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Foods Does banana's give anyone else a stomach ache? Jun 27 2012
14:59 (UTC)

I am allergic to banana's, and it is very common side allergy for people who are also allergic to latex. If I eat a banana my stomach hurts very much, but my throat,  mouth and other skin areas that touched to banana (hands, lips, etc) will hurt also. If they don't make you feel well then avoid them. 

The Lounge Has anyone ever seen a remake that is better than the original? Aug 10 2011
13:28 (UTC)

This one made me cry the-vamire-slayer-remake/story/feature/?GT1=2 8140

Although the series itself is a remake of the movie. I really don't think a Buffy remake is a good idea.

The Lounge How do you tell him "he's not all that" Jul 01 2011
14:31 (UTC)

Hmmm changing the radio station doesn't seem homophobic. Personally I don't like talk radio and that means ANY talk radio. He might be like my husband and I and perfer to listen to music in the car. If you are not into him, then you are not into him and he needs to know that, text him and tell him so.

The Lounge A Poll: The All Time List of Annoying Driving Habits Jun 28 2011
17:15 (UTC)
Original Post by moonikins:

In Ohio this is perfectly legal and expected. Don't blame the person who passed you on the right. Blame the person who wasn't paying attention behind them.

Wow I had no clue it was legal to pass on the right on a single lane road using the shoulder or a very small turn lane. Guess you do learn something new everyday!

The Lounge A Poll: The All Time List of Annoying Driving Habits Jun 28 2011
16:01 (UTC)

People who pass on the right in a turn lane or shoulder because I'm makeing a left hand turn. 

This happens almost everyday to me. I live near a church that has a turning lane into it on a road that has a 50 mile per hr speed limit. I'm slowing down to turn into my subdivision and the person behind me whips around on the right passing me instead of slowing down. Guess what happens, the car behind them isn't expecting a turning car and I have now been rear ended twice.

Weight Loss Getting over gym embarresment Feb 08 2011
15:18 (UTC)
Original Post by furrybelly:

I actually have no issues with listening to music or watching a movie. This does make the time pass faster. I do it myself. Listening to music at the correct BPM has been shown to lessen the perceived difficulty of a workout. However in listening to music or watching a movie,  you are not trying to man-handle a book, turn pages, keep your head still so you can read the words. I do there fore fail to see how you can do something like hold and read a magazine or a book and do a decent workout. Try doing hard interval training on a bike and read at the same time? Yeah sure. Kidding yourself.

And it would be great if I could get on with doing my own workout. But all the machines are taken up with all the people sitting on the bike, peddling like they are going on a slow afternoon dandle whilst flipping through Cosmo and texting their mates. I don't know why some people even bother to turn up to the gym. Honestly. Seem to think walking through the door is enough. Wasting their time and mine.

 Please don't be so judgemental. As the mother of a daughter with a disability I can tell you that not all those people just peddling their bikes can work out the way you can. We go to our local Y and peddling is a lot harder for her. And trust me I run into tons of people there on a regular basis that I also run into at the hospital.

The Lounge I'm thinking about correcting the spelling of my name. Jan 21 2011
19:22 (UTC)
Original Post by tinabear651:

I know how you feel CD...people can never spell my last name. It is all consonants. It is only four letters long for goodness sakes!

Rocksand---Nicely done....

A friend works in a maternity ward of a hospital, and she told me about this lovely new spelling/varient of Ashley. The 15 year old mother wanted to name her daughter a version pronounced "ash-uh-lee". However she spelled it a-s-s-h-o-l-e. 3 nurses and the obgyn could not convince her that it actually spelled what it did. This child insisted that her spelling did not actually spell a** hole.

 That doesn't surprise me. I work at a hospital and one of the patients I had a few years ago apparently is pronounced ShI-THead. No joke and currently I have one that their name is so long that it doesn't fit on the lables and contains 4 K's, 3 W's and 3 Y's

The Lounge I'm thinking about correcting the spelling of my name. Jan 21 2011
15:34 (UTC)

I just want to point out (And if someone already did this I'm sorry I didn't read every post) that just because you change it to the correct spelling doesn't mean that people will get it right. LOL My last name is Green and people ask me to spell it or my favorite question "Is that with an E?" Yeah it's got two silly :-p I am now in the habit of saying Green like the color. Seriously though if it bothers you definitly change it. My first name is an unusual spelling and I used to hate it but I'm cool with it now and believe it or not my last name gives people more problems. 

The Lounge Tired of gift giving Oct 05 2010
19:28 (UTC)

We quit giving gifts a long time ago. We enjoy traveling more than staying home so we have a small house (1400 square feet). I really don't want to recieve anything to be honest, I just have nowhere to put it. If your not a kid in our household you don't get a gift, period. A lot of people comment when they find this out about our family. But to be honest if I want/need something, I go and get it, I don't need to "hint" or ask my husband for a gift to get what I need. We don't buy things for our anniversary, valentines day, birthday's, etc for each other and people think that is STRANGE. But, really the only thing I want from him is a few hours alone with him. (We have 3 kids) I don't think that's a lot to ask LOL. As far as my other family is concered, we are all avid WoW gamers and I always buy them something in game. This way we can concentrate where it matter..... on the kids.

The Lounge Off-limits dating Jun 03 2009
15:55 (UTC)

I agree with Jules, You really need to wait a few months before approaching him.

I'm just curious why did you say you were over 30 in this thread though: stephanie-naumoska-ft136735 if your in 12th grade? If you start a realationship with him REALLY need to start it being HONEST with him and yourself.

Games & Challenges 10% by Halloween Challenge (CLOSED) Sep 02 2008
13:01 (UTC)
This week: 154.4 lbs.

Last week: 155.6 lbs.

Loss (week): 1.2 lbs.

