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Weight Gain Bloated oh the feeling :/ Jul 18 2010
14:37 (UTC)

I'm running into bloating issues as well. Especially in this heat wave. For me, it's mostly around my legs, neck and face. The last time I had swelling in my face close to this bad was when I got my wisdom teeth removed. >.<  

I've cut way back on sodium and I'm drinking tons of water too.

Young Calorie Counters cross country help! Jul 06 2010
15:14 (UTC)

I'm going out for cross-country for the first time this fall also. I'm so nervous! I pass the 3 mile mark of my runs in 22 minutes..but I save my strength to complete 6 miles, so I hold back a little.. I have some trail experience, it's very fun leaping across ditches and dodging rocks. I know I'm not the fastest, but I'm not lastest either. :P

Fitness Staying In Shape While Injured? Jul 06 2010
13:56 (UTC)

Um, I don't have an eating

Fitness Fitness standard times for 1 mile run? Jul 05 2010
20:56 (UTC)

Double post, sorry

Fitness Fitness standard times for 1 mile run? Jul 05 2010
20:47 (UTC)

I'm a 15 year old girl and my best mile time was 6:35, is that good? But I ran 5 miles at a 7:30 pace prior to kicking it up to that pace..I'd love to see how I can go fresh.

Foods Cereal. CEREAL. Jul 04 2010
13:39 (UTC)

I really wish they sold cereal in sing-serving sample boxes so I could try a variety of them and not feel terrible for throwing out a whole box I didn't like. :( I know they used sell sugary-cereal that way.

Foods Cereal. CEREAL. Jul 02 2010
21:40 (UTC)

Favorite healthier cereals: Original Cheerios, Special K Protein Plus, Wheat Chex and Crispix!

Sugary cereal: Fiber One Caramel Delight, Honey Nut Cheerios,and Chocolate Cheerios mmmm

I hardly ever eat cereal with milk. It gets soggy so fast, so I usually have it with yogurt and fruit as a snack. Or to add crunch to oatmeal.

Foods I don't eat - fill in the blank- white foods, grains, etc Jul 02 2010
21:25 (UTC)

I don't care for the taste of red meat, chicken, turkey, or any other bird. I'll only consume seafood sparingly, which makes me a pescetarian if you had to categorize it. I really dislike candies. I'll use cocoa powder in oatmeal or in protein shakes to get my chocolate fix, but sweets from big candy companies are too sweet for my taste, ick. Anything with trans fats/partially hydrogenated oils I'll drop like a rock. White bread, potatoes, and white rice/pasta are tasteless. Sprouted Ezekiel bread is delicious. Anyone here who hasn't tried it, get thee to the grocery now! I won't eat anything fried or greasy, even the smell is nauseating. Same goes for mayonnaise, heavy creams and salad dressings.

Maintaining calories for 15 y/o small-framed female (typical questions) Jun 29 2010
19:35 (UTC)

@ suzushii: and are you male/female? height? weight?

Young Calorie Counters An Aggravated Reflection on Skinny Teenager girls Jun 21 2010
21:31 (UTC)

Very true, newmeforever. Starving oneself is nooo good. It'll catch up with ya and bite on the @$$ eventually

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Jun 21 2010
14:54 (UTC)

As I said in my previous post, I do not feel compelled to burn off everything I eat..I've been told I look quite muscular for being as small as I am, but I still want gain more muscle as well as fat to look healthier. Fat is like the oil in the machine, you need it! Every dang runner on my cross-country team needs to be on a weight gain diet.. :P 

By how much would you recommend I bump it up?? Just wondering..

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Jun 20 2010
20:41 (UTC)

     Thanks all for your concern, but I am not in recovery for an eating disorder of any kind. Though, I did fight through an episode of depression that really killed my appetite and cause me to drop weight. That was months ago. I weighed myself today because I WANT to gain weight. If it takes more than 2,500 cals to do so, then I'll eat more, no biggie. I have had my thyroid, kidneys, liver, and blood tested and they all came out normal, but I've read here on CC that the metabolism speeds up when you initially up your calories...It's not really unheard of for  competitive distance runners such myself to be too thin (not saying that it makes it ok or anything) I love to run and be active, but not because I feel like I have to burn off everything I eat. It boosts my mood and clears my mind. And I love food too! More food is a'okay with with me ;)

Health & Support Looking for gaining buddy? Jun 20 2010
19:54 (UTC)

I'm 5'2". I'm not really on a strict program, just keeping track of what I eat in a food journal to make sure I'm hitting 2,500 cals everyday and reading everything I can about how to weight gain on CC as well :) And as a side note: No, I'm not recovering from an ED or anything.

