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The Lounge Did you lie? Feb 16 2012
03:49 (UTC)

They don't ask for weight/eye color/hair color for the benefit of the cop pulling you over, but because vehicle registration and drivers license info is widely used to find and identify people.

If you get in a car accident/lost/have a sudden soap opera worthy bout of complete amnesia it is quite helpful for the cops to all be immediately sent info including your height and weight.

Pregnancy & Parenting tantrums--what to do? Feb 16 2012
02:12 (UTC)

Take whatever she is playing with away and leave.

Ok, don't actually leave, because you can't leave her completely unsupervised, but stand outside the room or as far away as you can and still be comfortable. Don't talk, fuss, or make direct eye contact. Wait til she calms down on her own, wait an extra 5 or so seconds and come back in and engage her

It sounds strange, but tantrums at this age are completely normal. She is frustrated and this is currently her only way of being able to communicate it. What you drastically want to avoid is her beginning to learn that tantrums get her attention (even fussing counts) or that it gets her what she wants (help, blocks, whatever, hence removing them completely). Basically she is allowed to scream and cry and whatnot, she just can't do anything fun at the same time. If she doesn't learn that tantrums get her things, then they will naturally decrease as her ability to communicate effectively improves and she is taught to ask for help to avoid the problem.

The Lounge A judgemental thread. Just in time for the holidays... Dec 05 2011
18:31 (UTC)

In case anyone is actually curious an "Institute of Technology" is only offers BS, MS, and PhDs, No "of Arts" degrees (BA, MA). It's really fun when you're in the number one program in the country for something but people confuse your institute of technology with a local tech school (two year vocational school). Hard on the ego, lol.

Pregnancy & Parenting Advice for Pre-School Potty issue Dec 02 2011
22:37 (UTC)

Give her a couple days to get used to it. Since the whole day is new to her, she may just not be ready to tackle the new toilet yet :)

Have her teachers at least make her go in the bathroom several times a day (on structured potty breaks). No big deal if she stands in there for a minute, but that can start desensitizing her a little on a level that doesn't melt her down.

Start taking her to other toilets, public toilets, friends houses, etc. She's freaking because it's not what she's used to, if she's comfortable using the toilet lots of places that will help, and prevent this problem in the future.

If it's still a problem after a week, I would def. have the teachers use whatever you did while potty training her (stickers, m&ms, whatever). Sure the other kids will want it too, so you can either send enough for everyone, or just realize the other kids will get over it after a couple days (assuming the teachers are ok with it).


The Lounge A judgemental thread. Just in time for the holidays... Dec 02 2011
08:11 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

but you're right: PhDs make lousy worker bees.

I had a much longer more convoluted reply, but I think ^^ summed it up much nicer. Probably because she has a higher degree than I do :p

I am curious, caloricat, about your experience, and exactly what jobs your referring to where PhDs and Bachelors level people are competing for the same position? because I seldom, if ever, see that.

The Lounge Which cholesterol theory do you believe? Dec 02 2011
07:57 (UTC)

btw, pasture-rasied chicken eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol. Grass fed beef has had mixed studies in cholesterol, but is leaner and lower in total and saturated fat.

Just another option to cut back.

The Lounge Do you have a job you love? Dec 02 2011
07:25 (UTC)

I love my job, and honestly would say "luck" is how I ended up in it. I had a degree in psychology, wanted to be in a field where I could do/use research but not be in a lab all day, wanted to feel "meaningful," something with kids, but no interest in special ed.

And I got annoyed looking for a job, and called my brother in CA (I'm in GA) and he said he'd introduce me to a friend of his (where I live) and she's my boss now. I work in the field of applied behavior analysis. I do a lot of in-home work with kids with autism/asbergers. Some consulting with adult group homes, sometimes I teach social skills at preschools. It's something different everyday. Lol, I got my first black eye a couple weeks ago (when you're teaching people that its not appropriate to hit people in the face, you get good at dodging) and it's still great. I taught an 8 year old to say his first word. I've just reached that point in my job (after 2+ years) where people are starting to think I'm an "expert" (amazingly, its turned out I knew what I was talking about a lot of the time), and thats a new fun feeling. And I don't get up early. Which is fabulous

Start with thinking about what you need from a job. A lot of people's job satisfaction/dissatisfaction comes directly from how well they like the people/environment they work in, and less what they do. Some people don't mind tedium, and save up all their fun for at home. I'm high maintenence. I need to be entertained, interested, challenged, flexible, and respected (hey, a little ego stroking never hurt anybody :). In return, my pay is lower than I would make in a 40hr a week office job, and I have no benefits. But I would never trade what I have for those things.

