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Fitness Exercise for fat loss vs exercise for fat loss and muscle building Mar 16 2012
14:37 (UTC)

I'm 23 and pretty offended hahaha.

I need to do weights and that's the conclusion from every avenue I look into. Just need it drilled into my thick skull. But it's so effing discouraging when I see the same numbers on the scale. It's the bloody scale that's killing my life!!

Weight Loss My first binge :( Mar 15 2012
22:48 (UTC)

Divasnote, I think you might need to look into whether your foods are "dense" and filling. Off course you're not going to be full of salad leaves, regardless of how much you eat!! And rice crackers are EMPTY calories which will not fill you up, that's a promise. 

Think about planning out your days' food the night before. Heavy in veggies (not just salad), protein, healthy fats, no refined carbs (no rice crackers or rice)!!! I can bet you won't be feeling hungry anymore. I'd put it down to a hungry for NUTRITIOUS food, rather than hunger period.

I'm doing the caveman diet and I force lunch down at work (6 hrs after breakfast). Dinner I'm usually, well, probably like a caveman, but I figure it's cause of my poor lunch.

Best of luck doll.


Weight Loss Looking for a serious weight loss buddy. 5'9, 188 lbs Mar 14 2012
12:55 (UTC)

What a day I've had! Food wise it was amazing, but everything else went to s@#&!!

So, how are we going to do this? Can you send private messages to more than one person at a time? 

All serious parties say "serious"! I'm in for weekly weigh-ins, daily or every-second-daily accountability private messaging, etc. It doesn't just have to be weight related. I'd like to think of it as a pen-pal with an emphasis on looking sexy as soon as possible Kiss

Let me know ladies!!



Weight Loss Extreme pear to lose lower body weight? Mar 08 2012
13:29 (UTC)

You're absolutely stunning.


That's my input Cool

Weight Loss fasting... Mar 06 2012
14:16 (UTC)

I'm actually on my 2nd fast day at the moment (not in a row)! I usually eat breakfast before work around 7am, lunch at work at noon, then nothing till the next morning. Today I didn't even even my lunch because I wasn't hungry. It is 100% mental and there isn't anyone who can convince me otherwise (infact, I'd argue that everything in life is purely based on mentality). I weighed in this morning at 185.2, so I can let you know what my weight is tomorrow. There's nothing wrong with a bit of hunger and I encourage you to try it yourself and decide if it's for you. I even went to the gym and did an hour walk with various inclines as I've read that cardio is great while fasting for fat burning.

I say try, won't kill you.



Weight Loss A lot of people aren't going to like this thread Mar 05 2012
11:36 (UTC)
Original Post by melkor:

Original Post by smashley23:

@ mina1788

don't be discouraged by the muscle heads in the gym.  They are too concerned about their own pecs and biceps to notice what you are doing.  Also, don't be worried about water retention or the pump.  

When you start lifting, your body retains extra water to help repair its muscles.  Sometimes, girls confuse this for added muscle and either assume all weight gain is new muscle or freak out and stop lifting.  Also, when you lift, blood will rush to the region that you are working out causing a temporary pump.  It is not added bulk.

Another reason to lift, it will decrease your risk of injury when you run.  Learn good form, lift heavy, lift full body, and you will be happy.  

Well, speaking as one of the muscle heads, I'm gratified whenever I see a new woman pick up the iron - makes me feel like all the time I spend talking about the benefits for women of doing proper strength training hasn't been in vain.

 Though I'm not from the Frat/Bro segment of the gym population; if your gym is cluttered with 19 year old nearly-orange fake tan kids who only do bicep curls I can understand the skepticism ;)

Haha, it's a  mix of odd stares and old pervy men. I did some hardcore (in my books anyway bahaha) weight training today and I was the ONLY GIRL. It was hilarious. My gym has a loft part where all the cardio machines are that overlooks the weights section, and all the poor women up there were staring at me probably thinking I was an idiot for doing weights with the guys. Little do they know, their almost aimless running and ecliptic-ing is not doing them as much good as my weight lifting under testosterone clouds that surround the free weights. If only I could go during the day when the perves are at work....sigh....

Weight Loss Testing out intermittent fasting! Mar 05 2012
08:55 (UTC)

Hi guys,

So I weighed in this morning at 185.2, and tomorrow is fast day so I will let you know my weight wednesday morning. I will be doing light cardio at the gym tomorrow night as I've read that doing cardio in a fasting state burns more fat. 

Other than that, the first fast day was fine. No headaches, manageable hunger, and I loved the "light" feeling I had during it. It was on a weekend so that helped but tomorrow I've got work so we'll see how it goes.

I'm hoping to drop to 175 by early April, so if I weigh in well wednesday post-fast, I will consider doing this over a longer period and not just this month.


