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Weight Loss 22lbs (10Kg) less by September 1st Jul 04 2008
03:19 (UTC)

i am actually trying to lose 10lbs a month so i def in. So far i have lost 22lbs [since March] i'm trying to kick myself into over drive so i can lose more weight. I am getting married next summer and want to look fabulous when i start trying on dresses.

Health & Support i think i need help... May 05 2008
23:23 (UTC)

hi brieo. my younger sister had developed an eating disorder at the same age as you are now [she's 18 now] mostly because she saw me gaining weight in high school and didn't want to go through that. Anyway you are so young still shouldn't be worrying about your weight.  As long as you eat breakfast lunch dinner and enjoy everyday activities like say going for a walk with friends, gym class, and so on you'll stay in shape. Don't let yourself get trapped in that mind set that you must be stick thin to be considered pretty.  i hope you will consider therapy and not letting food consume your life. much love - Audrey

Weight Loss Boob size at different weights (ladies) May 05 2008
23:12 (UTC)

hi! Well i was a 36D at 5'10" and 210 lbs i got pregnant and went to 36F at 250lbs!!! i gained a lot of boobage and weight with my pregnancy. i am also losing weight i'm down to 235 my goal is 153. anyway i am hoping mine don't get any smaller then a C a lot of my friends who have lost weight have an A cup or smaller. keep your fingers crossed. :]

Pregnancy & Parenting Just for fun-gender predictors! Apr 10 2008
22:21 (UTC)

hey everyone i'm not currently pregnant but i did this one old wives tale i believe it figures out the gender by the month and day you conceived in. It said i was having a girl. I thought i was having a boy. i had a girl. i know those things probably don't work but still fun.

New Members Sticky **New Member forum Meet N Greet** Apr 10 2008
21:25 (UTC)

1. Calorie Count Name (user id): MissSavage22
2. Name you prefer to be called in discussions: Audrey
3. Age & Sex: 21 & Female
4. General Location: Chicago
5. Married? Single? engaged
6. Kids? Furbabies? 5 month old daughter
7. Favorite color? green
8. Favorite movie? eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
9. Hobbies? reading
10. Favorite Snack? cheese
11. Favorite Beverage? diet coke
12. Biggest Obstacle to Getting Healthy? staying motivated
13. Weight/Fitness Goal? lose about eighty pounds
14. Least Favorite Household Chore? dishes
15. How did you find Calorie Count? a cousin told me about it
16. Anything Else You'd Like To Share? i want to be thin!