Motivation Anyone restarting after a while? Dec 02 2011
06:52 (UTC)

I'm right there with you. I'm 5'4, went from 265 to 200 here on cc in 2009-2010, and now I'm back up to 225 and going at it again. My end goal is also 150 :)

My biggest problem is that when I get busy, paying attention to what I eat is the easiest thing to cut out of my day (and I do love cookies)

The Lounge Which cholesterol theory do you believe? Dec 02 2011
06:46 (UTC)

Poor eggs, they're on such a roller coaster. No one can decide if they're healthy, unhealthy, just the whites.... I choose healthy, but mostly because I think they're delicious.

The Lounge A judgemental thread. Just in time for the holidays... Dec 02 2011
06:31 (UTC)

Original Post by caloricat:

You're missing the point.

It definitely depends on the field...but GENERALLY speaking, it is harder to get a job when you have a Masters degree or PhD right out of college.  The reasoning is simple:

  1. You've spent the last 5-7 years in a classroom and laboratory, and have no industrial, real experience.
  2. You will desire and expect a larger salary, sometimes 2-3 times what a person with a Bachelor's degree will command.
  3. Your MS and especially your PhD is "specialized" (in most cases)...which means you may have the same exact exposure to certain areas of your curriculum as a person with a Bachelor's in the same curriculum.

4. The statistics you quoted are "weighted" because many who get PhDs find a career, at least initially in academia.  So in essence, they never have to get a "real" job.  They go from student to professor. 

5. The data is also weighted because many people with Bachelor's degrees in stupid things...end up working at Subway or Starbucks...not all Bachelor's degrees command higher income where as even obscure PhDs can usually find a well paid niche or at least a University position.

6. In most cases, and there are certainly exceptions, employers would rather have an employee that has a Bachelor's degree and 10 years experience in their field...DOING the job...than hire a PhD who will want more money and need to be shown how to do the job.

I edited for length and added numbers to reply

1. I don't personally know anyone with a Ph D without some experience in their field. Part-time, internship, grad assistant, whatever. They've done something.

2. You also probably expect a more specific complicated job than someone with a bachelors degree.

3. Yes, there is someone with a PhD in philosophy applying for an accounting job who knows the same crap as the bachelors guy, and yeah, that guy probably should have made some better choices. I wouldn't call that "generally." Typically people seek PhDs because of of their specific interest in a field, and usually like to use that post-graduation

4. Depends on the field. Most of the people I know (obviously we have different groups of friends), get PhDs and/or Masters degrees because thats the standard in the field/job they have or seek. For a lot of them, thats academia. Particularly in a research oriented field (like marine biology, experimental psychology, biology, neuroscience). If you want to do research for a living, a job in academia is the way to go. Not to mention, grads in those fields had to do research (and most likely teach undergrads) while getting their doctorate. If their research is good, the university wants to keep them, if they like it, they want to stay. I'm not sure I've met anyone with a doctorate who works in academia as some last choice option. It's not like the lower class of PhDs or anything. Personally, in my field (ABA) a Masters is required to get certified to practice independently, but a PhD would price me out of a job because insurance companies wouldn't reimburse the higher pay rate. I would only ever get a PhD in my field if I wanted to work at a University and/or publish lots of papers. Your cause and effect are all screwy here.

5. So PhD's have more trouble getting jobs and high paying jobs but we can't compare them to bachelors degrees because some of them have trouble getting jobs? Thats a strange argument.

6. In most cases? Where do you live? Lots and lots of jobs require upper level degrees, and give preference for it. Business and Education are the only fields I can come up with all these rules you have might apply. And most of the people getting masters degrees in those fields already work. In most of your social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, history) the people with bachelors are working at subway. You need at least a Masters to even be employable.

Motivation Unexplained loss of Motivation/Energy Dec 02 2011
05:53 (UTC)

Try something completely different, like Wii Dance or geocaching or cycling or some other "fun" form of exercise. It might not be as intense or as big a calorie burn, but if it's something you can do everyday, then go for it.

Honestly, I'd suggest taking a break and focus maintaining for a bit. Maybe a month. The problem is (for me) when I just slip out of a diet it's with eating out and ice cream. And then I "accidentally" gained back a bunch of weight. Whereas, if I decide and actually think about maintaining, its a relief and less stressful, and lets me get away with a little, but keeps me focused on not gaining weight (more than 5lbs weight gain means cutting back until it comes off, weight loss is just a nice surprise.)

Sometimes its ok to just float for a bit.