Weight Loss lemon water to lose weight? Mar 04 2012
11:07 (UTC)

I've read that it's EXTREMELY good for your overall health, but doesn't aid substantially (if at all) to general weight loss.

Every morning before breakfast I drink a glass of water with a whole lemon squeezed into it. Get's my body hydrated, alkaline, and sets it up for a nice number 2 after breakfast (sorry TMI).

I recommend it to everyone and consuming it with warm water rather than cold would be preferable. I will try that when the weather cools down :)

- M

Weight Loss Sugar intake from fruits bad? Mar 04 2012
11:00 (UTC)
Original Post by AjithGunawardana:


I have a fruit, usually apple or banana, followed by about 30 gms of cashew nut. Prevents the sugar spike. Try that if you get in the mood for fruit.

Yes, I've heard this before :) I figure though that it's wiser for me to cut it out now and loose weight quicker (and get healthier quicker), than to slow down my weight loss while eating fruit.

It's a toss up that I'm sure many would disagree with, but that's my cross to bear...

Weight Loss A lot of people aren't going to like this thread Mar 04 2012
10:47 (UTC)

Agreed! Awesome post!

I'm a fat runner too, and I dabble in HIIT as well. I see it as a fat loss tool although I know that it isn't as efficient as weight training. But, I am also a girl who is scared of bulking up which might have been a good thing to add to your list :D I get it that I wont, but I am only into my 2nd month of gymming so I'm trying to wean off cardio and dive head first into the weights room. Another annoying this is that the weight room is full of buffed up, steroid fuelled men who look at me suspiciously everytime I go in there! 

I just need to suck it up and do it. As they say, nothing to it but to do it!!


Weight Loss Sugar intake from fruits bad? Mar 02 2012
13:48 (UTC)

My 2 cents:

After reading extensively on the subject of sugar in fruit, I've cut fruit out completely until I've reached my goal weight. Fruit is extremely healthy for the prevention and healing of the body, and if you read up on it, organic fruit both whole and juiced is one of the best ways to treat cancer (google Gerson Method). Yes, I said cancer!

For weight loss, cut it out or limit to low sugar fruits. It deterred my weight loss and gave me the same sugar spikes and cravings that processed sugar did. 

Once you're happy with your weight, you NEED to include it sparingly in your daily calorie intake. I LOVE fruit and could eat it 24/7 without needing anything else. But, I can't for now.

- M


Weight Loss Testing out intermittent fasting! Mar 01 2012
15:07 (UTC)
Original Post by thhq:

pibblety we've just stepped out for a smoke.

And I'm still not in favor of skipping breakfast. Especially if you're hungry. Maybe do some light exercise before or after.

I'm not skipping breakfast, just my regular yogurt dose with my oats!


Read this guys: ntermittent-fasting/

Weight Loss Testing out intermittent fasting! Mar 01 2012
02:33 (UTC)

Hahah ok back to me thanks (jks)!

I've got a quick question guys!

Since I've started working out and eating healthily, I've noticed that I fall asleep immediately after breakfast and sleep on the couch for a good two or so hours (I'm self employed and have a home office). I eat a bowl of oats with Greek yogurt and a handful of nuts. Could this have to do with exercise or lack of nutrients or vitamins to give me energy in my brekky? I'm going to skip the gym today because I've gone for about 10 days in a row and I'm a little achy. Breakfast is a real problem for me because I wake up STARVING so I need immediate food, and I can't do eggs/omelettes because I usually have that for lunch or dinner (not much of a cook). I thought rolled oats and yogurt with some nuts would be a good carby breakfast because I don't eat carbs for the rest of the day other than those found in vegetables. 

Does anyone know what could be happening to me? I don't know how many of you have read the new studies on sleeping that were published recently. They said that a person should sleep about 4 hours, then be awake for an hour or so, and then go back and sleep another 3. It said in the article that people in the Middle Ages were doing this and that they were eating, smoking, and having sex in the waking hours between the two sleeps. I'm basically living that at the moment minus the sex part haha. 


Weight Loss Testing out intermittent fasting! Feb 29 2012
22:06 (UTC)

Day 2 I do eat breakfast, but just skipping yogurt with my oats (I'll make them with boiled water), and my morning nut dose.

It is a form of zig-zagging albeit a hardcore one. I'll see how the first 3-day bunch goes, and if I do suffer physically, mentally, and in the gym, I'll reassess. 

Regarding exercise, I'll try go straight after breakfast on my "fast" day and maybe do a quick cardio warm-up and just do some weights and stretching. I normally do a 15 min jog warm-up, about 30 mins on various weights, and then finish with 30 minutes of interval walk-sprint on the treadmill. I love intervals in all aspects of life apparently Innocent.

I will def keep you guys posted. Today's Day 1, but as it's my normal day I'm not too freaked.