Health & Support Looking for gaining buddy? Jun 20 2010
15:45 (UTC)

Count me in! I need a buddy too... I'm 15 years and 92 pounds. I just started my weight gain program a week ago and haven't seen much results yet.. My goal is just to look and feel healthy. Send me a message :)

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Jun 20 2010
14:29 (UTC)

I am 15, female, and have been on a 2,500+ calorie weight gain diet for a week now..and haven't gained DIDDLY SQUAT!Yell Grrr...

The good news is that my overall mood and energy levels have improved and my athletic performance has absolutely skyrocketed. I feel like superwoman! I wont overdo it, though.

Will the weight eventually start coming on when my metabolism evens out? Or do I need to increase?

Young Calorie Counters An Aggravated Reflection on Skinny Teenager girls Jun 20 2010
14:13 (UTC)

Ah, yeah, I've had my fair share of conflicts with people matching that description as well..I know what you mean :P

Weight Gain Weight Gainers - What Did YOU Eat Today? - June 5th until June 20th Jun 19 2010
14:13 (UTC)

Today's Feast:

Breakfast: Fiber One Caramel Delight with Fage Greek Yogurt in place of milk. Strawberries, blueberries and honey. Very tasty. (450)

Pre-workout: Bowl of oatmeal with hot coco powder and nuts (330)

Post-workout: Bottle of Muscle Milk and a Kashi Crunchy! Bar(320)

Lunch: Organic brown rice bowl with pinto beans, a big helping of assorted vegetables, tomatoes, and cheese with a big salad on the side.(370)

Snack: Amy's reduced sodium shepherd's pie (160)

Dinner: Organic brown rice bowl with shrimp, stir-fry vegetables, tomatoes, grilled tilapia and half cup of V8 (used as a sauce), another big salad (390)

Dessert: Scoop of no sugar added vanilla ice-cream, scoop of chocolate ice-cream.(200)

Any time snacks to eat whenever hungry:canned pumpkin. (40)  Milkshake made with a container of Greek yogurt put in the freezer for a while, packet of hot coco mix, and a banana (240)

Total: 2,500 cal

Yeah, I'll admit I'm kind of going overboard on sugary junk food today..but this is probably the only time in my life where "diet food" = high cal yummy treats. Live a little! haha At least my main meals are healthy :P

Edit: I felt a little low on energy during my workout. I still powered through it but, I don't know, something was missing. So, I took the liberty to add a Gorton's Flame Grilled Salmon Filet to my chili-cheese bowl lunch. Mmmm, pescado. Today's total is now 2,600 cals. :)


Young Calorie Counters An Aggravated Reflection on Skinny Teenager girls Jun 18 2010
18:45 (UTC)

I don't think it's right to hate on the skinny folks. I'm tired of hearing the words "thin", "skinny", and "size zero" used interchangeably with "superficial plastic" or "dumb barbie". I'm underweight and I'm trying my hardest to get to a healthy weight much like a lot of the rest of population is doing. As a distance runner and someone who enjoys the great outdoors, it's difficult, but it's not an excuse for my problem. It's hurtful to me when people make rude comments on my body..Would it acceptable to call an overweight individual on the street a fat blob or tell them that they need to lose weight? Nope. Same principle with thin people, just the other side of the coin. I'm also the opposite of a barbie girl, lmao. So, let's just not judge other people for their body type, fat or thin, m'kay?

Young Calorie Counters SURVEY FOR TEENS:Please take (: Jun 18 2010
16:32 (UTC)

How much do you weigh: 92 pounds

What weight would you like to be: at least 102

What was the last thing you ate: Bowl of oatmeal with the works

What are some motivational songs to listen to: "Unbreakable" by Bon Jovi, "Catch Me If You Can" by Ana Johnsson, and "Battle Ready" by Otep

Favorite quote: "It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness"

Shy or confident: It depends. I'm confident in my own abilities, especially athletically. When it comes to social stuff, especially approaching people I find attractive, I'm a huge coward. >.<

Have you ever been bullied: Yes, definitely. Not so much any more at my new school,though. People are much more mature and laid back here.

Have you ever bullied someone else: Nah, I wouldn't hurt a fly.

Something that make you happy on a bad day: Going for a run and listening to music. 

Favorite song at the moment: Cryin' Like A B*tch by Godsmack


Weight Gain Looking for new oatmeal ideas: show me what you got! Jun 18 2010
14:17 (UTC)

Mmmm, there's some pretty tasty, creative ideas in here. I'll have to try some. Mine isn't the most original, but I'll share it with you all anyway.

Choco-Banana Peanut Butter Oatmeal:

- 1/2 cup oats

- packet of hot cocoa mix

- 1 Tbsp peanut butter

- a few Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters (I used honey roasted peanut flavor)

-sliced banana