Weight Loss I need to know what I'm doing wrong May 10 2010
02:51 (UTC)

I'm also going to recommend you up your calories. It sounds like you've been at a calorie deficit for years, so it's possible your body has simply adjusted to your intake. I typically do this for plateaus, even short ones, because it's a nice mental health break too to get to eat more calories. I typically revert to eating an extra 500 calories a day for a couple weeks, then go back to the same 500 calorie deficit I had before and start losing again. Personally, I don't gain when I do this, but it is possible to see a small gain.

The Lounge Not for Twihards... May 09 2010
08:59 (UTC)
Original Post by cptbunny:

And my opinion on the books: I've read better. I don't hate them... thought it got worse as it went on. It's most certainly a slight rip off of the Sookie Stackhouse series.

 I do like the sookie stackhouse books, and agree that Meyer had def. read them before writing twilight.

However, when it comes to crappy vampire books (which I hide behind my literary fiction and philosophy type books :) I prefer the Anita Blake series. The graphic sex with multiple people makes things much more interesting.

Weight Loss Why are so many people against eating bread? May 09 2010
07:40 (UTC)

personally, bread just isn't important to me and seems like a waste of calories.

Motivation Can I get into graduate school with a 2.4 undergrad GPA? May 09 2010
07:39 (UTC)

I was in a similar situation prior to graduating and here is the advice I got. Once you have any grad school credit, other graduate schools will look more at your grad 'transfer' gpa instead of your undergraduate gpa. So take some graduate level courses as a non-degree seeking student, a transient, or on 'probation' at a smaller school and then use that grad gpa to apply to other grad schools.

Otherwise, if the rest of your resume is strong (good junior/senior gpa because most grad schools will look at that, research experience/awards, good recommendations) you may still be accepted.

I have a job with my Psyc BA. I'm a behavioral tutor for children with autism. I was also offered a job as a research assistant at a local hospital requiring the degree. I'll start grad level courses in July to get the assistant certification for my job, and then begin applying to masters programs sometime next year.

The Lounge Who's more good-looking? Apr 21 2010
10:19 (UTC)

Has no one posted this staple? Sorry I was watching Thelma and Louise last night and had to stop and drool.

As for my fave, I don't care that he wears eyeliner. Honestly any guy with dark hair and blue eyes pretty much turns my head (and abs, I love abs, but the whole cast of 300 has pretty much been mentioned... I'm going to put it in now while I fold laundry :)

Weight Loss First Months Results, I think I am doing things right, 12lbs down so far, PICS Hope for Guys! Apr 21 2010
09:46 (UTC)

You sound right on track. Typically, you only want to lose 1% of your body weight a week, but the right at the beginning you'll lose a bit more in water weight.

Don't be disappointed if you only lose 4 -8 lbs next month though, that will still mean you're on the right track.

Perseverance is key. I'm 46 weeks in and 44 lbs lighter :)

Weight Loss Hey girls! Does anyone else lose more weight after their period? Apr 08 2010
17:10 (UTC)

Scale-wise, I lose almost all my weight the week after TTOM. Usually 5-7 lbs (4 of actual loss, and then those pesky 2 that I put on as water during TTOM). Its the main reason I only weigh once a month, because it's really a waste of my time to weigh daily or weekly : )

The Lounge Constitutionality of requiring purchase of health insurance Apr 08 2010
17:04 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

So we have to pay more for our health services so medical staff can have ethics?  How is that legal???

Because no one has the balls to admit that they are such an asshat they would want their doctors ignoring dying people on there doorstep so that they pay a little less?

My billing rate working with kids is higher than it would be without ethics. Because almost all the paperwork I do is, in some way, to meet and prove ethical considerations. So I bill more per hour to cover the work I do at home. I don't do an equal amount of paperwork for each kid, so some of my pay for some families is paying for my 'ethics' for others. If I was unethical I wouldn't be allowed to work. If you don't want ethical doctors, then why use the established health care system at all?

Most people-oriented fields have lots of ethical codes. You pay for all of them when you use their services, whether they directly apply to you or not. Why would that be illegal?

The Lounge 70% of employers have rejected job applicant based on info obtained online Apr 08 2010
16:32 (UTC)

I always google myself before I put in a job application. My last name is uncommon enough, that my full name doesn't bring up anyone but me. I keep certain parts of my facebook and myspace locked, but enough of it is available to give possible employers or clients some idea of who I am. I also use facebook to keep in contact with current clients, so it's already pretty 'clean' of embarrassment.

There are now seminars at college career centers about what you post online when looking for a job