Sorry I'm late for the weigh in, I just got back last night.  Going back to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Games & Challenges 10% by Halloween Challenge (CLOSED) Aug 26 2008
12:42 (UTC)
This week: 155.6 lbs.

Last week: 156.2 lbs.

Loss (week): 0.6 lbs.

Man have I been beyond busy. This weekend is Dragoncon and I'm going with a ton of friends. Hopefully I will be back on track by Monday.
Pregnancy & Parenting Kids say the cutest things... Aug 22 2008
19:46 (UTC)
Once I was staying in the Smokey's in a hotel on a creek. My middle daughter who was three at the time and I were sitting outside and she was staring at the creek. I asked her what she saw and she turned around and told me she was looking for mermaids.

The other day we were eating at BK (yes I know) and my husband went to get the food. I asked my not yet 2 year old where daddy went. She turned around and couldn't see him because he was behind something and she turned to me raised her hands like she was saying don't know and said "hidding".
Games & Challenges 10% by Halloween Challenge (CLOSED) Aug 22 2008
16:23 (UTC)
Magaroonie how terrible! I swear I go through the same thing every morning on my walk to work. I have the option of either walking past McDonalds or the bakery plant (I forget which one) This morning the whole area smelled like Maple Syrup and I wanted pancakes so bad.

I was starting to freak out the past few days. I was weighing close to 158 again but this morning I was down below 156 so I don't know why my body just acts crazy. I have been working on my arms so maybe the extra weight lifting just is giving me wack results.
Fitness my trainer gets creepy guys to go away Aug 22 2008
16:10 (UTC)
Uhhh as someone that rented a lovely appartment on the beach for a number or years where is this "hood"? I'm glad your trainer stuck up for you but your telling of the story is way off. One of the things I loved about that area is the people actually take advantage of a beautiful place and USE the beach and everything it has to offer. Anyone that has ever lived there or even visited knows the amount of people that you encountered at this time of year on that beach and how silly it is that you would expect to see an "ass-whupping" even if you just mentioned it as a joke.
Games & Challenges 10% by Halloween Challenge (CLOSED) Aug 19 2008
15:40 (UTC)
My top excuse is my three girls:

~ They left food on their plate and I don't want to waste it but yet also don't want to be the "clean your plate" mom and possibly give my girls eating issues.

~ They go to day care before school, then go to school and then the after school program. What kind of mom am I to yet again put them in the childcare at the gym while I selfishly work out?

~ I don't want my girls to see me on a diet. I don't want them to feel like they aren't fine just the way they are.


1.) I just have to get over my throwing food away issues. I know there are people less fortunate than myself and it is a waste of money. But those extra few bites of Mac and Cheese per child are not doing my body any good. I need to just change my attitude and say if they ate it, it wouldn't be mine to eat anyway. So either way in their tummies or in the trashcan isn't any different to me. (Gosh I sound so self centered!)

2.) I made a deal with the older two that we would work out on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. (Tuesday and Sunday afternoon they are with their dad.) That way it's only one day from them I'm taking of their time relaxing after school.

3.) This whole attitude of mine changed yesterday. Over the weekend I bought myself a workout bench and my oldest saw it yesterday afternoon. She asked a ton of questions about where it came from, who bought it, etc. Finally she asked me if I was on a diet and I answered her that I was watching my weight and wanted to build muscle in my arms. She said good cause you need to loose weight. I didn't have a problem with her comment (seriously I don't I'm 156 lb at 4'11 that doesn't take a PhD to figure that one out) but it did change my attitude about them seeing me on a diet. Is it better that they understand I have a problem and solved it and HOW I solved it or is it better for them to go through life oblivious.

Alex: The pasta thing is a great idea and it works. I make a box at a time and just keep it in the fridge for the kids when they get hungry. It saves time and there is no waste!

Oakmommy that's a great starte! Keep up the good work!

Yeroc I hope you had fun on your trip! 2lbs isn't that much, watching what you eat and getting to excersie while on vacation is VERY hard.
Games & Challenges 10% by Halloween Challenge (CLOSED) Aug 18 2008
12:37 (UTC)
This week:  156.2 lbs.

Last week:  158 lbs.

Loss:  1.8 lbs.

I started out pretty good last week but by the end of the week I was back to my daily beer and chips. SIGH, I can do this
Games & Challenges 10% by Halloween Challenge (CLOSED) Aug 12 2008
19:26 (UTC)
Ugh I've been trying to post all day but the internet just is weird today. Real quick, before the internet goes again.... now I want a Wii
Games & Challenges 10% by Halloween Challenge (CLOSED) Aug 11 2008
15:37 (UTC)
This week: 158 lbs.
Last week
: 155.4 lbs.
Loss/Gain (week)
: 2.8 lbs


~ Give up sweet tea or at least only have one glass at dinnertime. (GOOD GRIEF why does the stuff have to be everywhere and taste so good in the summertime.)

~ Start back going to the gym. It's way to hot to be outside here and the kids are in school so I planning to go tomorrow, Friday and Sunday.

~ I have my meal plan for the week outlined in a notebook that way I don't have to think about what I am having, I just look at the notebook and get it out of the fridge.

~ Get through BBQ tonight without making a pig of myself. Keep telling myself chicken chicken chicken no ribs.

Sarah less beer! You go girl, you are stronger than I am.

Lisalac what about a walk at lunch time? I have three kids and used to work long hrs (around 48 -72 per week) so I understand the situation. Remember to always take your lunch break.

Yeroc good luck at the gym you will be under 200 in no time! Keep up the good work!
Foods Constantly fighting about frying foods Aug 08 2008
20:46 (UTC)
^ What davefiredancer said. That's what I do. Heating the deep fryer and oven take about the same amount of time. Good Luck.