Beef Sausage also gets an 'F'.  It's really a downer, because I like to have that with boiled potatoes, carrots and cabbage in the winter.
Foods Egg cooked in microwave? Jan 10 2008
23:21 (UTC)
Just don't put a cooled down hard boiled egg in the microwave to heat it up.  I've blown the door off a microwave like that when I was younger!
Weight Loss Behold!! The Answer to the SHOWER mystery!! Jan 10 2008
23:18 (UTC)
This was hilarious to read!  You've got chop_chop "gettin nerdy", and streakers everywhere ROFL! XD   BTW, I don't think anyone can pee THAT much in the shower, and who can honestly "cross their heart and hope to die" that they have never peed in the shower (not even once)!
Health & Support when did your hair stop falling out Jan 10 2008
22:08 (UTC)


Keep praying for your body to repair.  But in the meantime, buy a pretty scarf or hair accessory that will make you feel beautiful.  Everything will go back to normal if you are taking care of yourself now :)


Fitness Rebounding helps with cellulite, for real. Jan 10 2008
18:17 (UTC)
Oooooh, sounds like FUN!!  I'm afraid to  have something like this around my son (2 yrs. in 8 days).  Do your 3 and 4 yr. olds allow you to do your workout without too much interruption?  I'm afraid my workout would turn into standing for 30 minutes, holding his hands while he goes nuts jumping.  Any thoughts?